CVC and CVCe words / CVC and CVVC words

Here are two pages filled with those tricky words that some students need extra practice with. Students read the 2 words in each box while they watch for the final “e” sound or look for the 2 vowels together while switching back and forth from a short to a long vowel sound.

Use with small group: Listen to students read the list of words Students could take turns reading one box at a time as they read around the table.
Use at a reading center: Set several copies at a reading center for students to partner read. Students can take turns reading each box. Use for a fluency: How many words can the students read correctly in one minute? e
Picture clipart: Other Clip Art: http://www.illustrati Other Clip Art: http://www.teachers re/Rebekah-Brock Created by: Stacy Pearson @ Teacher’s Take-Out 2013

CVC/CVCe Words fine fin cube cut cute mane us use bit cane can at ate cap cub note not man mad made bite pane pan cape hop hope rip ripe tube rat rate pine dime dim rid hid hide mop pin rob robe ride kite kit mope tap tape tub Teacher’s Take-Out .

CVC /CVVC Words man main add bead bed pan met meet set rain ran best beast neat aid am aim pain Todd toad seat sock soak net stem steam braid brad jock laid lad bran rod road coat bean Ben maid brain paid pad cot led lead mad peak peck joke Teacher’s Take-Out .

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