An introduction to international relations Fourth edition John Baylis-Steve Smith-Patricia Owens


Schmidt 6 Liberalism Tim Dunne 7 Contemporary mainstream approaches: neo-realism and neo-liberalism Steven L. Lamy 8 Marxist theories of international relations Stephen Hobden and Richard Wyn Jones 9 Social Constructivism Michael Barnett 10 Alternative approaches to international theory Steve Smith and Patricia Owens 11 International ethics Richard Shapcott 192 174 160 142 124 108 90 Part Three Structures and processes 12 The changing character of war Mike Sheehan 13 International and global security John Baylis 226 210 .Brief contents List of figures List of boxes and case studies List of tables About the contributors World map Introduction John Baylis. 1900-90 Len Scott 4 From the cold war to the war on terror Michael Cox 70 54 36 Part Two Theories of world politics 5 Realism Tim Dunne and Brian C. Steve Smith. and Patricia Owens 1 Globalization and global politics Anthony McGrew 14 xxvii xxviii xxxiii xxxiv xl 0 Part One The historical context 2 The evolution of international society David Armstrong 3 International history.

Contents 14 International political economy in an age of globalization Ngaire Woods 15 Gender in world politics J. Ann Tickner 16 International law Christian Reus-Smit 17 International regimes Richard Little 18 The United Nations Paul Taylor and Devon Curtis 19 Transnational actors and international organizations in global politics Peter Willetts 242 262 278 296 312 330 Part Four International issues 20 Environmental issues John Vogler 21 Terrorism and globalization James D. Kiras 22 Nuclear proliferation Darryl Howlett 23 Nationalism John Breuilly 24 Culture in world affairs Simon Murden 25 Regionalism in international affairs Edward Best and Thomas Christiansen 26 Global trade and finance Jan Aart Scholte 27 Poverty. Bellamy and Nicholas J. and hunger Caroline Thomas 28 Human security Amitav Acharya 29 Human rights Chris Brown 30 Humanitarian intervention in world politics Alex J. Wheeler 522 506 490 468 450 434 418 402 386 370 350 . development.

Part Five Globalization in the future 31 Globalization and the transformation of political community Andrew Linklater 32 Globalization and the post-cold war order Ian Clark Glossary References Index 577 591 607 560 542 .

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