Lying in a meadow With the sweet smell of grass Is a man despondent nowing ea!h "reath may "e his last The !a#se doesn$t matter That he is% definitely the !on!ern At this point the effort% Ma&ing people aware 'elp is of importan!e% And time we !an not spare The man m#rm#rs of God 'e wants his forgi(eness Of a life wasted% That had &now p#rpose In wait% of his )o#rney Thro#gh the land that Angels trod 'e #tters% tho#ghts of God% This he fo#nd (ery odd 'e !o#ld not remem"er The last time he tho#ght of the Lord In fa!t last memory When thin&ing of religion% he got "ored B#t now death was &no!&ing And the tho#ght of it to real The reality of God This he wanted to appeal *lease let it "e &nown Gi(ing him the nod Nothing$s more important Than a life "etween man and God "y Tim Thayer

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