SPE 107918 Design and Surveillance of Development Projects Through Specific Software Tools: Importance of Data Management in Mature

and Complex Fields in the Golfo San Jorge Basin, Argentina
Ricardo Mazzola, Isabel Cano Frers, and Dario R. Baldassa, Pan American Energy LLC; Jorge Valle and Alejandro Lacivita, Interfaces SA; and Carlos A. Ponce, Alfredo F. Viola, and Miguel A. Laffitte, Pan American Energy LLC

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The selected software tools additionally let us integrate the projects into the Long Term Plan, and Budget, taking advantage of the virtuous Circle of Plan-Do-Control-Learn. A project simulation is solved in a period substantially shorter than the one it demands a conventional simulator, which is of great advantage at the time of analyzing different scenarios in an area where the structural complexity and the meager petrophysical information are important barriers at the time of making a study. The control and daily pursuit of the Projects through these systems have favored substantially the fast decision making, the correct lease of resources and a better operative answer. To complete the description of our Optimization options other tools and practices are described. Introduction Cerro Dragon fields are located at the Northern flank of the San Jorge Gulf Basin, in the province of Chubut and Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Proposal Cerro Dragon is a mature Area located in the Argentine Republic, 90 km to the West of Comodoro Rivadavia and 1,900 km to the South of Buenos Aires, with a surface of 3,480 km² and with 3,738 perforated wells. Since its discovery in1958, and after a long history of production, a change of strategy on 1999 resulted in an important increase in Production and Reserves Decision making at every level, such as people health, environment care, and strategic, organizational, structural, operative and technological planning, was key for the rebirth of this field. The work is centered in how we handle the information, the entailment of the data bases and the use of systems we have built to contribute to maintain the production growth of the Cerro Dragón Asset. Based on the field complexity we recognized that it was necessary to implement new tools that would allow us to make production and investments prognoses, integrating information from different sources, as well as to detect improvement opportunities. The selected software tools allowed us to perform simulations and dynamically survey the projects. The information used came from geological, geophysical, physical production, interventions, measurements, and automation databases, among others. Some of them were developed during the 2 initial years (1999 – 2000).

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Lago Colhué Huapi Mus ters Lago
Manantiales Behr Sarmiento



El Tordillo

M.Magallanes Oriental Zorro Cañadon Grande

Comodoro Rivadavia


L.Perales L.Mesetas Escorial


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Las Heras


El Huemul

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There are currently 2410 Oil producing wells and 405 water injection wells in the area. associated with more friendly and empowered softwares. the challenge was integrate it into Databases. each one with different initial reservoir pressure and fluid properties and contacts. Cuenca San Jorge – Area Cerro Dragón Historia de Producción y Actividad 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2200 WP 2000 1800 1400 TOTAL DE POZOS EN PRODUCCION 1000 C AN T ID AD D E P O ZO S P R O D U C T O R E S TOTAL POZOS INYECTORES NUMERO DE EQUIPOS DE PERFORACION WI Figure 3. In 1997. faulted anticlines and structurally enhanced stratigraphic pinch outs. Control. Learn” was a very useful tool. Doing. The main reservoir consists of sandstones of the Comodoro Rivadavia Formation and altered tuffaceous sandstones and siltstones in the Mina Del Carmen Formation. A schematic cross-section show the Field complexity 600 200 10 5 Some keys of the Cerro Dragon rebirth A Development Master Plan 100000 400 87500 OIL P R O D U C C IO N (B O P D ) 75000 300 3D Record and Processing V E N T AS D E G AS (M M ft 3 /d ) 62500 PRODUCCION TOTAL DE PETROLEO Gas 200 An electrification plan Facilities expansion DATA MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION AND SOFT 50000 37500 VENTAS DE GAS IW 100 25000 12500 RECUPERACION SECUNDARIA 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 30 JUL 2006 General Geologic Setting & Reservoir Description The Cerro Dragon asset comprises 800. become the operator following the formation of a joint venture between Amoco (now BP Amoco) and Bridas. a Mesozoic extensional basin filled with Jurassic lacustrian and Cretaceous fluvial deposit with Tertiary compression and wrenching superimposed on earlier extensional features. The area has been operated by Amoco since 1959. Adjust the Production Forecast 2. Cerro Dragon has been under development as an oil producing area since 1959 through a combination of infill and extension drilling for additional primary oil production and Waterflooding Projects in some selected fields. . consists of approximately 50 fields. Identify and Qualify the information required to share in the new Databases. In 1999 more than 90 % of the fields and wells information was available only in hard copies. Cumulative oil recovery to date from both primary and secondary development exceeds 760 million barrels. Pan American Energy. Approximately 60% of the area is now under water flood. Hidrocarbons Traps consist of tilted horst blocks.2 SPE 107918 The Cerro Dragón Contract Area. Improve CAPEX and OPEX 3. Wells are produced commingled from stacked individual reservoirs 1 to 8 meters thick.000 acres in a roughly rectangular block located on the north flank of the Golfo San Jorge Basin. First step: Digitalization of old logs Develop and copy Wells File INFOPROD and BDIEP data entry (3500 wells) Detailed geological studies in the waterflooding blocks Second step: A virtuous circle “Planning . Sotware tools objectives goals: 1.

The simulation time in Sahara was reduced dramatically compared with conventional simulators. A virtuous circle 10 1965 1970 qlP [m ³/d] 1975 1980 1985 qo P [m ³/d] 1990 1995 qlAlP [m ³/d] 2000 2005 2010 qo AlP [m ³/d] 2015 2020 2025 Figure 6. WO & Completion DB) Injectors wells Figure 7..G. Workovers and Drillings Plan were simulated block by block in each field of Cerro Dragon.S. less information or simplification of it to simulate is very important when you have around a hundred layers in each well.00 3. the completion and work over information including test was BDIEP SLPOS.. with different fluid properties.00 7.00 5.00 2. the beam pumping information source was Dynapack . the production and operation information source was INFOPROD . History Match and forecast Sahara project expansion Design & surveillance The core of the new way for our work was SAHARA a friendly software to history matching the production wells and forecasting. Inputs and outputs from SAHARA The source of the Geological models was Landmark Software. Waterflooding Projects. For each one of these sources data loading processes were added to SAHARA.00 Figure 8. The layer wf was improved with new injectors and infill well perforation P CD-0D P C D-190 P C D-0H P C D-186 P C D-184 P CD-0J P C D-832 P C D-191 P C D-274 D-183 C D-220 P CD-0PP CP P CD-0K P C D-0I P C D-258 P C D-192 P C D-0A P CD-0B P C D-804 P C D-850 P C G-113 P CG-819 P CG-26 P C G-157 P C G-153 P C G-86 P C G-109 P C G-251 0. Along the years this software was empowered with new options of connectivity with our data bases and new options of calculations and simulation became available.SPE 107918 3 Cuenca del Golfo de San Jorge (C. Some case of design DYNA PACK (Artificial Lift DB) SAHARA Reservoir Simulation Reservoir Management LANDMARK (geological & geophysical) CDIII: Expansion Horizontal Arena J4E New Projects Simulation Forecasts & Reserves Estimation P C D-80 P C D-196 P C D-149 P C D-273 P C D-847 P C D-0T P C D-164 P C D-159 P C D-173 P C D-153 Current Project Management P CD-81 P C D-845 P CD-0L P C D-240 P C D-848 P C D-179 P C D-852 P C D-187 P C D-259 P C D-0R P C D-195 P C D-0M P C D-180 P C D-0F P C D-160 P C D-0O P C D-257 P C D-851 Figure 5. How you see each layer and the injection pattern . only a SFT pressure by layer and completion or workover test for each one by swabbing. 10000 Plannig Doing 1000 Learning Control 100 New Tools Figure 4.00 6.J) TOTAL FIELD HISTORY MATCH P C D-80/P C D-81/P C D-149/P C D-153/. Injection rate Liquid rate Injection rate forecast Liquid rate forecast Oil rate Oil rate forecast WF MANGEMENT TOOLS Oil production wells i-Choke INFOPROD (PAE Production DB) BDIEP (Drlg.00 8.00 1.00 4.

bottomhole installation. dynamic and statics parameters of the wells. Workover Plans 3. Production and Injection forecast 5. artificial lift system conditions. changes. Drilling Plans 2. dinamometer studies. 1000 PC-49 Workover Jobs Sand M1 Sand M7 Sand O6 Total Water injected 100 Layer 110 Layer 115 Sand S4 Layer 150 Layer 113 Figure 12. monitoring. Several Scenarios 2005 2006 2007 qw iC PC-49 113[m³/DC] 2000 2001 qw iP PC-49[m³/DC] qw iC PC-49 115[m³/DC] 2002 2003 2004 qw iC PC-49 110[m³/DC] qw iC PC-49 150[m³/DC] Figure 10. Layers view in a 3D Screen 10 Water Injection Distribution per Mandrel and Layer 1 The output of the SAHARA integrated data and simulation are : 1. references. .4 SPE 107918 The exploitation status. Early detection can be achieved for taking right decisions.Puling Perforations PCD-172 Jobs Artificial Lift System changes Decisions taken Waterfooding response 10 Sahara surveillance . operating conditions.Well analysis Well sketch 1000 2400 Liquid Production & Produciton tests 2000 100 Artificial List system 1600 Change to ESP 1200 Oil Produciton & Production Tests 800 1 Lifting Optimization 0. Production Meeting comments. Conversion to injector Plans 4. Well Injector Chart All the SAHARA output is loaded into the P&CG system (Planeamiento & Control de Gestión system) where the analyst can manage the budget and CAPEX Expenditures to prepar the Long Term Plan. formation water injection by injector well and by layer can be monitored very quickly.1 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 Sumergency 400 0 05 06 07 Figure 11. Pulling Frequence. Workover. Well producing Chart Sahara surveillance 3-D visualization Wells Sand J4 For Injector Wells: In these charts it is possible to detect water distribution problems and injectivity reductions. How look a view of a typical well sketch Figure 9.

Underdeveloped status screen – Bubble map Figure 15. Pump off and beam pumping data visualization Sahara surveillance Underdeveloped status SITU surveillance system Facilities following up Figure 16. Underdeveloped status screen Figure 17.SPE 107918 5 Which tools are currently under development : Facilities visualization WETS ™ module evaluation Which are the challenges to addres in the future: Export data to BDRC (Certified Reserves Data Base) Software utilities integration as: o o Figure 13. Quickly visualization of Drilling and WO Programs Figure 16. Sumergency Map Well type design Dynamic Pressure Calculation in pipes Gas material balance o Drilling & WO surveillance programm Drilling Productor: 4/4 Adecuación Productor: 26/43 Adecuación Inyector: 9/9 PCG-205 PCG-872 PCG-25 PCG-878 PCG-65 PCG-61 PCG-889 PCG-142 PCG-60 PCG-71 PCG-892 ICG-1 PCG-267 PCG-70 PCG-888 PCG-48 PCG-147 PCG-69 PCG-874 PCG-46 PCG-828 PCG-835 LOCPCG-68 PCG-841 PCG-845 T-116 PCG-858 PCG-15 PCG-275 PCG-855 PCG-277 PCG-9 PCG-280 PCG-935 PCG-4 PCG-710 PCG-5 PCG-707 PCG-138 PCG-708 PCG-18 PCG-7 PCG-79 PCG-815 PCG-8 PCG-840 LOCPCG-94 LOCPCG-52 PCG-51 PCG-826 PCG-236 T-106 PCG-875 PCG-891 PCG-890 PCG-261 PCG-810 PCG-876 PCG-11 PCG-12 PCG-14 PCG-17 PCG-19 PCG-279 PCG-213 PCG-40 PCG-187 PCG-183 PCG-41 PCG-20 PCG-188 PCG-112 LOCPCG-208 PCG-212 PCG-704 PCG-136 PCG-137 PCG-811 PCG-38 PCG-36 PCG-21 PCG-922 PCG-156 PCG-220 PCG-144 PCG-709 PCG-145 PCG-223 PCG-121 PCG-45 Other systems and software developments support our daily work Drilling Inyector: 7/8 Conversión Inyector: 4/4 Cañadón Grande II W est PCG-871 LOCPCG-64 PCG-882 PCG-884 SITU surveillance system Well following up PCG-209 2003 2004 2005 2006 Locación P1 Locación P2 Locación P3 Drilling Productor Drilling Inyector Conversión Inyector PCG-10 PCG-1 PCG-895 PCG-63 PCG-801 PCG-2 PCG-37 I-3 PCG-934 PCG-146 PCG-222 PCG-23 PCG-807 PCG-39 PCG-54 PCG-808 PCG-949 PCG-921 productor PCG-264 PCG-221 PCG-224 PCG-919 PCG-128 PCG-16 PCG-3 PCG-219 PCG-6 PCG-809 I-1 PCG-47 PCG-87 I-2 PCG-920 PCG-90 PCG-816 PCG-936 PCG-802 PCG-49 PCG-281 PCG-276 PCG-91 PCG-812 PCG-93 PCG-924 PCG-22 PCG-866 PCG-865 PCG-154 PCG-948 PCG-868 PCG-702 PCG-159 PCG-81 PCG-162 PCG-78 PCG-838 PCG-938PCG-161 PCG-844 PCG-852 PCG-42 LOCPCG-102 PCG-937 PCG-853 PCG-59 PCG-850 PCG-854 PCG-939 PCG-856 Adecuación 0 OIL GAS WATER INJECTOR DRY LOCATION OLD LOCATION ABANDONED-OIL SHUT-IN-GAS SHUT-IN-OIL SHUT-IN-WATER DRILLING-OR-TESTING SHUT-IN-INJECTOR PCG-229 PCG-243 PCG-864 PCG-125 PCG-107 PCG-927 PCG-703 PCG-266 LOCPCG-104 Figure 14. Facilities Control Panel .

Cerro Dragon production cycle Databases according the field complexity and needs is the best way The virtuous circle is the best tool of our teams to complete the targets. Beam pumping data visualization THE PRODUCTION CYCLE COMPLEXITY IN TWO FIGURES AND INJECTION Production Cycle Figure 20. 1. Figure 19.850 Beam pumped wells 30 PCP pumped wells 450 ESP pumped wells 2 Gas production wells 70 Oil and gas Stations 2 Oil treatment Plants 1 Gas Treatment Plant .6 SPE 107918 Dynapack surveillance Well analysis Subsurface injection installation Injection histories analisys Tension Packer Injection mandrel with flow regulator valve Flooded sand Tension Packer Flooded sand Anchor Packer Flooded sand Figure 18. A flexible and friendly simulator with connection to our data bases gives us a power tool to make good decisions. Subsurface injection installation 405 water injection wells 19 injection plants FIELD GAS SYSTEM FLUID OIL+WATER+ GAS OIL 2 MAIN TREATING PLANTS TO CALETA CORDOVA TERMINAL (SALES) AND ADITIONAL WATER SEPARATION PLANTS WATER INJECTION PLANTS 18 water treatment plants SATELLITE STATIONS WATERFLOOD PROJECTS PROD. WELLS INJECTION WELLS WATER DISPOSALS Conclusions Integrated data management is one of the keys of the Cerro Dragon rebirth.

SPE paper 99997 presented at the 2006 SPE/DOE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery held in Tulsa. Phillips. The PAE facilities and automation team for improving the data loading and databases operation. for high quality systems and INTERFACES Management and design Team because they’ve working along many years to improve and integrate into customized software for their and our ideas and needs.G. SPE paper 30649 . 20–26 April 2006. BPExploration (Alaska) Inc.P. Ezequiel Massaglia. MacDonald.SPE 107918 7 Acknowledgements Thanks are due to: PAE Cerro Dragon Development Reserves Teams because this paper reflect their hard daily work. and C. The PAE IT Team communications. Martins.A. C. Carlos Ponce. The Management and Optimization of a Major Wellwork Program at Prudhoe Bay.M. Injector-Well Completion Designs for Selectively Waterflooding up to 18 Zones in a Multilayered Reservoir: Experience in the Cerro Dragón Field. SPE. Stewart. Oklahoma.. Bernabé Zalazar. SPE. References 1. J. Dario Baldassa. . SPE. 1995. 2.J.S. J. U.