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Assessment Objective Cues:

Nursing Diagnosis

Scientific Analysis Increased risk for being invaded by pathogenic organisms.




Evaluation Goal: Met

Short term goal: Independent: Risk for infection related to postoperative surgical Open procedure of wound protruding organ in incision at the inguinal area. the inguinal area Wound dressings that hasnt been changed. Psychomotor: After 5 minutes of nursing care, client will be able to understand the causative factors that may contribute to infection Affective: After 5 minutes of nursing care, client will be able to demonstrate the techniques in preventing infection after delivery. Cognitive: After 5 minutes of nursing care client will be able to understand her risk for infection after delivery. Encourage client to observe good hygiene Change dressings every morning Maintain sterile technique for invasive procedures Observe proper handwashing techniques Observe for signs and symptoms of infection Dependent: Administer antibiotic prophylactics as ordered To determine the effectiveness of the therapy To boost good self-esteem

Patient was able to understand the To prevent instructions infection provided by the Prevent healthcare Contamination worker to minimize the risk in acquiring Reduce infection chances of after transmission of surgical diseases procedure. Note the risk factors for occurrence of infection