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Lick de John Coltrane

II V I Lick
1) The Cmaj7 chord is anticipated in the second bar.

Licks de Mike Stern

Rhythm Changes Lick
1) This lick is for a rhythm changes in Bb with a pick up to the 5th bar.

Dominant Lick
1) This lick is a rhythmical idea for a G7(#11) chord.
The basis of the lick is an Fmaj7(#5) arpeggio, which gives us the following functions : b7 9 #11

Licks de Pat Martinho

Dominant Licks
1) The first lick is a V - I minor lick. If the second chord would be a major chord, change the last
note to an 'e natural'.

2) This is a sixteenth note lick with a lot of chromatism.

3) This lick uses a simple rhythmic idea.

Minor Licks
1) This minor lick is build around a C major arpeggio, a common substitute for A minor.
2) This one is also build around a C major arpeggio.

3) This lick is a real classic.

Licks de Scott Henderson

Licks menores
1) Chromatism.

2) Pentatonic start, chromatic end.

Licks Dominantes
1) A lick in the G Mixolydian scale.
2) Rhythmic replacement of a pattern.

3) This lick starts and ends with the G Bebop scale.

Licks V-I
1) Notice the D7#9 chord shape.
Licks Para II-V-I
1) This lick uses a diminished scale in the second bar.
2) In this lick, the second part of the second bar is a Fm7b5 arpeggio. The
third bar uses a C Lydian scale.

3) There's a B diminished scale in the second bar in this 2 5 1 lick..

Licks para II-V-I menor

1) You can think Dm6 over the Bm7b5 in this lick.

2) The E7 has a flat 9 here.

3) Also a flat 9 on the A7.

4) Recognize the em7b5 chord shape in the first bar.

5) The second bar is built around a Bbm triad.

Frases com a Escala Bebop
Idéias para lídio dominante
Ideias para escala alterada
Ideias cromáticas
Idéias para o acorde Maior com 7º maior
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