Critical analysis of book’s key characters through various personality models

Big Five Personality Model Characters Model Points Extraversion Chief Bromden LOW Nurse Ratched HIGH. Nurse Ratched is seen to be high on extraversion as she was extremely assertive in getting things her way. She is shown as an oppressive, all knowing authority. R.P. McMurphy





Emotional Stability


Openness to Experience


HIGH. R.P. McMurphy is also shown to be high on extraversion by the way he puts forth his points in group meetings and he brings out the concerns of others when they are too afraid to speak. LOW. She is very low MED. McMurphy can on agreeable as she be seen as medium on wants all things to be agreeableness as he done her way, which would agree on can be seen at various certain situations with stages of the book the group especially where she scolds the when his interests orderlies and where involved, while McMurphy alike when in other cases he they don’t clean sometimes just let according to her liking. them be without voicing his support or opinion on the matter. HIGH. She is very LOW. He is potrayed disciplined and to be very organised which can disorganised and be seen from her unreliable which is dressing sense to the often seen by the watching area. Even potientally ‘harmful the schedules of the and dangerous’ patients is very well termed actions of his defined along with such as blantant their respective disregard of work, duties. working only when he feels to do so. HIGH. From the very LOW. He tends to get beginning of the story impatient and very she is shown be overt display of excellent at hiding her emotions especially true emotions and when his demands are being calm and not met, which can be confident even when seen with the super McMurphy tries to bowl series fiasco with ‘ruffle her feathers’. Nurse Ratched. LOW. She is low on HIGH. He is high on openness to new openness to new

for the acutes do that they could play cards and monopoly without the music playing in the background. . experiences which is amply portrayed by the stories he tells all the other patients about the various experiences he has had on the outside.experience as it takes a long time to convince her to give up the old bath room which is no longer used.

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