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South Africa: Kidnap, rape and murder of toddler shocks Diepsloot Article by Arwa Damon.

Brent Swails and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN October 24, 2013 Diepsloot, South Africa is no stranger to the act of rape. Violence is a commonality in South Africa but this crime was one that startled the country. Two girls, aged two and three, were kidnapped from their South African home one day while they were outside playing. The girls, Yonelisa and Zandile Mali, had been raped and murdered and their corpses were found in a public toilet in Diepsloot. The girls were discovered October 15 and since then, five men have been accused of the violent crime of kidnapping, raping, and killing the two toddlers. Kenya: Outcry grows after rape suspects are ordered to cut grass as punishment Article by Faith Karimi, CNN October 26, 2013 A teenage girl, nicknamed Liz, was allegedly gang-raped and left for dead in a sewage ditch. Liz, the sixteen year old Kenyan girl, was walking home from her grandfathers funeral. Six men buried her in a twenty foot latrine after the rape occurred. Hours later, when neighbors finally heard her cries for help, she was bloody and unconscious. Liz was able to identify three of the six attackers and neighbors took them to the police. However, rather than trying the men for rape and all the other possible charges, the police simply made the attackers cut grass in the yard of the police station and then released them. This caused a social media outcry. Kenyans and other people have used the hashtags #JusticeforLiz and #StandwithLiz to express their attitude towards the situation. Liz has been confined to a wheelchair since the attack. Hunting a Chimp on a Killing Spree By David Goldenberg, NY Times October 25, 2013 A vicious chimpanzee in Uganda is responsible for the attacks and deaths of many children. His name is Saddam, for the dictator. He is violent, large, and a killer. The primatologists of Kibale National Park sent a trained tracker named Kateeba Deo to vind the vicious chimp. Saddam was a loner, he didnt have a group of chimpanzees with him. Hed learned to avoid humans when necessary. His home in the forest was vast, so it was hard to find Saddam. Saddam was eventually stopped by a group of local hunters who were armed with spears and a ranger with a rifle. Deportations: Missing parents, scared kids By Cindy Y. Rodriguez and Adriana Hauser, CNN October 26, 2013 Seventeen year old Cesia Soza and fourteen year old Ronald Jr. Soza came home one day after school to find their father, Ronald Soza, missing from their home in Pompano Beach, Florida. Hed dropped them off at school that morning and came home to find US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents waiting for him. Soza is an undocumented immigrant from Nicaragua. Sozas wife, Marisela, was

deported five years ago and Ronald Soza was deported as well. The two teenagers are now parentless, essentially orphans in the United States of America. Soza refused for his kids to join them in Nicaragua because the US holds much better opportunities for Cesia and Ronald Jr. The two teenagers have been living with a family friend, Nora Sandigo, her husband, and two daughters in Miami, Florida.