The ultra hawkish and very war-loving Japanese PM Abe is banging loudly on a lot of japanese war drums

these days, confident and secure in the knowledge that just a mere faked hiss or groan will make his Washington evil masters come running to his side screaming all kinds of bloodcurdling threats and evil curses. Abe knows that Japan today is finished, kaput. Any intelligent person knows that only too well. But people are civilised enough to prefer not to say or tell it in his face. Hence the IOC still awarded Tokyo the Games. Japan was a very, very EVIL nation in the past. Japanese people, traditionally or historically, made a good living as coastal pirates who greatly loved to plunder, kill and maim innocent people on the coasts of neighbouring countries. After it industrialised, Japan later reared a huge mighty war machine that killed, burned, raped, massacred and looted its way across much of Asia. Today, Japan dreams of reliving that bygone madness.Abe wants to make it come true. But Japan’s days are numbered. Fukushima will make sure of it.