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The Fukushima site is expected to be doused by heavy rainfall in the next few days due to typhoons and tropical

storms raging in the Pacific Ocean but the unusually wet season this year is unlikely to derail plans next month to begin the work of removing some of the nuclear fuel pile from the site. A recent 7.3 magnitude quake that occurred off its coast only serves to remind humans that nature cannot wait forever for them to decide when to start doing work. Fukushima in the long run is going to make people feel Chernobyl was just nothing more than some strangers spoilt weekend picnic. Fukushima unlike Chernobyl has several severely damaged reactors and there are over 11,000 activated fuel rods stored at the site. Thus it is potentially 11,000x more dangerous to mankind than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis which at one point almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon when US sailors attempted to cripple a Soviet submarine carrying nuclear torpedoes by dropping depth charges near it in Cuban waters. Recent reports disclosed that Tepco has been secretly allowing mob members to handle work at the nuclear site. If they are allowed to do the critical work of removing used fuel rods at the site next month, Japan is literally summoning the ageless harvester to its shores.