“So many choices!

Y ou go out to a Chinese restaurant with a group of friends. The menu has ov er 1 00 different items. Y ou say this because y ou're not sure what to get. So m any choices!

So (many/much) (something)!
In a casual situation, when y ou are surprised by how many or how much of something there is, y ou can remark, "So many ___!" or "So much ___!" In more formal situations, y ou need to say "There are so many ___!" or "There's so much ___!" This should be pronounced with the strongest stress on the word "so": So many choices!

"Choices" are things or actions that y ou are able to choose from. For ex ample, each item on the menu at a restaurant y ou're eating at is "a choice" that y ou hav e. Each action that y ou decide to do or not do is "a choice". Another word for "choices" is "options".

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