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TheWizards' I
Basedon the Walt Disneymotion picture,
"The Sword,in the Stone"
by the original story,
Swordinthe Stone,"by T H. Whi,te

Pictures by the wALT DTSNEY

adapted by al wHrrE and nawlry eRATT


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t H r s r 5 A T R A N D - N E Wt O O K , W R t T T E XA N D T L L U S T R A T E D
I 3 P E C I A L L YF O R G O L O E N I O O I ( S .

@ Copyrighf 1963 by Wqlt Dirney Productions. All rights regorved, including

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Now Merlin wasa wizardand good
at changingpeopleinto different
things."I think I'll grant
your wish," he said.
Merlin stoodup and, pointing
his wand ar rhe boy,
a magicspeli.
At onceWart
beganto shrink.
He grew smaller
and smaller
And suddenlyhe changedinro a little sparrow!
His arms were featheredwings. His body was
tiny and coveredwith gray and brown feathers.
And he had a squeaky,bird-like voicewith which
to singand chirp.

a bird!"
chirped Wart.
His tiny body shook
with joy.
a bird! Watch me fly!"
With that he launched
him self from the tower
window. And, with widespread
wings,he glided smoothly
through the air.
Wart taught himself many more flying tricks.
Soon he wasa swift and gracefulflyer.
He wasflying along,admiring the clouds,.when
a black speckshowedin the sky. It was a hungry
"Wart!" criedMerlin from below."Watchout!"

Wi€fi'a flick of his wings,Wart darted away.

i The hawk followed him, its huge, dark
wings beating $tfongly. It was a long, long chase.

But the feeble little sparrow escaped

by dropping down a chimney.

t. .t
Exhausted, he fell to the bottom of a cold and
sooty fireplace. am I?" he wondered.
Just then he saw a funny old witch peering at
"\Mell, look
who's come to visit Madam Mim,"
she cackled. little sparrow!"
please.I'm really a boy," chirped Wart.
changedme with his wonderful magic."
At this the old witch shrieked with laughter.
"Merlin's uragicis drearl'aud dim-rvhell com-
pared to the rnagicof N4adamMim!" she said.
Just then, the lvitch heard her name called.
" W h o ' s t h a t ? "s h e c r i e d .



t,. ".
t'"' 'o"
In a puff of smokestood Merlin.
"Madam Mim," he said, terribly stern, "let
Wart go."
"Tty to make
The witch gavea gurgling laugh.
me, dear," shesaid. challengeyou to a Wizards'
Duel, to takeplaceimmediately!"

L- r A
Nodding grimly, Merlin acceptedthe
witch'schallenge.Soonthey wereoutside
and ready to duel.
Wart satdown on a tree limb, and gave
"What's a Wizards'
a puzzled chirp.
Duel?"he wondered.
Merlin answeredhim. "Madam Mim
and I will changeourselvesto different
things in order to destroyeachother."
When Warc heard this he began to shiver.
Meanwhile Madam Mim and Merlin had drawn
their wands.
howled the witch.
s e t .. . "
" Duel!"
Madam Mim started the duel by changing into
a crocodile.

In a flash Merlin becamea tiny turtle

and hid inside his hat.
And when the crocodile
found him there, Merlin
changed into a rabbit and
nimbly hopped away.
Changing into a fox, the
witch chasedthe rabbit.

But then Merl changed..

...into a hunting dog,

and lte chasedthe fox!

Madam Mim changedfrom fox to tiger, only
to find that the dog had changedinto a sharp-
Furious at havingher nosepinched,she turned
. a sharp-hornedrhino!
As a mouse,however,Merlin easilyslipped by
the lumbering rhino.
But then, calling on her blackestmagic, Madam
Mim changed into a fearsome, flame-spewing
*r: tj ,*

Wart gulped with dismay.

What ever could poor Merlin change to now to
save himself?
Merlin changedinto a tinY
The tiny germcarrieda rare
illness called PurPle Pox,
which wasvery catching.
In a flash the dragon broke
out all over in a rash of great
purple spots.
Anyone sick with PurPle
Pox had to stayin bed for two
whole weeks.
And so Merlin clearlYwas
the winner of the Wizards'
Quickly Merlin changedhimself and Wart back
into people.
Wart asked him after they had put
Madam Mim to bed, "how did you ever learn such
powerful wizardry?"
I was a boy," answered Merlin, "what-
ever I learned, I learned as well as I could."
said Wart in a small voice.
Merlin chucked him under the chin. "Wart." he
said fondly, "get back to your lessons."
will, sir," saidWart. "I will!"




: i
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And he did!s,.