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Aaron Green Associates - Firm Profile

Profile of Firm
Aaron G. Green Associates is a comprehensive design and service-oriented business dedicated to architectural craftsmanship. The firm offers the traditional palette of Basic Services for Architects, yet we extend ourselves further than most in our ability to offer “in-house” capability to perform various special services which are normally handled by “outside” consultants for the project. These include Master Planning, Space Programming, Interior Design, Custom Casework Design, Special Equipment Design, Color and Furnishing selection, Landscape Design, Environmental Graphic Design, model building, and presentation renderings. These disciplines are employed to produce a unified harmonious result that is aesthetically satisfying, as well as more easily discernible and understood by its users and the community at large. In 2001, the office of Aaron G. Green Associates celebrated it 50th year in continuous service providing our clients with dedicated professional architectural and planning services. It was a sobering time as well, as Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc. June of that year marked the passing of our founding principal, the gifted Aaron Green, FAIA. Aaron Green 5 Third Street Suite 224 represented the embodiment of a complete Architect and creative individual, a complement to his mentor, San Franisco, CA 94103 Frank Lloyd Wright. His efforts were tireless and accomplishments innumerous to mention in any brief. 415 777.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax Three years later, the firm continues and flourishes, inspired by Aaron’s tireless belief and faith in an admin@agaarchitects.com Architecture based upon rational design principles, appropriate use of construction technology, and humanistic values can serve to positively enhance the quality of individual’s lives. In that respect, the firm of Aaron G. Green Associates now continues to build upon our legacy, developing an architecture based upon principles established and practiced by such antecedents. If we have a specialty, it is the ability to create uniquely original, thoughtful and functional design solutions to challenging problems, whether they be influenced by complexities of building program, client needs and site conditions or restrictions of budget. There has never been an emphasis on any particular building type, which suits our strength to create afresh as befits the project and challenge. Our team of Associates are seasoned professionals with 10 to 35 years of real experience in the design and construction of a wide variety of public, municipal, religious, educational, and residential projects. These are unique, successful solutions which continue to serve the needs of each Owner, as well as the community, and have withstood the test of time.

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Aaron Green Associates - Philosophy

Philosophy of Practice
For over fifty years, Aaron Green Associates has cultivated a professional dedication to an architecture that can exert an important, positive influence on the individual’s working and living environment by the innovative quality of design for each project undertaken. An important guiding concept of the firm is that fine architecture must first suit its client’s functional and economic program of needs and must also provide a living environment by both its interior and exterior environmental design of sufficient aesthetic importance as to improve the daily living conditions of its users. Our professional service is a dedication to preservation of the human factors in all programming and physical-facility design considerations. The “people” to be served are our ultimate clients and we conclude that we must in fact, guard their interest. Human needs must be kept in full view and balanced with the objectives of any project.
Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco, CA 94103 415 777.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com

We believe that the Architect must recognize a responsibility to the community and to the anonymous majority viewers as well as the immediate users of the building he/she designs. We make a special effort to insure that each of our works is an asset to the visual as well as functional environment of its community. Our professional endeavor is to produce buildings of a high architectural standard which manifest a timeless, lasting quality that can either generate a dynamic and individual visual statement, if desired, or can be creatively blended into the fabric of its context. Our work manifests a sensitive environmental consideration relative to siting relationships and orientation as well as preservation of natural conditions and ecologically important features. We have historically pursued a design philosophy of concern for energy conservation through a wide variety of active and passive systems as may be easily discerned from a study of our executed projects. We strive to create fresh interior environments incorporating excellent acoustics, visual and functional spaciousness, energy conservation with optimum climate control and concern for ideal non-glare lighting conditions. We have demonstrated in completed projects that a creative combination of the elements of color, space, light, and sensitive combinations of materials and furnishings can provide an inviting character and enhance the human-use purposes of the building, serving both employees and visiting citizens.

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Green Associates offer an extensive list of capabilities due to our multi-disciplinary background and breadth of experience—a significant resource for our clients.Aaron Green Associates .35.com/pages/about/services.39 .agaarchitects.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Green Associates. Green Associates. Building Architecture Feasibility Studies/Site Evaluation Land Use and Zoning Analysis Master PlanningProgram Development Visualizations/Presentation Renderings Code AnalysisSpecifications Construction Documents Coordination with Public Agencies Construction Administration Construction Cost Estimates ADA Upgrades/Analysis Site Planning Landscape Design and Site Furnishings Interior Design Space Planning & Programming Special Equipment Design Lighting Design Custom Casework Design Liturgical Furnishing Design Finishes & Furniture Selection Color Scheme Coordination Tenant Improvements Aaron G. Inc. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer.html22/02/2005 3.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. http://www.Services Services Aaron G. Services are tailored to meet the needs of each client and their project.0530 voice 415 777. CA 94103 415 777.

Daniel joined Aaron Green Associates in 1991. Oren holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and is a licensed Architect in the States of California and North Carolina. Prior to becoming Principal of the firm. and has served in a broad range of roles for this multi-disciplinary office. and residential projects.html22/02/2005 3. has been with the firm for almost forty years. brings over 20 years of project management experience to the office. Jan spent 35 years working closely with the firm’s founding Principal. Jim began his career in Big Sur and steadily worked his way up the Coast to the Bay Area and the Aaron Green office.35. He is also multi-platform. Armando Solano holds the unique distinction of having been actively involved in every American Hebrew Academy project built or in development and as such is a valuable resource. documentation of project standards. working upon a variety of healthcare. Green Associates. During his tenure.0530 voice 415 777. church. Daniel is a licensed Architect in the States of California and Arizona. Vice President of Aaron G.com Daniel Ruark began his professional practice with Taliesin Architects. Green Associates. Tai is our resident multi-tasker. New York. Green Associates. He holds a BA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is currently in the process of completing his architectural licensing exams.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Architect Aaron Green. Oren’s connection to Aaron G. Inc.Personnel Personnel Jan Novie. He has overseen the Programming. and construction administration. Armando has a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu and is currently in the process of completing his architectural licensing exams. lending his organizational abilities to project detailing. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Architecture from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. fluent on both Mac and PC and serves as the office IT administrator. Jan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam. Taisuke Ikegami has been an indispensable asset to the office since walking through the door in Y2K. the office goes way back to when his father was an associate in Aaron Green’s office—while it was still in 5 Third Street Suite 224 Los Angeles. educational and institutional structures. Inc. Design.43 . large-scale public housing projects and religious buildings.agaarchitects. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. he has gained an extensive range of experience upon project master planning and programming as well as designs for a variety of building types including: large civic buildings. Tai holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Tulane University. James Gallagher has provided solid CAD support and construction detailing since joining the office in 2001. CA 94103 415 777. and production of Contract Documents for large Educational Facilities with complex programming and coordination as well as Multi-Family Dwellings. San Franisco. http://www. Oren Lavee. Green Associates.com/pages/about/personnel.Aaron Green Associates . President and Principal of Aaron G.

1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.greenwoodridge.org/ Greenwood Ridge Vineyards: Award winning small winery near Mendocino.us/depts/lb/main/crm/flw.com/pages/about/links.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.35.Aaron Green Associates .org/ The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy: http://www.org/ Marin County Civic Center/Frank Lloyd Wright History: http://www.greentv.savewright. Green Associates.51 .Links Links Here is a list of links we’d like to share: The American Hebrew Academy: One of our current clients/projects: http://www. California: http://www.marin. Inc.org GreenTV: Environmental journalism: http://www.americanhebrewacademy.com/ The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation: http://www.franklloydwright.ca.html22/02/2005 3.co.agaarchitects. Green Associates. http://www. Inc.0530 voice 415 777. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.html Aaron G. CA 94103 415 777.

Inc. California 30* Marin County Post Office. California 22 Arch Oboler Main House (Version #2). Michigan 5 Cooperative Homesteads. Los Angeles. Green Associates.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. California 12 Butterfly Wing Bridge. California 15 Hargrove Residence. Wisconsin 3* Florida Southern College Library. California 10 V. California 27 Coats Residence.36.C. California 7* AGG/FLLW San Francisco Office 8* Arthur Matthews Residence. California 20* Arch Oboler Service Buildings And Bedrooms. Florida 4 Circle Pines Camp. Morris Residence. California 19 Degnan Donohoe Restaurant. California 18 Christian Science Church. San Francisco. Alabama 2 Peterson Residence. Orinda. California 29* Marin County Civic Center. Carmel. Lakeland. California 13* FLLW Exhibit Pavilion.25 . California 25 Claremont Hotel Wedding Chapel. Racine.com/pages/agg_and_fllw/agg_fllw_main. San Francisco. Barnsdall Park.com 1* Rosenbaum Residence. Hillsborough. California http://www.C. Bolinas. California 24* Kundert Medical Clinic.agaarchitects. California 17* Louis Frank Residence Addition (Bazett). Bradbury Hills. California 16 George Clark Residence. Michigan 6 Pike Residence. Carmel. Berkeley. San Luis Obispo. Hillsborough. Beverly Hills.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. San Rafael.0530 voice 415 777. Los Angeles.Untitled Page Aaron Green and Frank Lloyd Wright Aaron G. Los Angeles. Stinson Beach. Florence. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. San Carlos. Morris Residence #2 . Yosemite National Park. California 21* Arch Oboler Boys Wing. California 27 Lenkurt Electric Company. California 23* Anderton Court Shops. California 14* Pearce Residence. Atherton. Seacliff. California 9* Clinton Walker Residence. California 26 Leuchauer Medical Clinic. CA 94103 415 777. San Rafael. Fresno. Los Angeles. California 11 V. Los Angeles.

Green Associates. California 38* George Ablin Residence. San Anselmo. California 35 Horace Sturtevant Residence. Palo Alto. Los Banos. California 39* Robert Berger Residence. California * Indicates Built Projects This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Modesto. California 36* Pilgrim Congregational Church.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. California 37* Robert Walton Residence.25 .36. California 34* Randall Fawcett Residence.agaarchitects. San Rafael. Inc. California 40 Elizabeth Banning-Morehead Residence. California 33 Frank Lagomarsino Residence. Redding. San Jose. Oakland.Untitled Page 31* Marin County Fairgrounds.com/pages/agg_and_fllw/agg_fllw_main. Califrnia 32* Hanna Residence Remodelling. http://www. Marin County. Bakersfield.

Inc.37.01 . integral to the environment. Green Associates.com This is the core and heart of our philosophy and approach to architecture--an application of a natural approach to architecture.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. Green Associates intend to extend these principles through the continuity of their own honest efforts towards an organic architecture. their particular aspirations and personality and then weave these all together into a singular designed home.com/pages/residential/residential_main. wood as wood--and all the elements of environment go into and throughout the house. their patterns and interactions.agaarchitects.0530 voice 415 777. the appropriate expression in materials and relationship to client budget. CA 94103 415 777. Our responsibility as architects is always to comprehend the needs and desires of our clients. so follows the design of the home in which they choose to live. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. stone as stone. those who live in it will take root and grow. The process of design involves thorough and careful study of client program. These forces are brought directly to bear upon creation of the plan. one that is integral to site.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. As every individual and their family is unique. the activities of the families. once there. Frank Lloyd Wright called this "organic architecture "--wherein the house "aims to be a natural performance. integral to the life of the inhabitants. Aaron G. And most of all belonging by nature to the nature of its being. in concert with the physical qualities of the site.Untitled Page Residential Architecture The design of the custom residence provides the most interesting challenges for an architectural firm." Aaron G. http://www. integral to environment. Into this new integrity. A house integral with the nature of materials--wherein glass is used as glass.

Untitled Page Aaron G.agaarchitects. Inc. senior.com/pages/residential/residential_main. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.01 .html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. multi-unit residential. and student housing. Green Associates. http://www.37. Green Associates offers broad experience with a variety of housing types including government housing.

and two young sons that had its beginnings in an earlier “country home”—a former family retreat from San Francisco. a newly created passage led to the new addition. Doors opened onto a broad deck that served as the roof over the living space below. Gertrude Pauson. while Jean’s aunt. which provided a secluded retreat for conversation and reading.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. his wife. occupied the main house. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. which landed at a mezzanine overlooking the converted study. open stair was added in the transition which led to the second floor addition containing the master bedroom suite. space of 1. with the passing of Gertrude Pauson. with Aaron embarking upon an ambitious plan for its expansion.0530 voice 415 777. possessing an interior rich with exquisite redwood cabinetry and panelling. the main house was of constructed by a Mr. they were living in a rather cramped cottage upon the lot.agaarchitects. http://www. much of which was built by Aaron Green on his weekends. Built in 1919 originally for the family of Dr. Pauson and her sister Rose had commissioned and built in 1939 a wintering home in Phoenix. the finely detailed redwood carpentry and panelling were left untouched.400 square feet which could encompass all types of family activity. considered a master carpenter by Architect Bernard Maybeck. it instead became the nucleus of a new design and informed the thought and detailing of the addition. as well as containing areas for Jean’s desk and weaving loom. In 1951. when Aaron Green moved his family and practice northward from Los Angeles. high-ceiling living room of the original house was converted to a study and office for Aaron Green. CA 94103 415 777. The beamed. Arizona designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.. become an extension of the living space.13 .com A contemporary home for the architect.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_agg. Beyond. all reached from an earlier wood stair at house center.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. The adjacent dining room was left unchanged as well. The second floor of the original house was occupied by the two sons and their shared bathroom. Ms. A new broad. The five acre property itself was once part of a Spanish land grant and filled with magnificent live oaks. California Demolished Aaron G. In 1954. The addition was an open reflexive arrangement of partitions and structural elements compositional geometry of 30° and 60° angles. The broad terrace beyond. when Los Altos was still regarded as a trip to the country. Green Associates.37. Jean Haber Green. Inc. Talmadge.Aaron Green Associates . though the kitchen behind was completely modernized. The majority of solid walls were constructed of Arizona kaibob stone. A brick fireplace. Another cottage on the property was moved adjacent to the swimming pool and was remodeled to serve as a cabana and guest house. Aaron Green and his family moved into the two-story main house. Walls toward the landscaped rear yard were entirely framed in sheets of floor-to-ceiling glass and dissolved all visual barriers between indoors and out.Project: Aaron and Jean Green Residence Aaron and Jean Green Residence Los Altos. a vast open. There was a coved fireside area. It served as a living space for entertaining and music. A skillful design merged all gracefully with the traditional square original house. with added swimming pool. With no desire to destroy the beautiful workmanship of the original house.

Inc.13 . http://www.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_agg.37. Green Associates.Aaron Green Associates .Project: Aaron and Jean Green Residence This site created and maintained by Aaron G.agaarchitects.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.

http://www. The main wing contains the Master Bedroom Suite with additional bedrooms on the level below.Project: Allan Green Residence Allan Green Residence Philo.800 s. innovative winery in the rolling hills above pastoral Anderson Valley of Mendocino County. Dining Room and Kitchen linked under the expansive cathedral ceiling. directly side-by-side and oriented towards the vineyard. one can clearly see his winery and vineyard. salvaged from fallen redwood trees. informal with a sense of repose. carved with a carpenter's skill saw.agaarchitects. the entry recessed under the overhang of the gabled roof. Just within the door.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. A triangular portion of the south-west roof plane projects beyond the ridge and forms a clerestory window dormer allowing natural daylighting to fill the Living Room directly below. the eye catches bright light beyond and is drawn entirely through the house to a view of the vineyards framed in the distance.37. the principal rooms share a sunny orientation to a magnificent ravine with spectacular views across to a treelined ridge beyond. CA 94103 415 777. A landscaped indoor garden links the two floor levels with stair placed into the soil. which was a natural clearing along the side of a prominent hill. only to be restrained by the anchoring force of the massive cast-in-place concrete fireplace. The house is generous in open.38 . Inc.Aaron Green Associates . looking over the tree-filled site and to the view beyond. The owner purposefully selected the site on his property. The roof hovers above. Green Associates. The 16" square columns. The Main Floor contains the activity spaces of Living Room. The spaces all open onto a southwest facing deck. The forms seem to be sliding past each other. The Green Residence is essentially two long rectangular forms.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. a simple folded plane held aloft by a rhythmic series of powerfully emphatic wood columns. form the important structural as well as aesthetic theme of the building. residence is integrated into its sloping site among groves of fir and redwood. Directly west from that spot. California Aaron G.f. The roof above is penetrated with a large triangular skylight which floods the garden with natural sun. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.0530 voice 415 777. This becomes the focus for an expansive interior space which is resultant from the intersection of the two linear wings. The approximately 6.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_allan_green.com Residence for the owner of a small. cathedral ceilinged volumes of light-filled space. One enters the house from the more shaded east elevation.

38 . furnishings and landscaping was designed by Aaron Green. http://www. Allan Green.37. Colored glass sconces and dining room chandelier shade were designed by his son.Project: Allan Green Residence All built-in cabinetry.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_allan_green. Green Associates.agaarchitects. Inc.Aaron Green Associates . and owner.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.

Walls. Inc. broad stone fireplace provides a dominant and pleasing focal point. A massive. CA 94103 415 777. Several steps lead down into the master bedroom with its own massive stone fireplace and redwood panelled walls while opposite glass extending to the gabled ceiling provides a dramatic view of the ocean.38. deeply overhanging gabled roof seems to float above the living spaces it contains giving a sense of being in the open. One wing contains all three bedrooms. Angled walls serve to lend visual separation while the folded planes of the gabled ceiling creates an interrupted line linking all spaces and leading the eye once again out to ocean views directly beyond. Generous built-in seating allows enjoyment of the fireplace as well as views to the outdoors. partitioned into the more communal living areas of the kitchen. floors--all same inside as outside-serve to blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_anderson. The other wing is a continuous volume of space emanating from the entry. The living room is reached down several broad steps.Aaron Green Associates .html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. all opening out to a private walled garden. A broad.05 . The house plan is "L" shaped and bent into a 45° angle due to the irregular boundaries of the site and natural features.Project: Anderson Residence Anderson Residence Rancho Palos Verde.com Located on a cliffside site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They have been planned as one continuous area. yet sheltered and protected. The two wings serve to embrace a broad outdoor terracing containing a swimming pool.agaarchitects. dining and living functions.0530 voice 415 777. The house makes it possible for the owner to experience an enriching spatial quality coupled with a wide range of views of the natural setting. further adding to the articulation and interest of the space. http://www. California Aaron G. ceilings.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. the Anderson Residence is an open house with a strong sense of shelter. Green Associates. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.

05 .html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.agaarchitects.38. "Kabob" type stone masonry is used selectively both inside and out. http://www. Inc. primarily redwood "board-on-board" panelling with similar trim. Green Associates.Project: Anderson Residence The Anderson Residence is wood-framed.Aaron Green Associates . Ceilings and soffits are of buff colored plaster. Floors are primarily exposed aggregate concrete with selective areas carpeted. sheltered parking and accessory storage enclose approximately 3.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_anderson. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.000 square feet of space. The residence.

their masonry forms side walls of the skylit main bathroom. The living room is dropped to a lower level from the entry by means of broad. rich in thrust and movement and in the powerful shadows that change continuously. California Aaron G. The core of the house is two centrally located fireplaces. as well as a freestanding wall between kitchen and dining area.0530 voice 415 777. CA 94103 415 777. The space within is further enhanced by openness created with only a half wall dividing living room and study.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_barth. they provide privacy for outdoor living terraces and patios which extend from the living spaces of the residence.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. furnishings. projecting through the roof as well as anchoring the building to the steep site. the smaller accommodates a carport. outdoor kitchen and storage. The larger comprises the 1. The design establishes a dramatic solution to a hilltop site.Project: Bartholomew Residence Bartholomew Residence Los Altos.agaarchitects.26 . A cantilevered deck expands the living room at one corner. http://www. shallow steps.800 square foot house rotated away from the street. accessories and landscape were designed or selected in order to closely weave and unify all into a fully integrated environment. Built-in cabinets. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.com The plan of the Bartholomew Residence displays bold triangular building forms arranged at right angles.38. A patterned overhead wood trellis connects both form across spaced concrete block columns bordering along the circuitous entry walkway. Interior non-bearing partitions are wood-framed and covered with Philippine mahoghany. Green Associates.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. The floors are integrally colored concrete or flagstone and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating. Inc. Together. Ceilings and soffits are sand finished plaster. In turn. Construction: All structure is integrally terra cotta colored concrete block. Deep roof overhangs contribute to the sense of shelter in addition to control penetration of sunlight and the element of weather. one of the living room and the other in the study.Aaron Green Associates .

agaarchitects. Inc.26 .38. http://www.Project: Bartholomew Residence This site created and maintained by Aaron G.Aaron Green Associates .com/pages/residential/single_family/res_barth.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. Green Associates.

html22/02/2005 3.0530 voice 415 777.39.11 . Inc. CA 94103 415 777.Aaron Green Associates . Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Green Associates. California Aaron G. Green Associates.Project: Denevi Residence Denevi Residence San Rafael. http://www.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.agaarchitects.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_denevi.

Project: Dorshkind Residence Dorshkind Residence San Francisco.39. Green Associates.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_dorshkind. http://www. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. CA 94103 415 777. Green Associates.Aaron Green Associates . Inc.html22/02/2005 3. California Aaron G.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.34 .agaarchitects.0530 voice 415 777. Inc.

Project: Dukes Residence Dukes Residence Flintridge. all orchestrated by Aaron Green. recessed reentrant corner flanked by solid masonry walls and reached by a series of broad steps. Entry to the residence is off the broad auto court. A gently sloped. The primary material of the Dukes Residence is buff-colored kaibab stone masonry. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. The space is extended further by a patio and extensive landscaping framing a swimming pool.agaarchitects. Skillfully designed to integrate wholly within its site. the single story residence stretches out comfortably upon a lush setting of approximately two acres offering rural tranquility and magnificent views of the San Gabriel mountains.45 . A small diamond shaped guest house containing fireplace and bath is privately placed at the opposite end of the residence. one faces the sweeping panorama of the view beyond to the mountains through floor-to-ceiling glass running the entire length of the south elevation. The Japanese style fish pool on the opposite side of the glass visually extends the water line of the tub to the exterior. California Aaron G. creating a natural sense of bathing outdoors. a portion extends away and projects beyond the massive fireplace to shelter a generously sized living room.0530 voice 415 777.html22/02/2005 3. both exterior and interior. The floor plan is arranged according to a unique diamond-shaped organizational module. allowing a naturally flowing movement of space directed along 120° angled corners. Inc. The master bath contains a unique custom designed diamond-shaped sunken bath tub with mitred glass window opening to a view of the garden. Green Associates. http://www. quality materials and attention to details. with copper wrapping down over the fascia. diamond shaped folded roof hovers overhead encompassing all bedrooms under its lower sides. Yet when seated. Inc.com The Dukes Residence is a tour de force of architectural integrity: the finest craftsmanship. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Built-in seating within an alcove is embraced by wrapping masonry walls. CA 94103 415 777. The entry hall beyond the front door is flooded with natural light from a glass enclosed inner atrium garden.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. the lines of sweeping low roof lead to a shaded. almost cavern-like. the floors a cream-colored terrazzo.39. As the roof rises. The roof is sheathed entirely of copper laid in bermuda fashion. providing intimate scaling and privacy.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_dukes. Panellings and wood trim are mahoghany.Aaron Green Associates . which is shared by all bedrooms which wrap around on one side and the living room on the opposite. Green Associates.

Roof structure is left exposed on the interior and serves to enhance the sweep of the volume's flowing open space. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. all bedrooms open onto another wide exterior deck. sundrenched volume framing sweeping views of the adjacent bay. The house is a linear design situated parallel to the contours and nestled into the site. kitchen. A broad. As well.31 . Green Associates. California Aaron G.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_eldred. The space is extended further by a wide exterior deck to the west and two smaller. Shortly beyond the entry. Green Associates. recessed entry reached by a short bridge. CA 94103 415 777. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. This upper level contains the principal spaces of combined living room/dining area. Inc. The roof is cedar shingled with deep overhangs to protect the spaces from summer heat and inclement weather. private decks at either end of the main axis.html22/02/2005 3. the space opens dramatically to the full. Redwood "board-on-board" panelling predominate inside and out.Aaron Green Associates . http://www.agaarchitects. The approaching view from above takes in the broad cedar-shingled roof that extends neatly to grade and framing the low. further emphasizing the linear nature of the house design. music room and hobby room.40. massive brick masonry fireplace serves the principal spaces on the upper level and anchors the residence to the sloping site.Project: Eldred Residence Eldred Residence Belvedere. The lower level contains four bedrooms all oriented towards the warmth of the sun and the bay view. All built-in cabinetry and furnishings designed by Aaron Green as well as selection of carpets and fabrics.0530 voice 415 777. two-story residence on a steeply sloped waterfront site along Richardson Bay. Floors are integrally colored concrete and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating. all contained under the wide overhangs of the "floating" gabled roof.f. Inc.400 s.com Approximately 2.

46 .com The Haber Residence organizes all social functions under the spreading canopy of a hexagonal shaped tiled roof. CA 94103 415 777. The other wing houses three bedrooms plus baths and a large study all linked together by a gallery corridor incorporating generous built-in cabinets for storage. diffused light. Wide wooden decks wrap around the living core of the house extending the space beyond the glazing to the landscaped gardens outdoors. A clerestory window running the length of the roof ridge allows natural daylight to filter down into all rooms.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_haber. workshop and storage. The roof is covered by flat terra cotta colored tile. A work studio doubling as guest room with bath is discreetly attached to the main living core and reached by separate entry. A massive double-sided fireplace is shared by living room. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. "Carmel" type stone masonry is used both inside and out. The residence alone encloses approximately 4. Construction: The Haber Residence is wood-framed.0530 voice 415 777. Two gable roofed narrow extension of the residence project from opposing sides of the main hexagon living space. http://www.40. library and dining area. A translucent skylight at the apex of the hex roof wraps around the masonry core and serves to balance the interior with soft. Green Associates.Project: Haber Residence Haber Residence Carmel Valley. Custom designed built-in seating and cabinetry serve to unify the architectural concept. primarily stucco on the exterior and painted gypsum board interior with wood trim of either redwood or oak. two car garage. Inc. Darkly stained glu-lam beams spread outward from the masonry core and split to each side of the corner mitred glass windows and come to rest upon thick masonry piers. On its opposite end is space provided for the mechanical equipment and guest's powder room. The kitchen is cradled in another corner with windows opening out to landscaped planting areas. Roof overhangs projecting well beyond the walls serve to protect the interior from sun penetration and glare and the element of weather. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. California Aaron G.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. A powerful masonry core at the center serves to distinguish and separate individual functions of the expansive open space.560 square feet.agaarchitects.html22/02/2005 3.Aaron Green Associates . Green Associates. Inc. One serves entirely a service function to organize the pantry.

Aaron Green Associates - Project: Hughes/Van Tamelen Residence

Hughes/ Van Tamelen Residence Los Altos, California

Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco, CA 94103 415 777.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com

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Aaron Green Associates - Project: Lee Residence

Lee Residence Portola Valley, California

Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco, CA 94103 415 777.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com

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Aaron Green Associates - Project: McAndrews Residence

McAndrews Residence Pebble Beach Heights, California

Aaron G. Green Associates, Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco, CA 94103 415 777.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.com

The clients were a retiring couple, relocating to the West Coast following professional careers in the Midwest. Their children had already established their lives outside the family's home. As a result, the McAndrews desired a spacious informal new home for small scale entertaining as well as quiet time together for reading and study. The residence was placed within an evenly sloping one acre site containing attractive massings of mature Monterey Pines. The McAndrews Residence is two levels arranged as a linear sequence of spaces angled against the main axis and sheltered by a single enveloping gable roof. Both floors are linked at the mid-level entrance foyer, a generous light-filled volume surrounded by the dramatic interplay of pitching roof planes and of light and shadow. The entrance foyer is flagstone paved as well as landscaped; both extend well beyond the glazed wall of the residence to form an inviting garden between the house and two-car garage. The Main Floor contains the activity spaces of Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen linked under the expansive cathedral ceiling. The spaces all open onto a southwest facing deck, looking over the tree-filled lot and to the view beyond. A massive stone masonry fireplace provides the focal point for the Living Room; a triangular portion of the southwest roof plane projects beyond the ridge to the chimney and forms a patterned clerestory window opening. The Lower Floor contains the Master Bedroom and Bath, an Office/Study and Guest Bedroom, all of which open onto a ground level terrace that faces southwest. The McAndrews Residence is wood-framed, primarily stucco on the exterior and painted gypsum board interior with wood trim of either redwood or oak. "Carmel" type stone masonry is used both inside and out. The roof is sheathed entirely of copper. The clients requested that Aaron Green design and/or select all furnishings for their new home, choosing to liberate themselves of their lifetime collection prior to starting a new California lifestyle. The residence, sheltered parking and accessory storage enclose approximately 4,200 square feet.

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The larger ground floor contains social spaces of Living Room. Wooded. CA 94103 415 777. Mueller's windowed refuge. and look out over the trees. Mueller set the tone for their house from the outset.agaarchitects. Space is allowed to http://www. Mrs. The floor plate for both second and third floors are entirely free of the sloping planes of the pyramid's sides. In the center of the house is a "utility core" that contains all bathrooms. Inc. Green Associates.Project: Muller Residence Muller Residence Oregon House. Bath and wardrobe occupy the entire second floor. The core projects out through the roof and is expressed as a prismatic cap. each coming to rest upon an elevated square concrete base. which itself.Aaron Green Associates .42. it enjoys the charm of countryside rusticity and the solitude of rural living. exposed glu-laminated beams originate from the topmost point and travel down through the corners. with spaces stacked vertically within--and topped by Mrs. The Mueller Residence is basically three concentric square floors organized vertically in a logical hierarchy from social to most private. mechanical equipment and a fireplace at the ground and second floors.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. "I would simply like to have a loft "tower" space where to retreat. Deep.0530 voice 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Dining Room and Kitchen open to the landscape beyond through a continuous ribbon of glass that wraps around this base.13 . California Aaron G. suspended over the floor below. Her modest personal request. the four planes serving as both wall and roof. One corner off the main entry contains a small study for the owner and a low "wing' extension from the kitchen for pantry and storage. private and secluded." The design sprang entirely from her wish--a stretched pyramid form reaching to the top of the trees themselves. contemplate.com The Mueller Residence is nestled into a gently sloping three-acre site in the Sierra Foothills to the northeast of Sacramento. is much like a tray. The Master Bedroom.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_muller.

http://www. Mrs.Aaron Green Associates . gallery and two-car garage. At the second and third levels. large triangular penetrations through to the exterior become windows. Green Associates.13 . a practical solution to the obvious need for railing.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. The space is extended to the exterior and becomes a charming balcony overlooking the trees. Mueller's tower refuge is reached via a circular stair from the bedroom. The residence encloses approximately 2. Inc. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.42.Project: Muller Residence flow freely horizontally and vertically throughout the interior of the pyramid. single story extensions to be constructed in the future as additional bedrooms. The edge of each floor plate is ringed with low cabinetry and shelves.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_muller. and in other cases balconies.460 square feet and was designed with two low. furnishings and landscaping were designed by the architect. All built-in cabinetry.agaarchitects.

informal with a sense of repose. Santa Cruz Mountain Range with spectacular views across a second. single-floor residence on a 10 acre ridge site in the Soquel area.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. The house is generous in open volumes of light-filled space. All built-in cabinetry. California Aaron G.com Approximately 3.agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates . Floors are either integrally colored concrete or flagstone and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating. The roof is covered with red cedar shingles with deep overhangs to protect the spaces from summer heat and inclement weather.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_ohta. tree-lined ridge to the Pacific Ocean. Inc.0530 voice 415 777.f.42. http://www. CA 94103 415 777. Green Associates. Plaster ceilings and soffits for indirect lighting flow continuously from space to space.800 s. pine and redwood.26 .1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. The house is well-integrated into its sloping site among groves of oak. Rooms are warmly accented with a variety of dark woods-teak to frame the abundant windows and rough-sawn redwood for panelling. Sandstone masonry predominates inside and out. All of the principal rooms share a sunny orientation to a magnificent ravine--filled with many live oaks and other specimens--and a creek. furnishings and landscaping designed by Aaron Green as well as selection of carpets and fabrics. assuring almost complete privacy. A naturally shaped swimming pool and Japanese garden is sheltered between the house and an extensive garden wall of stone and redwood.Project: Ohta Residence Ohta Residence Soquel. overhangs pierced in strategic locations to cast moving sun patterns on the floors and walls.

42. Green Associates.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_ohta.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. Inc.Project: Ohta Residence This site created and maintained by Aaron G. http://www.26 .Aaron Green Associates .agaarchitects.

Green Associates.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.0530 voice 415 777. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates . http://www. Inc.html22/02/2005 3. California Aaron G. Inc.Project: Paul Residence Paul Residence Stanford.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.42.38 . Green Associates.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_paul. CA 94103 415 777.

also a feeling of coziness and warmth. open light-filled volume of the combined living and dining room and music alcove. The floors are integrally colored concrete or flagstone and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating. Special emphasis was given to the doctor's hobby of painting in the creation of a private artist's studio with separate entry and for hanging paintings in the extended bedroom wing gallery. one is drawn into the vaulted. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Green Associates.agaarchitects. http://www. Walls and roof supporting masonry piers are angled to provide views in two directions. On the right.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3.42. purpose and material. CA 94103 415 777.com The Paulsen Residence was designed for a doctor and his young family on a steeply sloping south-facing site within a family estate of considerable acreage. The construction is exposed. A flat. accessories and landscape design were closely integrated to establish a quiet. The "T" floor plan arrangement is conducive to channelling traffic directly from the entrance to the appropriate destination. direct and bold in statement of form.Aaron Green Associates . The roof is gabled and T&G decking is exposed within the interior. The gable ends are glazed. one is presented with the broad panorama of the surrounding wooded hills. The sweeping view became a integral feature in the planning and design of the house The client desired the use of natural materials--specifically adobe and redwood--and harmonious textures and patterns to blend in this beautiful tree covered setting. reflected light to filter down into the innermost reaches of the main living space. Built-in cabinets. California Aaron G.51 . Inc. visorlike roof circles the perimeter of the house providing deep overhangs where necessary to protect the interior from penetrating sun and glare. yet spaciousness--thus the living room designed as a series of alcoves.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. To the left from the entry stretches the private and intimately scaled bedroom wing. oak covered hills.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_paulsen.0530 voice 415 777. furnishings. The prominent site commands a magnificent panarama over a valley surrounded by rolling.Project: Paulsen Residence Paulsen Residence Portola Valley. restful and inspiring environment. Upon entering. allowing soft.

http://www.51 .com/pages/residential/single_family/res_paulsen. Green Associates.agaarchitects.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.Aaron Green Associates . Inc.Project: Paulsen Residence This site created and maintained by Aaron G.42.

This site created and maintained by Aaron G.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_reif. and garden landscaping. there is not a sense of being closed in or of light being shut out. one is presented with a naturally lit interior enclosed garden.0530 voice 415 777.42. To the right of the front door is a smaller wing containing the kitchen and dining area. this small house of 1.agaarchitects. and maximum introduction of natural daylighting that together convey a flowing continuity of spaciousness that reaches through the house. Rooms wrap around this gardern and all look into except for one. There is a gentle angularity to the walls.Aaron Green Associates . Inc. Six foot high wood fences maintain privacy. extensive use of glass. Green Associates. The living room is actually at the back of the residence. The entry is sheltered within a deep recess centered between two wings of the residence that project towards the street.html22/02/2005 3. the Reif residence was destroyed by fire. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. which are turned into outdoor patios and service yards. Once inside. Green Associates. conveys spaciousness due to its angular layout. CA 94103 415 777. ceiling open in-plane with the roof. Tragically. down the street from the Rudolph Schindler residence. The house is limited in width by six feet side yard setback. that serves as a focal point from within the house. one turns past the interior garden into a wing containing a master bedroom and bath. allowed to the property line. the entire rear yard becomes its extension.Project: Reif Residence Reif Residence West Hollywood. California Destroyed by fire Aaron G. This house was located on Kings Road. http://www.650 sqft.com Built upon a level 50’ x 150’ city lot and hemmed in tightly by its neighbors. Inc. To the left of the front door. This roof of this wing is extended towards the street and serves as a carport. as well as a large room for the client’s two daughters.59 . open to the outdoors from above.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. which could be subdivided for privacy. and by virtue of floor to ceiling glazing. Upon entering.

is level with the street.0530 voice 415 777. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.com Two steep slopes and a brook are the challenging features of this heavily wooded lot on the palisades of the Potomac River.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_moss_rosen. Cedar panelling predominates on both exterior and interior.Project: Moss_Rosenbaum Residence Moss-Rosenbaum Residence District of Columbia Aaron G.agaarchitects.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Only two trees were cut to make room for the structure. Inc.13 .html22/02/2005 3. CA 94103 415 777. The design solution was to suspend the residence above the ravine and allow the creek to flow naturally beneath. Inc. Green Associates. leaving the house nestled snugly amongst the forest of vegetation rising from the ravine floor. which contains a cathedralceilinged living room. A special effort was made to keep the quarter-acre site in it's natural state.43. All interior built-in cabinetry and furnishings were designed or selected in order to harmonize with the building design. The 2. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. with plaster ceilings and soffits containing indirect lighting. A spiral staircase leads below to three bedrooms and a study.Aaron Green Associates . dining area and kitchen. http://www. Green Associates.200-square foot house's top floor.

intended to maximize development of an Oakland hills view site that in itself is triangular. Green Associates.0530 voice 415 777.agaarchitects. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.html22/02/2005 3.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_hicks. The entry hall bridges these two forms. But with the vaulted ceilings. The larger triangle contains the living room. CA 94103 415 777.Project: Hicks Residence Hicks Residence Oakland. and kitchen—all open under a vaulted ceiling in plane with the roof. the main wall open to view. With the desired one bedroom and one study. and an “open” plan—no walls or doors cutting up the space—the actual interior seems comfortably large.43. Adjacent to the glass wall is a long sundeck which is directly accessible from all rooms. as well as a study/guest room. The smaller triangle contains the master bedroom and bath. built-in furniture. the total area of the residence amounts to 1. Green Associates. California Aaron G. Inc.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.com The plan of the Hicks Residence is comprised of two interlocking triangles. http://www. Inc.Aaron Green Associates . with a side of each triangle joined together to form a continuous line completely filled with glass and oriented to a view out over Oakland and the Bay beyond.23 .700 square feet. dining area.

At its center and highest point was a pyramidal shaped skylight. flowing space. the entire exterior wall is glazed floor to ceiling.41 . It was conceptually “halved” for organization of the spaces within. No living space touched the ground.com Aaron Green was retained by Joseph Eichler to prepare a Master Plan for a site in San Mateo to be identified as “The Highlands. the steep site was largely left undisturbed. sheltering hipped roof above.Project: "The Highlands" Eichler Development "The Highlands" Residential Master Plan for Joseph Eichler San Mateo. dissolving any visual barrier from the interior to the landscaped rear yard just beyond. enveloping gable roof. whose design were largely inspired by his experience of living in a residence by Frank Lloyd Wright. “The Semicircle” was a two-story residence for a more moderately sloping site.Aaron Green Associates . projecting balcony that extended the full length of the residence. as well as three additional bedrooms and one bath—all line upon the outboard arcing exterior wall. A complete set of Construction Documents were prepared for this design. off of center.43. which introduced pleasant natural daylighting into the middle of the house. One entered from the upper level into an open.agaarchitects. “The Highlands” project. sheathed in wood siding to become powerful vertical piers. from 1961. and as the name suggests. which http://www. Green Associates. The residence was basically floated above the ground on clustered posts. Each bedroom opens upon a concrete-paved terrace with views to the landscaped rear yard. begun by Eichler in 1956. anchors the living space. and served as a corridor connecting the Master Bedroom/Bath suite. all completely in contrast to Eichler’s built portfolio. single-story. One half was partitioned for the private bedroom and bath spaces. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. the other half contained living room. “The Arrow” was the most dramatic of the residences. “Sunspot” was the simplest of the designs. A massive concrete masonry fireplace. Each represented an appropriate response to the varying gradient of the site’s topography—all intended to minimize grading operations as much as possible. Opposite. and planned for the steepest lots. all under a single. Every space within was open to the broad. and dining and was entirely open-planned. As with “The Semicircle. a two-story structure as well. and best-suited for a relatively level site. Aaron Green prepared three distinctive designs for residences.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. There would be 59 homes planned for the hilled site. dining. kitchen. Partitions for the bedrooms stopped at eight feet above the floor and then were filled with glass to the underside of the sloping ceiling to take advantage of the same skylight. kitchen. basically square in plan.0530 voice 415 777.” the residence was entered at the upper level.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_eichler.” Eichler was a renowned developer and builder of communities of moderate-cost modern homes. It was naturally lit from above by a large circular skylight. CA 94103 415 777. and a multi-purpose space all united under a flat roof of exposed wood beams and decking. was designed with a radial theme of arcs and intersecting circles. It consisted of walls angled out towards views and rotated form masses. All spaces opened to a broad. Inc.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. California Aaron G. would have been a development of a northwest section of a samenamed neighborhood. It contained the living. A circular concrete masonry cylinder at the entry contained a stair down to a full level below. gently arcing away to left and right. The inboard wall of the level below was a solid retaining wall to restrain the sloping site.

http://www. and kitchen in an open plan arrangement.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.43.com/pages/residential/single_family/res_eichler. a client of Eichler’s came forward in 1962 and chose to build “The Sunspot” for his family in Palo Alto. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.Aaron Green Associates .Project: "The Highlands" Eichler Development contained living room. Though Aaron Green’s development scheme was not executed.41 . dining. Green Associates. the bedrooms were located upon the lower level. Inc.agaarchitects.

and establish a high standard of architectural character. The following selected portfolio presents built projects that represent our experience in crafting timeless/low maintenance projects that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Aaron G. and the design of identifying signage.05 . We are dedicated to the creation of dignified. landscape design. custom casework and furniture design. in honor of the deceased. Aaron Green Associates extend their services beyond building architecture to include master planning.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. multi-acreage cemetery master planning.com Architecture for Memorialization For over 50 years. economical.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. and mortuaries/funeral homes. dignified chapels. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. enhances the spiritual activity within and celebrates the experience of faith.com/pages/worship/worship_main.44. Green Associates has achieved an distinguished reputation for providing our clients with innovative and highly individualized professional design and planning services for a broad range of project types: distinctive mausoleum and columbarium structures.agaarchitects. facilities that are directly functional and efficient. Inc. CA 94103 415 777. beautiful and respectful space for interment. Aaron G. the design of symbolic features and artwork. as well as culturally-focused designs.Untitled Page Architecture for Places of Worship Our philosophy and goals have remained consistent and unchanged over time: to produce quality contemporary building architecture that serves as an inviting gathering space. interior design.0530 voice 415 777. Green Associates. http://www. The following are selected representative projects for houses of worship. with prime consideration for the comfort and use of the living family during ongoing visitation.

Green Associates.com/pages/worship/worship_main.44.agaarchitects.Untitled Page This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Inc.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.05 . http://www.

13 . CA 94103 415 777.com/pages/worship/religious/st_joan_pc. The design successfully minimized the bulkiness of the gymnasium.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates . This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Joan of Arc. which otherwise would have over-powered and over-shadowed the existing church as well as the adjacent residential neighborhood. Joan of Arc Parish Center St. http://www. Green Associates.44. California Client: Catholic Diocese of Oakland Aaron G. It represents the Second Phase component of a Master Plan developed by Aaron G.com The Parish Center (22. a religious/educational library.agaarchitects. Inc. These includes a full-size gymnasium.000 sq. which shears down at the outside corners.html22/02/2005 3. pastoral offices. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. This was accomplished by a combination of a folding pitched roof form configuration. Joan of Arc Parish Center San Ramon.0530 voice 415 777. typically a massive.ft. a large multi-purpose room. which recesses a portion of the building into the existing slope. staff lounge and conference rooms. Green Associates. classrooms. Inc. boxlike building.) incorporates spaces serving the congregation and surrounding community. completed earlier by the firm. and by siting. commercial kitchen. Green Associates and stands adjacent to the Main Church for St.Project: St.

particularly processionals. from entry from the lobby to the choir area opposite. The congregation seating virtually surrounds the altar.Aaron Green Associates . The hexagonal base is constructed entirely of integrally colored split-face concrete masonry to the underside of a deep cement plaster overhang.com/pages/worship/religious/st_eliz_chrch. and both split open down the center by a broad.agaarchitects. but most of all.000 sqft. It is primarily hexagonal in plan form. California Client: Catholic Diocese of Oakland Aaron G. covers the main assembly space. A full-immersion baptismal.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Inc.25 . Elizabeth Seton in a protective embrace of children and is placed prominently over a water pool at the base of the copper pyramid. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. http://www. Windows to the exterior were designed with precast concrete surrounds. in additional to flanking internally-lit glass and wood special cabintets integrated into the adjacent columns (to house related liturgical accessories).0530 voice 415 777. The architects also designed the entry identification signage of precast concrete. The altar directly below is bathed in pleasant. Green Associates.com The Main Church of the Parish represents the second completed element of a Master Plan by Aaron G.Project: St. and executed by. As experienced from the interior. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church Pleasanton. Green Associates. This allows the celebrant a high degree of flexibility for liturgical furnishing arrangements in front of the congregation. constructed of precast concrete and lined with glass mosaic tile was designed by the architects. copper sheathed. Flanking side wing appendages containing service and utility spaces. translucent skylight. It depicts St. 15. original bronze sculpture was commissioned of. the diffused daylighting dramatically highlights the center of liturgical action and presentation. eight-sided pyramidal form. Inc. A large. in a “theatre-in-the-round” arrangement according to post-Vatican II requirements.44. The dome is intersected by a tall. the opportunity to incorporate movement.html22/02/2005 3. natural light which is shared as well by the 800-seat nave. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. All members of the congregation have clear site lines to the altar and thereby develop a connectedness to one another and the celebrant. A corresponding hexagonal shallow dome. also copper-roofed. in size and seats 800 individuals. CA 94103 415 777. A strong linear axis is maintained through the center of the Church. Heloise Crista of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Green Associates.

Its exterior wall surface will be clad entirely of Jerusalem stone. and storage space for moveable chairs and tables. presenting itself as a symbolic pillar or foundation for campus unity. therefore the Bima is mobile and can be stored. Its sanctuary is designed for both teaching with tables and chairs. Inc. Seating capacity is normal fixed seating for 800. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.com/pages/education/aha/aha_synagogue.33 . building is a single-story articulated circular form with a high-domed roof clad in the glazed tile common to all campus buildings. Classrooms are convertible to seat moveable chairs for adjunct seating space to the sanctuary for larger religious services. A central. expandable to 1. Inc. The Synagogue is near the geometric center of the campus. CA 94103 415 777. a Library. flat floor area will be used at times for other than religious activities. Green Associates. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. The 15. American Hebrew Academy Synagogue American Hebrew Academy Greensboro.Aaron Green Associates . It has been sited and designed to be the building of central focus of the campus. In addition. Green Associates. the building will have four classrooms for Religious Education.agaarchitects.com The Synagogue is to be a building of learning.700 sqft. Conference Room. for both learning and prayer.44. http://www. The Synagogue serves a dual function.0530 voice 415 777.000. as well as for prayer in a formal or informal configuration.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.Project: Synagogue. The Synagogue is prominently situated near the lead end of the academic campus axis—the “main entrance” to the campus complex and conveniently located for all. NC Future Construction Aaron G.html22/02/2005 3.

Both buildings also share similar building materials and colors.692 s. economical and provides multi-purpose use. as well. as originally planned and initiated with the first phase Chapel. Green Associates. whereas the Main Church’s pyramid roof rises dramatically from grade and is peaked with a large cross. the Church’s being the largest and most dominant. The small Chapel’s pyramid roof is punctuated by diamondshaped skylights.) were designed to provide a beautiful contemporary structure that is functional.0530 voice 415 777. Aaron G.Aaron Green Associates . Elizabeth Seton Chapel St. Inc.f. They are both finished in copper panels with thick. CA 94103 415 777.42 .1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. http://www. which is experiencing extensive commercial and residential development along with corresponding population growth. thereby uniting entrances and lobbies. and a Rectory. Green Associates were commissioned to prepare a Master Plan that seeks to maintain an existing pleasant park-like character by retaining as much of the open space as practical and providing generous setbacks from the property line and surrounding residential neighborhood. The ultimate utilization of the site will allow construction of a Multi-purpose Building. Common to both. Classroom Building. Elizabeth Seton Chapel and Pastoral Offices Pleasanton. These forms are space volumes over the Chapel and Main Church Sanctuary. The Chapel/Pastoral Office building and Main Church were the first two phases of design and construction. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. befittingly.agaarchitects. The Chapel and Pastoral Offices (11. The building shares a skylighted garden Narthex with the Main Church. are boldly faceted asymmetrical pyramid forms in direct linear arrangement and address of one another.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3.Project: St. Elizabeth Seton is located on a 12 acre site in the City of Pleasanton.com/pages/worship/religious/st_eliz_chpl. raised battens arranged in a decorative pattern. California Client: Catholic Diocese of Oakland Aaron G.com St.44.

Elizabeth Seton Chapel The Chapel is designed to provide seating capacity for approximately 200 persons.44. Green Associates. The Pastoral Offices.42 .html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. In the opposite wing are meeting rooms.Aaron Green Associates . plus clerical and ancillary functions.com/pages/worship/religious/st_eliz_chpl. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. http://www.agaarchitects. separated from the pastoral offices in consideration of their greater activity and noise level. Inc.Project: St. located in one wing reached from the central narthex provides for four clergy offices. Both wings enjoy generous amounts of balanced daylighting from extensive fenestration on both south and north elevations and an upper clerestory. The spaces are protected from direct heat gain and sunlight penetration through the use of deep overhangs.

doubling its original size while still maintaining the residential character and pleasant human scale. ambitious and complex program for an addition to the existing older rectory building. The second story.52 . This site created and maintained by Aaron G. with bedroom/sitting room extensions reaching out in both north and south directions. once freed of the office spaces it could no longer could contain.Aaron Green Associates .0530 voice 415 777. An entirely new building containing pastoral offices were added directly to the south with an entry lobby. John Vianney Rectory Addition St. consisting of bedrooms. Inc. The older rectory. Inc. Green Associates. CA 94103 415 777.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.agaarchitects. Green Associates. was restored. http://www. courtyard and gardens splitting between.com The design is a successful response to a challenging. was restored to its former residential luster. remodeled and fixtures upgraded. in effect.Project: St.html22/02/2005 3. The final result is a satisfying seamless series of restorations and additions completely sympathetic to the existing Mediterranean/Spanish architectural style of the original building.com/pages/worship/religious/st_john_v.44. John Vianney Walnut Creek. library and baths. CA Aaron G. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. It was added to as well.

Civic Projects Civic and Community Architecture Civic projects have provided Aaron Green Associates with the opportunity to apply our architectural philosophy and strategies at a larger scale and to a broader user spectrum. We aspire for all of our civic work to serve as an asset to the Aaron G. Green Associates. as is sometimes the case. As a result. Each of our projects reflect a unique response and solution. where civic distinction and identity called for such.0530 voice 415 777. Inc. CA 94103 415 777. our efforts have provided pleasant. http://www. open space and volume.agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates .44. in order to blend along with residential neighborhoods. Inc.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.59 . enjoyable working environments as well as service facilities that are valued and well-used by the public. Green Associates. yet individual. a deliberate effort to combine environmental sensibility and construction practicality with tangible/appreciable qualities in the form of natural lighting.html22/02/2005 3.com/pages/civic/civic_main. Our designs have been strong and bold. as well as quietly contextual.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. and dissolving the line between indoors and out. community and a source of civic pride. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.

Project: Sausalito Main Library City of Sausalito Main Public Library Sausalito. a long-time associate and Chief Draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright. At the opposite side where the roof approaches grade are the more ancillary support spaces accessed primarily by staff and then the main entry. spreading roof echoing the plan shape. Floor to ceiling glass fills the two sides which face the bay. California Unexecuted Project Aaron G. The plan is a five-sided stretched chevron form with the dominant forward point oriented towards San Francisco to the southeast. Green Associates. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. These same columns extend through the library space to support a broad. A trellis at mid-level wraps across the bayside elevation with planting entwined within its openings. CA 94103 415 777. scarcely belying the dramatic space which is just beyond.html22/02/2005 3. comfortable feeling of a sheltered pavilion in the outdoors. The presentation renderings for this project were prepared by John Howe. The deeply overhanging roof hovers above a single continuous space which houses the library collection. Library and Civic Center were finally housed in a nearby readapted high school building for which Aaron Green Associates were retained to prepare the feasibility and space analysis.agaarchitects. The roof is tilted gently upward towards the southeast to allow generous reflected daylighting to fill the volume of space. a terrace projects out towards the water and extends the interior space visually to the outdoors. Inc. From the angled center of this elevation.com/pages/civic/saus_lib. who for three years was a member of the Aaron Green Associates office. then lingering at the furnished lounge for a comfortable afternoon spent reading by the Bay. The library project was shelved due to non-passage of public funding bond issue needed to acquire the site. allowing for dramatic view opportunity and an extended connection with the environment beyond. more pedestrian in scale.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. http://www.08 .45.com The unexecuted Main Public Library was located to be located in downtown Sausalito and placed within a dramatic site at the water's edge of Richardson Bay with unobstructed views towards San Francisco and the neighboring islands. The floor is lifted above existing grade by a series of paired pole columns. creating the open. A large multi-purpose room directly adjacent to the main entry was to be available for community use for a variety of local functions.Aaron Green Associates . allowing water to flow below in the event of flood conditions.it was the architect's intention for patrons to find these conditions more conducive to browsing for books. This streetside elevation is that of a ground-hugging single story building.0530 voice 415 777. Green Associates. A departure from conventional library types-. Inc.

Inc.Untitled Page Workplace and Retail Architecture Aaron G. building codes. quality working environments. community design restrictions. Green Associates. http://www. Each structure represents a singular and highly individual building response due to complex needs based on the various types of function.45.html22/02/2005 3.23 .1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.agaarchitects.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Green Associates.0530 voice 415 777. the occupants. Inc. They are solutions in an appropriate built form that lend a positive physical identity to the businesses for which they are created. and owner budget constraints. and possess stimulating.com/pages/commercial/commercial_main. Aaron G. Green Associates presents a portfolio of distinctive architectural solutions for for the workplace and retail. CA 94103 415 777. site conditions. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.

31 .com On a narrowing strip of land in downtown San Jose. Inc. a virtual isthmus locked by streets and intersections on all sides but one. the Weir Office building was ultimately demolished. In the early 1990’s. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. The remaining site outside the setbacks were landscaped by Aaron Green Associates with careful attention towards screening the parking area. Green Associates. Although the office structure was much admired by professional architects of the South Bay who fought valiantly for its Landmark Status. This allowed for maximum development of floor area for the office within the overall limited space available.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. California Demolished Aaron G.html22/02/2005 3. Green Associates. it was elevated just enough to allow ample business parking to occur at semi-subterranean level below grade.Project: Weir Law Office Weir Law Office San Jose.45.com/pages/commercial/weir_law. Inc. CA 94103 415 777. partially below grade.0530 voice 415 777. http://www.agaarchitects. Aaron Green Associates successfully integrated a small professional law office.Aaron Green Associates . the City of San Jose’s Redevelopment Agency began pursuing a high-density housing project for the greater area in which the building unfortunately stood. Only a single story building on a slightly sloping site.

The single-story structures are somewhat informally arranged around the central driveway and a circular parking arrangement for 200 cars. Somewhat residential in scale and character. California Aaron G. At the center of the plan is a garden atrium. Santa Cruz 450 Water Street Medical Offices Santa Cruz. Green Associates.45. viewed from the reception area via floor-to-ceiling glazing yet open to the outdoors above.com/pages/commercial/sc_medical. Naturally colored sand finish plaster and acoustical plaster cover ceilings and soffits.com The development contains approximately 40.agaarchitects. textured concrete block. rather than other conventional sterile clinical environments which are associated with illness and unpleasant situations. the intent was to create a pleasant and familiar surroundings which would place people at ease. Floors are terra cotta colored concrete and employ an imbedded hydronic system of radiant heating. At the center of the site is a small pavilion-like building designed and operated as a pharmacy. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. the windows are shuttered with wood panels perforated in geometric patterns.html22/02/2005 3. softening the light which enters the room. Green Associates. The opposite exterior walls are lined with built-in comfortable seating with windows above glazed in amber glass. Inc.40 . Construction is primarily an integrally red colored.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates .000 square feet of space housing medical. Interior ceilings slope upward along the roof line which provides a spacious character. Each building complex is anchored by a dominant square plan form which serves as main entry and reception lobby for the various offices housed in long "wings" which radiate out from the corners. Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. dental and optical offices and a clinical laboratory. At the exterior.Project: Medical Offices. A fireplace within the reception area adds a comfortable touch of home to the experience. CA 94103 415 777. http://www.0530 voice 415 777.

Green Associates.59 . Inc. http://www.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.0530 voice 415 777. Inc.agaarchitects. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.Aaron Green Associates .Project: Shopping Center Shopping Center Santa Clara.45. California Aaron G.com This site created and maintained by Aaron G.html22/02/2005 3. CA 94103 415 777.com/pages/commercial/shopping_ctr. Green Associates.

Mendocino County.). The building consists of a combination wine tasting and sales room. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Green Associates.Aaron Green Associates . All rough-sawn redwood used in the building was reclaimed from a single log. The client desired the structure to be warm and inviting. plus conference room and office on the main floor (2. the unique pyramidal structure introduces the casual passerby. Inc. All interior furnishings. pulled the log out. Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. CA 94103 415 777.) with a lower level partial basement for storage of packaged bottles in cartons for shipping (1.09 . http://www. California Aaron G. allowing guests to linger while enjoying the tasting experience. signage and gates designed by Aaron Green. Generous exterior decks expand the floor space beyond the interior.agaarchitects.f.com Situated amongst the fertile vineyards of Anderson Valley.f.46. The interior volume of the pyramid is filled with natural light from a glass-covered opening at its peak. visitor or genuine enthusiast to the varietal wines of the small but progressive Greenwood Ridge Winery. The 6'-0" diameter log had been felled by lumber operations approximately 30 years previous and had lain in a relatively inaccessible ravine near the winery until the winery discovered it.475 s.700 s.com/pages/commercial/greenwood_ridge. as well as the views. Green Associates.Project: Greenwood Ridge Greenwood Ridge Wine Tasting Room Highway 128 Philo. exterior landscaping.html22/02/2005 3.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. and then milled it with portable sawmill equipment brought to the site.0530 voice 415 777. constructed of native redwood and fitting comfortably into the site.

Green Associates.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. This enriching curriculum is taught within the setting of a liberal. the American Hebrew Academy features a state of the art campus Master Planned and designed by Aaron G.html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. North Carolina. Located on one hundred wooded acres in Greensboro. was created that is strikingly unique while being sensitive to the natural environment and the topography of the site.46. Green Associates.25 . copper trim and an exterior wall veneer of stone imported from Jerusalem.com/pages/education/educational_main.0530 voice 415 777. An original architectural vocabulary of design. The design has been in continuous development and construction since the summer of 1999.Untitled Page American Hebrew Academy Greensboro.agaarchitects. It is the first of its kind in this nation. CA 94103 415 777. featuring blue-green glazed roof tile. pluralistic Jewish boarding school for grades nine through twelve and an eventual capacity of 800 students.com Aaron Green Associates’ Master Plan and Architectural Design represents the winning submission for an Invited Competition to create a college preparatory boarding school for an eventual enrollment of 800 students. Inc. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. The school began its first year of classes in September of 2001. There will be nearly 70 buildings constructed upon the 100-acre site upon its eventual completion. The American Hebrew Academy was established to provide a co-educational college preparatory program and Jewish secondary education to intellectually motivated and academically able students who are prepared to engage in the rigorous discipline of its challenging dual curriculum based upon traditional college preparatory studies together with an enriched program of Jewish studies. NC Aaron G. Each building and the campus as a whole are integrated http://www.

Synagogue. The American Hebrew Academy utilizes a closed-loop geothermal system for heating and cooling of all buildings on the campus (the drilled wells are located entirely under the football field). Performing and Fine Arts Center.46. and ancient homeland of the Jewish people. creating a serene and secure park-like setting in which students feel at ease and at home. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. residential and athletic facilities and academic buildings. Dining Pavilion. with bicycles and electric carts as alternatives. This is the largest geothermal project of its type in the world and an ideal alternative and renewable source of energy.Untitled Page into the natural surroundings. as well as Student Residences. http://www. It is a Master Plan geared toward pedestrian traffic. culture. The campus borders a 22 acre lake and is balanced between natural areas. subtly connecting the physical setting to the history. Athletic Center and Natatorium. Student Union. As a rule. Library and Media Center. The campus Master Plan also features state of the art Classrooms. cars are left at the campus entrance. Green Associates.com/pages/education/educational_main.25 . Most of the buildings are clad in Jerusalem stone. Student Health Center.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3. Inc. and a Boathouse.agaarchitects. traditions.

0530 voice 415 777.com/pages/education/aha/aha_fine_arts. sculpture. ceramics and weaving.com The 17. http://www.agaarchitects. American Hebrew Academy Fine Arts Center American Hebrew Academy Greensboro.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Inc. CA 94103 415 777. photography. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.Project: Fine Arts Center. Fine Arts Center is designed to provide for the instruction of drawing.46. The geometry of the building is one based upon a composition of triangles and develops a uniqueness which will add to the visual interest of the entire campus. NC Future Construction Aaron G. painting.500 sqft. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. which may at times be used as a sculpture exhibition garden. At the center main floor level is a central atrium open to the sky. A sculptural glass canopy over the main entrance will be an interesting and unique architectural feature. Studio and classroom space is provided on two levels plus gallery and administrative office space. Green Associates.Aaron Green Associates .36 . Inc. Green Associates.html22/02/2005 3.

com 13.48 . When the weather is inviting. students and faculty. CA 94103 415 777. tentshaped translucent skylight washes the dining area with natural daylighting.Project: Dining Pavilion. http://www. single-story full-service dining facility centrally located within the residential region of the 100acre American Hebrew Academy campus.agaarchitects. Inc.0530 voice 415 777.com/pages/education/aha/aha_dining.000 individuals. American Hebrew Academy Dining Pavilion American Hebrew Academy Greensboro. Green Associates.html22/02/2005 3. The building can seat up to 1. A large.620 sqft. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.46. It also serves as a multi-purpose room for student social functions and activities. Green Associates. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Inc.Aaron Green Associates . students and faculty can dine on a generous-sized exterior patio and enjoy the beauty of the natural wooded site. NC Aaron G.

com The Academy borders an existing 22-acre lake which affords an attractive view of water from most any location within the campus. Green Associates.com/pages/education/aha/aha_boathouse. CA 94103 415 777. American Hebrew Academy Boathouse American Hebrew Academy Greensboro. as well as viewing activities and events taking place out upon the lake. NC Future Construction Aaron G. an octagonal platform anchors each end of the building.html22/02/2005 3. sailboats and their related equipment. the lake presents a recreational and sporting component for students and faculty.000 sqft. kayaks. The west platform contains a covered pavilion with seating areas for gazing over the lake. The Boathouse is essentially a 3. It is rectangular in form with a venting ridge skylight running two-thirds the length of the building.0530 voice 415 777. At water level is a system of floating docks for accessing and berthing the boats.Project: Boathouse.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. which led to the creation of a Boathouse. storage warehouse on an elevated platform at the edge of the lake. Green Associates. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. This platform is intended primarily for boat launching and outdoor instruction. It is suited for individual relaxation and group socializing.46.agaarchitects.Aaron Green Associates . At the exterior. http://www. Inc. A broad deck runs the length of the Boathouse and connects with the opposite octagonal platform at the east end. Inc. In addition. as well as a repair facility.59 . containing an assortment of canoes. with separate purposes.

a small General Store. It is located along the physical border between the academic and housing areas—a stream in a natural ravine--directly adjacent to the Dining Pavilion.com The Student Union will be the student’s own building—for relaxing. Ping Pong.html22/02/2005 3. as well as containing Student Government and Newspaper offices. The Main Floor will contain a Café area. monumental fireplace and capped by a large. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. etc. Green Associates. CA 94103 415 777.0530 voice 415 777. meeting rooms. recreation. gatherings. Green Associates. translucent pyramidal skylight. NC Future Construction Aaron G.com/pages/education/aha/aha_stu_union. Inc. and the like. The opposite side contains all of the student government and media offices. parties. and group study rooms. There is inviting plaza with arbor and seating in the “front yard” of the building. from which one accesses the entry to the Student Union.47. and a large Game Room for billiards. American Hebrew Academy Student Union American Hebrew Academy Greensboro.Project: Student Union.10 .Aaron Green Associates . and socializing. Inc.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.agaarchitects. http://www. One end of Lower Level Floor contains a Multipurpose space for dances. At the center of the main floor is an expansive Great Room Lounge—a voluminous social space with a freestanding. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.

f. recreation room with fireplace.47.html22/02/2005 3. dormitory complex for 120 persons--total enclosed area of 55.Project: Peace Officer's Association Santa Clara County Peace Officer's Association Cupertino.500 s. kitchen and service areas. a full-size gymnasium containing locker rooms. volleyball and basketball courts. The presentation renderings for this project were prepared by John Howe.Aaron Green Associates . baseball fields.f. 3) The Association Building---facility containing a dining area for 500 members. training and recreation for its members.110 s. The Association was to function as a central non-profit agency. steam room.38 . This site created and maintained by Aaron G.agaarchitects.500 s. demountable stage and small kitchen. CA 94103 415 777.f.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. a large multi-purpose space with conference rooms. a quarter-mile track and a 25-meter swimming pool. The SCCPOA was to primarily consist of three main functional components: 1) The Woelffel Youth Center---a multi-purpose facility containing a large social gathering space. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Inc. The Association would also serve the community by providing extensive programs and facilities for youth guidance and development. a lecture hall. a long-time associate and Chief Draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright. a mock courtroom. outdoor dining terrace. and dedicated to the establishment of a professional society through education. California Unexecutred Project Aaron G.com This unbuilt project was for a highly detailed Master Plan indicating ultimate development of a 42 acre site as a basis for progressive scheduling of construction of facilities to satisfy training. Green Associates. work-out and weight rooms for a total enclosed area of 15. Outdoor areas contained tennis.f. Green Associates. offices for a total enclosed area of 34. 2) The Police Officers' Training Academy---a cluster of buildings containing classrooms. who for three years was a member of the Aaron Green Associates office. Directly adjacent. a kitchen and classroom for a total enclosed area of 14. handball. offices.0530 voice 415 777.460 s. Inc.com/pages/civic/peace_officers_assoc. library and police museum. snack bar. various work shops. http://www. professional and recreational requirements of the Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association (SCCPOA). organized from all the elements of law enforcement within the county.

A series of triangular shape light wells penetrate the concrete roof above to provide natural daylighting at the book stacks. The concrete blocks are cast in a unique design of Wrights.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.48. Green Apprentice Aaron G. music. who engineered the building structurally and supervised its construction as well. Aaron Green was an apprentice to Wright during this period and was appointed the task of preparing presentation and construction drawings for the Roux Library. The concrete roof is carried by deep beams expressed on the exterior with no interior support columns to obstruct the flexibility of the open space. Inc. industrial arts.html22/02/2005 3. The campus is woven into an existing citrus grove and situated along the edge of Lake Hollingsworth. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco.0530 voice 415 777. Aaron Green worked solely with Wright and William Wesley Peters. both cast-in-place and masonry units. Florida Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Aaron G.agaarchitects. The main stack area is within a long rectangular plan form which runs tangent to the side of the reading room. creating a continuity of design throughout the campus.com/pages/agg_and_fllw/roux_lib. patterned with recesses and small openings filled with cubes of colored glass which enrich the interiors with subtle varied light. administration. Inc. faculty housing. one on either side.29 . dormitories and a chapel. Roux Library is composed primarily of reinforced concrete. Along with the library.Untitled Page Roux Library Florida Southern College Lakeland. The main entry is at the junction of these two forms. A large circular plan form contains book stacks and serves primarily as a reading room. http://www. science. an art gallery and studio/workshops. A center area of the circular roof is raised up to form a clerestory for allowing reflected natural light in from above. CA 94103 415 777. Green Associates.com Roux Library was an integral component to a Master Plan for a entirely new college campus designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Wright designed other buildings for classroom/seminars. The blocks are used elsewhere in all other buildings. Green Associates.

.Untitled Page "Butterfly Bridge" The Southern Crossing San Francisco. residing in San Francisco. J. and beyond. planted garden that individuals can leave their cars to enjoy rest and pleasant views of the San Francisco Bay. water-hugging viaduct of reinforced concrete until it reached the ship channel where it gradually rose up to become a graceful archway spanning 2. to the superb scenery of the area. These are called “tap-roots” by Mr. supporting the roadway 70 feet wide. in an exhibition dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Butterfly Wing Bridge. leaving 200 feet clearance at the center. Each arch carries traffic in one direction and the two are connected at their crowns by a garden. Architect Aaron G. a pleasant relief and perhaps a stopping point for the traffic. J. Wright was assured of the support of an internationally renowned engineer. table top model was built in Aaron Green’s 319 Grant office in 1951. curved slabs like huge fans spring out and spread 80 feet on each side of a pier.” Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Butterfly Wing Bridge” was originally intended as a southern crossing of the San Francisco Bay. Green Associates. California Frank Lloyd Wright. something more scientific. Inc. all of reinforced concrete. It was most recently displayed at the Oakland Museum in 1989.48 . At the same time the opposing roadways divided and bowed out. The bridge. Wright felt that something should be done to stop that. carrying six lanes of traffic and two pedestrian walks.0530 voice 415 777.com From “Taliesin Drawings : Recent Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: Selected from his Drawings” by Wittenborn.agaarchitects. A large.” This site created and maintained by Aaron G. Inc.000 feet. where it became a focal point fixture for many years. At the center of this arch and its highest point. a lush. almond-shaped in section. hollow. 1952: “When San Francisco began to consider duplicating its famous Bay Bridge. Over the main channel of the bay vast twin arches are flung across 2000 feet of water. CA 94103 415 777.48. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. rests upon a series of great hollow piers. Something better suited to the times and their needs.com/pages/agg_and_fllw/butterfly. Schultz. Inc. Mr. Green Associates.html22/02/2005 3. Wright … Long. a disk of reinforced concrete fans out from each roadway across the opening between and merge at their tangent. running the second alongside the first. http://www. This allows cars to pull out of traffic and park. It was primarily a low. just north of the Oakland Airport. Polivka. In the summer of 1949 the drawings shown here were made after Mr.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. simpler. penetrating the earth below the bay like spearheads. quieter could be designed. connecting from its western terminus at approximately Army Street (now Chavez) and Third Street to its eastern terminus upon Bay Farm Island.

html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3. as can http://www.000 individuals. Wright created a tent-like pyramidal skylight of glass with copper louvers which could be adjusted in order to control the daylighting. constructed of modular lightweight precast panels with glass-filled rectangular openings. the parking was entirely contained under the building.Untitled Page Lenkurt Electric Company San Carlos.com/pages/agg_and_fllw/lenkurt. for in the striking and bold creativity of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design. It was based on a similar design used so success-fully at the Johnson Administration Building in Racine. A complete set of Construction Documents and Specifications were finished for the building. on the forefront of a new technology whose applications are now myriad today yet were only just beginning to evidence potential in 1955. The building is constructed almost entirely of reinforced concrete. The main building is supported above the parking by a repeating pattern of tapered columns which. the Lenkurt organization agreed to be bought out by a competitor. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. In a conventional industrial complex. pass through the work spaces above and spread into a circular pad at the top to actually become the roof. then serving as Wright's West Coast Representative in San Francisco. likely one of the earlier acquisitions and mergers in what would be the beginnings of today’s “Silicon Valley. However. a great sea of paved parking typically engulfs the plant buildings. CA 94103 415 777. Western Electric.09 . gallery. A three-story open atrium pavilion was designed at one corner of the complex which would contain the cafeteria. Founder/owners Lennart Erickson and Kurt Appert (providing the Lenkurt firm name) desired to prepare a new production facility which would serve their needs as well as establishing a powerful international identity for their future services and products.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects.49. library. with access to the workspace above via a series of stair/elevator entries. For Lenkurt.” An unfortunate loss. Since support for floors and roof were entirely carried by the columns. in the opening formed between the meeting of four columns. California Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Aaron G. auditorium. Green Associate Architect Aaron G. fully shaded and weather protected. marshalling the efforts of various consultants and cost estimating. Parking represents the gound level.com The Lenkurt Company was a rapidly growing microwave and telephone communications systems concern. One of the more thoughtful strategies was in the disposition of parking. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a remarkably innovative and flexible scheme for a 200. Wright appointed Aaron Green as Associate Architect for the project who then began working closely with the Lenkurt representatives for the next two years as an intermediary for interpreting program needs.0530 voice 415 777. at Lenkurt. the exterior walls became screen-like. in turn. when the project was placed on hold. Wisconsin some thiry years previous.agaarchitects. Shortly after. The project first came through the office of Aaron Green. landscaped gardens and fountain pool--all under a immense sheltering skylight pyramid. Executive offices were on the balcony level of this pavilion overlooking the landscaped inner court and extending to private terraces at the building's exterior. Inc.000 square foot plant for a firm which would employ nearly 3. Towards these ends they retained the services of Frank Lloyd Wright. Green Associates. The client had selected a General Contractor and construction was set to begin in 1957.

the Lenkurt Electric Building would have attained a masterpiece and landmark status to rival that of Wright’s Marin County Civic Center. http://www. the West Coast relative of Wright’s “Johnson Wax Company.49. Green Associates.09 .com/pages/agg_and_fllw/lenkurt. Inc.html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.Untitled Page be understood from a study of the renderings and developed Construction Documents.” This site created and maintained by Aaron G.agaarchitects.

Green. commercial. and subsequently contacted Wright on their behalf.agaarchitects. Green Biography Aaron G. Aaron somewhat surprisingly did not rejoin Frank Lloyd Wright. Aaron Green’s career spanned over six decades. Raymond Loewy. FAIA Aaron G. During World War II. Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum. After the war. http://www. His works were very diverse and included residential.com/pages/about/agg. the Taliesin Fellowship. Aaron worked in the office of the renowned industrial designer. and offered Aaron membership into his apprenticeship group. then returned to Florence in 1939.Aaron G. Aaron maintained a close personal and working relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright for twenty years thereafter until Wright's passing in 1959. In short time. but spent the majority of his youth in Florence. Green Associates. He also married a started his family at this time. municipal. Aaron was born in Corinth. with fifty of these from his office in San Francisco. Aaron was engaged in residential commissions. Aaron continued to correspond with Wright as well as assist with projects developing in Southern California. Still. Aaron then persuaded his young clients that they engage Frank Lloyd Wright as their architect. Wright was impressed with the young man’s dedication. For a short period.1014 fax admin@agaarchitects. Inc.com Aaron Green was an internationally recognized Architect and Associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. and housing projects. Aaron served as the client’s liaison with Wright throughout design and construction of their home.0530 voice 415 777.Aaron Green Associates . He received his architectural education at The Cooper Union in New York City. but instead set up practice in Los Angeles. CA 94103 415 777. 5 Third Street Suite 224 San Franisco. Aaron enlisted and served in the Air Force for three years as a bombardier in the Pacific conflict.18 .html (1 di 2)22/02/2005 3.49. industrial. religious. Alabama. one of which being a design for a recently newlywed couple. Mississippi in 1917. now a historic landmark structure.

html (2 di 2)22/02/2005 3.Aaron Green Associates .18 . Department of Architecture for fifteen years. American Institute of Architects. to Aaron’s passing in June of 2001. His work was frequently published in national magazines. Over the final two years of his life. Aaron continued this relationship with Wright’s successor firm. They continued on this basis until Wright’s passing in 1959. Taliesin Associated Architects. Aaron completed designs for 74 buildings to be constructed on the 100-acre campus. For fifty years.49. several of which were nearing completion of construction at the time of his passing. when Frank Lloyd Wright learned that Aaron was relocating to San Francisco. but would also serve as well as Wright’s West Coast representative. and he received several prestigious national design awards. Inc. Aaron was awarded the commission to master plan and design a new co-educational boarding school in Greensboro. Green Associates. Aaron taught as lecturer/ critic at Stanford University. Green Biography In 1951. The continuing office of Aaron G. at the age of 82. In 1968. Following an intensive national competition in 1999.agaarchitects. North Carolina—the American Hebrew Academy. from the opening of the San Francisco office. Aaron became a member of the College of Fellows. The trustee’s of the Academy honored Aaron with their commitment to complete his vision for their campus. he suggested opening a joint office together where Aaron would not only continue his own independent practice. This site created and maintained by Aaron G.Aaron G. the scope of his work varied between custom residences and large scale urban planning.com/pages/about/agg. Green Associates is also dedicated to this effort as well as extending Aaron’s legacy far into the future. awarded for design excellence. In all. http://www. Aaron Green participated in forty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s projects and in 1957 was designated by Wright to serve as his Associate Architect for the Marin County Civic Center project.

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