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 Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos

bring clarity to the concept of kairos. Here's the response. "The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time. Chronos time is measured by the clock and calendar. It is orderly, rhythmic, and predictable. It is what we moderns typically think of as time. Kairostime, on the other hand, has a more nebulous meaning. It does not have an equivalent word in English. The least descriptive translation would be 'in between time'—a moment of undetermined period of time in which 'something' special happens. Now chronos time is fairly self explanitory... Kairos on the other [hand] is obviously a lil harder. One of the best examples I can give is martial arts related. If you have ever seen martial arts movies or even The Matrix saga where they stop the movement of everything but the fighters, that is a representation of Kairos. On a personal note, once I was involved in breaking up a rather large brawl in dennys between two groups of angry drunk people and experienced it (was not my only experience, but is a great example). As I was slinging people to my other friends who were also breaking up this brawl, I caught a guy bout to throw his coffee cup, saucer and spoon at someone in the apposing group. I growled, waggled a finger at him and he threw it at me instead. I managed to catch all three even though the cup and spoon bounced when I first caught the saucer, and set them down before the guy could react...that pretty much took the fight out of that one and he rather meekly left the resturant after that. If you ever had a moment that time seemed

Definitions of KAIROS a time pregnant with destiny the opportune time due measure a measure of time, a larger or smaller portion of time a fixed and definite time, the time when things are brought to crisis the decisive epoch waited for opportune or seasonable time the right time a limited period of time to what time brings, the state of the times, the things and events of time Galatians 6:9,10 Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in DUE TIME [kairos time] we will reap if we do not grow weary. So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.

Kairos and Chronos Defined
I came across on Yahoo Answers a worthwhile response to the following question: "What is Chronos and Kairos (sp?) time? Can you please explain them both to me, and what the differences are?" I like the answer provided as the writer shares a personal experience that helps to

One way of looking at it is this: kairos is to kronos as wisdom is to intelligence. or as Isocrates wrote. While I do not claim to know whose method was more correct.. at a time when the entire French nation was moving through a crucible of ideas and movements that were redefining its national character. they were able to do this – which incidentally sounds much easier in theory than it is in practice – with sprezzatura. François Baucher was a nineteenth century French horseman of great merit. Sprezzatura in its purest form is the spark which flies from the flint of kairos as it is struck upon the . It is measured by clocks. While virtually everything in modern civilization hangs upon this word. it is seen by those “who manage well the circumstances which they encounter day by day. the friction between these two men was the source of significant controversy in French equitation. it is interesting to me that in kronos these two men represented opposing forces but in kairos they were united. Those sensitive to kairos develop an uncommon sense of the fitness of things. largely on principles articulated in classical equitation that had as its goal the total disposition of the horse’s strength.to slow down or stop for others while you are still reacting. D’Aure sought a more natural balance and he summarized his method as going “forward! always forward! and once again forward!” Kairos signifies the “right. and who possess a judgment which is accurate in meeting occasions as they arise and rarely misses the expedient course of action. which was more or less in direct opposition that of Baucher.” Count Antoine Cartier D’Aure was a similarly talented rider who preferred the modernist (at the time) approach. making the horse “a docile instrument. the ideal moment in which a weaver passes the shuttle through the shed on his loom or even the educated rider’s ability to make best use of the constantly changing forces he encounters while training his horse. As you can imagine. we tend to race against it and somewhere along the way we began to equate it with money.. kairos (καιρός). Kairos cannot be measured as can kronos. It is the perfect time in which the archer must release his arrow to hit his desired mark.” “opportune” or “supreme” moment. Baucher developed a system of schooling horses based Kronos and Kairos by GREGG HAKE on OCTOBER 26. submissive to all the impulses of his will. 2011 Kronos (Κρόνος) is an ancient Greek word meaning chronological or sequential time. there is another type of time that is often overlooked. yet it intersects the linear path of time we are so familiar with in our daily routines.” Both were not only able to take into account the contingencies of the forces at work in and on the horse while considering the opportunities to counteract the bad distribution of those forces and the stiffness caused by bad conformation in a way that compels the horse to greater lightness and equilibrium. that is Kairos time.

days and years with our heads down and our spirits low. word and deed can be harnessed to this aim and it can be done without sacrificing the joy of living. Every thought. to be brought into communion with you in the accomplishment of higher purposes than either of you could achieve on your own? Kairos is withheld from no one. It is the quality which leads men to say. “he made that look so easy. We are not here to bide out time until the bitter end. we are motivating. If we are living correctly. but you must do the preparatory work to be in position to perceive it. Why not see your world as a green and young horse who longs to be mastered and to serve with you. we are here to bring the spark of life to bear upon the tinder of the world around us.cold and steely march of kronos. compelling. Why not start now? .” I am convinced that life is meant to be filled with such moments. rather. to march through the minutes. entreating and assisting the world around us to rise up and refine.

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