Plan for Technical Presentation

Your Names (roll nos): Arhan Sibal(2011031), Geet Gupta(2011048) Title of the Presentation: What happens when you send an email Duration: 9 Minutes 40 seconds Primary Presentation Objectives /Post Conditions:    Appreciate the complexities involved in transmitting an email Be aware of the basic protocols involved in the process of sending and receiving emails Understand the benefits and shortcomings of Email access protocols like IMAP and POP

Secondary Objectives, if any (these should be in same style as goals – they are just secondary):   Audience – what is suitable style/techniques for this audience: Since the audience are 3rd/4th year computer science students, they ought to have a basic knowledge of computer fundamentals like networks, algorithms, etc. Thus it would be wastage of time if too much emphasis is given to basic concepts. Instead, focus should be given to contracting useful information into a shorter time span and thus ensuring a deeper understanding of the system among the audience. Main Ideas that audience must understand for your objectives to be met: 1. Different types of email clients 2. Email transmission protocol (SMTP) 3. Email access protocols (IMAP, POP3) Factual information you should provide to support the main ideas:

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