The following survey contains questions that are designed to value your general preferences regarding coffee and

coffee shops in Bangladesh. The findings gathered from this survey will be included in a term paper which will be focused on creating a basic business plan for opening a coffee shop in Bangladesh. I hope you would take the time out to answer, and provide sincere answers to all of these questions. Thank You!

Gender: Age:  12- 18  19- 24  25- 35  36- 50  51+



(1)Is there any special meaning of coffee or coffee shop to you?  Yes, I would like to go there with my peers, friends, or family members  No, I just take coffee as a soft drink with other meal in anywhere else

(2)Do you prefer any particular variety of coffee? (If yes, then please specify the type ex. Brazilian Mocha)  Yes (……………………………………………)  No

(3)How frequent you visit a coffee shop?     Regularly Seldom Occasionally Rare

(4)What time do you prefer to go a coffee shop to drink coffee?  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Late Evening  Others (5)Are you willing to drive a long distance for a cup of coffee?  Yes  No (6)When you go to a coffee shop.     Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree (7)Getting better service usually ties with higher price. you usually count the time of serving coffee strictly. How you response in that of cases regarding coffee?     I prefer service more than price I prefer price more than service Always I am looking for high service at a low cost I try to balance between them (8)What price range are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?  Less than 100  100-200  201-400  401-500  500+ .

and 6 means this thing is the least important to you when going to a coffee shop. More Relaxed and Laid Back  Professional/Corporate  Natural Scenery  Other (10)Please rank the following from 1 to 6. Noisy and Crowded  Quiet.(9)What kind of environment would you prefer in your ideal coffee shop?  Busy. where 1 means that this thing is of great importance to you. ______ Price ______ Ambience ______ Taste ______ Location of the Shop ______ Hygiene ______ Added Facilities (ex. Wi-Fi) .

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