Microbiology Lab Safety

LABORATORY RULES AND PROCEDURES: Microorganisms are normally present in the environment and many kinds are carried on and in the human body. However, the varieties and concentrations of microorganisms found in a microbiology laboratory are such that special precautions must be taken for the safety of the student and those around him or her. 1. Everyone must wear a lab coat or lab apron (FLAME RESISTANT OR RETARDANT) while in the laboratory. 2. Place books and other personal items on the shelves above the bench or coat rack. Do not place these items on your work bench. 3. Do not work with an uncovered open cut. Bandages and plastic gloves are available if needed. 4. Upon entering the lab, and after finishing, wash down your bench space with the disinfectant provided. 5. Keep all sources of possible contamination out of your mouth--hands, pencils, laboratory ware, other items. Do not smoke or eat in the laboratory. Smoking is not permitted in Life Science II. 6. Discard contaminated equipment such as pipettes into the disinfectant tray provided on the bench. Petri dishes, test tubes, and similar items should be placed in the large plastic containers provided. Pipettes are disposed of tip side down. 7. Spills of materials containing viable organisms should be immediately contained with dry paper towels. The dry towel will soak up the spill and can then be sterilized. Following this, the area of the spill should be disinfected with bench disinfectant. 8. Report accidents, such as a spilled culture or a cut, to the laboratory instructor. Our interest is safety. 9. Long hair must be tied back or put under the lab coat so that it cannot fall over a burner and catch fire. (Believe it or not, this can happen!) 10. Shoes must be worn at all times in the laboratory. 11. Observe aseptic technique at all times when dealing with microbial cultures. 12. Wash hands with soap and water or disinfectant before leaving the laboratory.

13.. Students will NOT be permitted to work in the laboratory unless a lab instructor is present. 14. Laboratory ethanol is denatured--do not drink! 15. If you don't understand something, ASK!!!