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Three Necessary Elements

I have the true desire to create
what I have chosen to visualize.
I believe in my chosen goal and the
possibility of achieving it.
I accept my vision, and pursue with
the full intention to achieve it.
Four Basic Steps for Effective Creative Visualization
1. Set Your Goals
Career Related
Personal Aspiration
Increased Prosperity
Improved Health
Start with easily achievable goals. Then,
select bigger and more challenging goals.
as you go along.
2. Create a Clear Picture/Idea
Create a picture exactly the way you
want it.
Imagine being in a desirable situation
with as many details as possible.
Make a physical picture of it for clearer
visualization purposes.
3. Give Positive Energy
Keep affirming yourself positively and
encouragingly of your goal.
Work towards the goal until you
achieved it.
Reward yourself after achieving your
4. Focus on It
Think of the goal daily and mentally integrate it into your life. Be relaxed and confident while pursuing your goal.