I once lived on a farm When not working, in time of leisure I use to walk next door Where there lived an old geezer His wife was ust as old !he was alwa"s smoking a corn co# $i$e %t her feet curled u$ Was an old coon dog named &ike &ike and I would ex$lore, I was Tom !aw"er, &ike, m" $al old 'oe There was an old mill $ond, %n old #oat, forever we(d row %nd the great adventures, We would alwa"s seem to have What I remem#er most %s I think #ack to when I was a lad That was long ago Those times, sweet and eas" Think #ack at old times In that meadow, where is was alwa"s #reez" #" Tim Tha"er

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