Linguistics 436/536: Classroom Interaction Observation Tool Class/skill_____________________Level______________Date______________ Time period___________________Site__________________________________ Watch the lesson, and

place a tally mark by the following events as they occur. What significance do you attach to the distribution of your count of tally marks? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Event Teacher asks a display question. Teacher asks a referential question. Teacher explains a grammatical point. Teacher explains meaning of a vocabulary item. Teacher explains a functional point. Teacher explains point relating to the content (theme/topic) of the lesson. Teacher gives instructions/directions. Teacher praises. Teacher criticizes. Tallies Total

10 Learner asks a question 11 Learner answers a question. 12 Learner talks to another learner. 13 Period of silence. 14 Period of perceived confusion. Comments or interpretation of tally totals:

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