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The Mission of
Evangelization We take our lead from the Gospels.
The New Testament instructs those discovering
who would be followers of Jesus
to feed the hungry, clothe the the joys of a
The Christian Mission work aims to build a
naked, give shelter to the
homeless, heal the sick, care for missionary
viable indigenous church planting movement. It
is exemplified in Jesus’ ministry which is taken
the widows, and nurture the
children. volunteer
as the model for all ministries.

Jesus himself set the example. He
was sent by the Father to be one
with us in this world. In the same
spirit, we are called, wherever we
are in the world, to love all of
God's creation and to demonstrate
that love with action.


The movement begins with the act of planting Therefore, we put our faith into action. It is at
Churches through the process of forming the very heart of our
disciples across different mission lands where Christian calling to aim and
Catholicism is beginning and continually needs participate in the work of
to be strengthened. evangelization. Through
volunteers in the mission
every person in the church
has the opportunity to serve
and to live their calling and

Don B osco
their lives more faithfully.

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Vo lunteers