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OF HONE Y QUIN T E S S E NCE Now I will. of honie. mos! noble such that on in of the To wit, open to you a great nature: the floures. of secret for it in is the Vegetall of work the

a marvelous part of

drawn out of

and pure they

The nature as is

Bees is upnature

draw out Work.

ttre best Therein as in is

everyttring how to

enlarged the




aJ.I beasts, Wherefore

especially my son, part of

ttre 84th Chapter. That alL ttrat God hath created

know ttris: the world, is in

good in



are perfect lower parts,

and incorruptible whether herbs to say, it or both Quintor the is perthe be in

as the heaven. beasts, plants, perfect essence fishes it is

$lhatsoever and all indeed


manner of with

sensible nature. nature

creatures, That is

a double

and imperfect. and ttre

The perfect is oil. oil

iE known as the Faeces or dregs,


known as the Therefore, and then,

venomous or dregs fect

combustible combustible

you sha1l that which

separate remains

and the and is

called heavens

ttre Quintessence, endure and it




continually, with and

even as the fire or

can neither

be dissolved all *rings

any other upon them, to any;

thing. they

For when God had created were all perfect for of loves

looked lacking

good and ttrere

was nottring thee, that and

and therefore, nature of

sake I say unto in every

God hattr that to

put every

a secret nature and to

influence or kind,

creature, given

one sort

he hath

one comsevor

mon influence, eral influences


one one of This is

several it



and virtuea.


be on physics




works which are partly And yet, more things


through natural


are unknown than are apparant that an herb is appointed in it many

to our aenses. lilhat? Do you not ttrink for one disease which it will

cure and also contains

more virtues add this away frqn that

than are known unto us? yes truly, that if

many more. r wilr oil be taken

as well: this

the Faeces and combustible which in brings all things is


or herb,

ttre poison

should be taJcen away, that

death to us,

and the Elethat they as it

ments should be purified shall pass together

and so burned together

by Art,

by in a LLmbeck and be Joined together, ttrat it' rnay root out all

vtere coupled in marriaEe, ease from everything. drawn from his this Book is

manner of disthing, or be of


be it

herb or living chapter

venom, aa in the l4th

of the prologue


and also in the Prologue

of ttre Animal tfork. venemous beasts, may help arl

The manner of drawing the QuinteEsence out of all birds, worms and flies is plainly declared,

ttrat it

the griefs

gf man, but that is likewise

is.specialty declared, to help ttrat

drawn out of the blood of there is no need of

man, and ttrere things wittrout

man or beast

such as are infected.

This ie because every creature his disease.


in himself

ttre remedy of hurting the man

ThLs remedy may be drawn out without ttrat ttre disease be miraculously in the Theorick this, that and in

or beast,

in order

cured as is

most excellently lltrerefore,


ttre Practick. Eoon understand floures

I would write force is

ttrou night

what marvelous and gathered v i r t u e s.

in llonie,

which is truly

taken out of all il$ued wittr


one Maese which is



God hattr









what then

is there not in Honie, which is gathered from many floures many herbs, if it and are arl to his endued wittr a particular height what lies and excellency, hidden in this secr et it virtue? will

and Trury

be brought

work mar-

velously. esteem it thing

Now consider n o t l i g h tl y,

Quintessence and

but keep it rf this

as the m ost excel l ent you wirl need no

of atl

Anirnal work.

is obtained, accidents

other medicines to put away all

of the body.

Now r will the best set Virgin in hand with the practice. it in in Take twerve earthern quarts vessel of with to

Honie luted.

and put Set this

a great

a Limbeck well the is neck of boiling it in

Balneo will

and lute diEtill that

a recipient of it,

and diEtitl your in Balneo. but



which is no For of

My son, only

know this,


conmon water the Fire element in

Honie, Aire,

Philosophical first together The air,

and Elemental. with the


does pass is

element risesr it

which the

ttre Aire of


when it




Aqua Vitae

distilled. either

Initially, by sight the boil it

can not DisBaLneo

be distinguished till five that the into cover let it then,

from Aqua Vitae until

or by savor. vessel night out in

no more arises, and receiver. Cool it

ttre leave Let now, is Set clean, in it it

days with the matter

a Lirnbeck

and day an remove pour back

may be dried. That dry

take the

receiver the the

and Linrbeck. over the


receiver in luted


matter. witha

back well

Bal.neo and dish, and

mouttr of




Balneum be only


My son,




rnay thus

be done,




good that


the fire so long,

be drawn with for it


proper air,

so aE a man would stay The ancient Philoso-

would be of greater sort,


phers wrought in this shall wine.

but the danger is, away it

when the vessels as

be opened, the water may fly For every time the air is

being as subtle

to be drawn anay, and again to in a warm Ba1neo, but first a receiver, like red blood. it

be poured on, making putrefaction must be well luted

and a Limbeck being set on with the work, until method or rule sor t. the fire riees

you must reiterate There is yet


of working

found out in these

o u r da ys, w h i ch i s i n this

They are Then take and pour mouth of ttrus for


drawn out

and the matter which



&e has been said. in Balneo Cover the it stand wittt cool,

cornmon water

has been twice and set the

distilled in Balneo.

on as much as is the three vesseL but days or it clear

sufficient let


Balneum boil. moving After it


and ttrree spoon ttrat out

nights, is

day and night thie, let it

a wooden epatula remove it, and decant tilled eel first in pour the

clean. it.

and strain

Then, pour


a clean Faeces

vessel fresh dis-

tiquid water

and then

on the

water Balneo water


best) Let it

as was done before be cleared and put

and set aside

the veswith the

as before.

and pour set in

once more fresh Do ttris is



water is

and tincted the

once again or fire coloured,


aa often tingedr or

as the water

I{hen it earttr. to

no longer Reserve do wittr

You have aeParated Faeceg, is until

from the

the earth, it, for

I tell oil

you further in Lt.



a combustible

Take the vessel containing the colored water and set it weII luted. Distill all in Balneo

wittr a Limbeck and reeeiver a boiling Balneo and let

ttre water with and cool. Then

the matter be well the vessel


take away the Linbeck pour on again make a fire.

and let

remain in Balneo and and it

( from the receiver)

tlte water over ttre matter and let

Set a dish upon the mouth of ttre vessel days.stir this ever]r day, three this, let it

stand in Barneo three tLmes with move it

or four coolr r€de-

a clean wooden spatula. it.


and filter

Then take a clean vessel into the vesseL and right water, stLrrinE it

and carefully

cant the clear Faeces fresh ladle that and let remain,


arf,ay pour on the wittr a wooden and the Faeces

distilled it


stand one day to clear ttre first


put them in with

Faeces which has been set in a boiling Balneo unthere re-

aside. til it

Then take a clean vessel is

and set lt this

thoroughJ-y dry and repeat

process until In this

main no Faeces in the bottom of the vessel. obtain the pure element of Fire: distilled until there

way, you shall must also

and the element of Aire remains nothing

be so often This is rate

in ttre bottom.

ttre manner in which the pure elements and let it

are obtained.Sepadry. This will give

then the water from the fire, shining contained well matter similar

you a clear in a glass tainer

to Camphor.Keep the Fire well with the Water in another con-

and ttre Aire sealed, until

of glass,

you have your earth


Take al.l oyle (oil) the earth with the

faeces and draw out the combustible tlrat is, wittr two vegsels joined to-

by a discensorie ,


gether oil

and luted


needs a vacuum) untit for all

ttre combustible

passes. This oil If

ls useful

coLd diEeases and other oil, in just let it fly


you do not want the cqDustible and calcine it

away. Then take your earth gently, until it be all

a reverbatory


white it

as anow. Then take a great earthen this white calcined water. earth Stir on it wittr

or etone vessel

and put into

which pour a goodly a wooden ladle keep it cool,

amount of common distilled it stand three Daily, it

and let

days in a boiJ.ing bath and it a dozen times. Let it

covered. with

a dish.


tremove ttre veseel

and let

stand to clear,

fox one day. which is water

Now, take another clear. (decant)

clean yessel

and softly

pour sut that

Upon the Faeces, again pour fresh it in Balneo. waters CooI, remove, Iet thus obtained,


and once again set and decant into freEh distilled cess.

etand one day time pour procontain

the first

A third

water over the Faeces and repeat

the entire

The Faeces caD now be throwD away as ttrey no longer

any value. Take the vessel wit*r these three waters and eet it Balneo, in Balneo with

a Limbeck and receiver. until the matter

With a boiling Let it cool.

draw out the water

be dry.

Take away the Limbeck and again and set it Decant

pour the water in boillng that

(from the receiver) one day Let it

on the earttr

Balneo for

dl,risolve and clear. distilled

which ie clear it

and put in a fittte etand for

water on the

Faeces, and let Remove it hours frqn

two or three it

hours in a warm bath. for two or three watere and the

the bath

and allorr

to stand

and pour out the uPPer part

upon the first

Faeces can be thr.orr,n away. Once again set the veggel with ttre earttrr or saltr and dietill work until away the water

in Balneo, until all be

dry as before.

Repeat ttrie

no Faeces remain in the

bottom. Crystal.

Drain P u re .

away the water

from the earth

and it


be like

Take a great Fire till well funnel as the tify boil. that take in aII in and your in glass Earth that will bear your with the the Aire heat and put into it it your to dis-

and pour in a pot in

upon it ashes,

and set w,ith

a furnace, having

sand or

a Limbeck that a When forto


a hole in

uppermoet shall



may be put humidity fire

when there it hath

be a need of be half

Infusion. then


received untit until



a littlergradually fire in this state

you see the water the liquid let in the the boils glass

start out cool so

Keep the only a pint


Remove ttre fire, hole


away the


and open the


and put in hole it as

a glass

funnel. that

(Note Limbeck NOT removed from vessel)Pour distilled the over recipent the into to the the receiver. neck again PIug the and lute

ttre lrater the Limbeck Distill Do this pass

and set again ten

well. before. Iet

making times.

same observations distillation is will

and practices being

The tenth

complete, Aire, Lim-



as ttre earth and the into Earttr

made volatile. ascend which together were in

So the

ttre Water, beck gether are

ttre Fire

by the four.

and be brought in nature not

one sr:bstance as tlre

One toYet to-

and now eimple but

incorruptible they are

heaven, so coupled



notwithstanding ttrat


and so intertwined; continue

by no meana can they aE one body, heaven, l{hat which forever;

be separated. even as the is rY Son? man

They will Christalline

now together

and uncorruptible the four Elements. help

notwithstanding, of thisr

compounded of Cannot this

do you think that




now infects


through cold,

hie most excellent For all

temperature, are in it


Lt be in heat, unto

moist or dry.

ttrat he may distribute

every one that requireth, moisture. one simple giveth tttis

which is necessaryi all

even aE the heaven when need things cold, as coldnees, heat or but of it

gives unto the earth And yet, essence, it is neither and ttrat that


moLst or dry,

imbued with

such a nature In like


unto everything

which ie necessary.


ie what ttrie

Quintessence doeg. Therefore

my son, Rejoice! ttrings unto

Give the Almighty the Philosophers.

Godl thanles which has opened these

Now my Bon, if perfection, glass that you would bring this Quinteseence to even greater or Pelican, that is a great

take a grreat circulatory hath a great head similar

to a Limbeck,

and in the top

of the head, a hole by which of a funnel. This hole is

matter may be poured in by means ,the to be stoppered. Out of the head comes ttre belly. Thie permits ttrat which goes of the distills

two arms bending

around into through

up to descend again, Pelican. one into This ls

the arms back into

the belly that

ttre form of ttre vesEeL or Pelican,

the other.

1. Tdre then your Quinteeaenee and put it into a Pelican and set thie into ashes. Better yet, put it into saltr pE€pared and dried. (like a sarid bath) Regulate the fire so that it is like ttre heat in eummer, ttre extreme heat.The rls€ .llke fed oil and fall down again by Quintessence will the arms of the Pelican. By repeated ascensions, ttre Quint€ssence will become 'thtck like ttax or syrup. 9o much so and no longer ttrat it will remain in the bottqn eventually, fort,iGy your fLre go that the Quintaaeend. At thLs point, esBence will again ascend and deEcend. Maintain this heat agaln will not agcend but rernains in the bottom. wrtil.lt once again ascend lrlake ttre fire even atronger ttrat it will and deecend.Keep ttrig aame heat until. lt again rise no more.

2. observe this

manner of augmenting the fire until the water be fixed and the glass turns red hot.This wirl take about twenty four hours alr-together. rf at the end of this tirne, the Quintessence no longer arises, it is indeed fixed and is brought into hls hlghest virtue. Remove it from ttre glass while still hot or it wtll become hard aa wax when cooled and you will have to break the glass to remove it. For when hot, like wax it will become liquid, But when cool it congeals and pierces every hard thing, as oil does any leather. fts colour is like-a" Ruby, and ttrrough shining l i ke a C h ristal, it gives light in the dar k, s uffi c i ent to read by. What do you think of this r rny aon? Are there not many strange bodies created by God? Truly he has Lmbued the Philosophers with no less gifts, for they that can look into ttre secrets of nature, shall see it to be an incredible operation.For thie is gathered by Bees of the su b tl e st p a rts of all plants, tr ees, flour es and fr ui ts , and at that time when floures break out and trees bud. It i s w o rttri l y ca l led the Philosopher ' s Stone, for it i s fi x ed and liquifiable as Wax and as the mineral Stone transmutes the impure metalsr Bo does ttris one alter diseases.

Hereby it appears that ttris bears ttre bell among all the Vegetals; whereas it being yet in his grossness and impure, it is but of emall value for any use in Physick by whatever means it may be boiled or ekinuned off, but always retains his nature because it consists of all the fruits of the earth, plants and trees.W?rereof one herb is hot, another coId, another dry and yet another moist, one astringent, one laxative, some corrosive and others venomous. So, diverse h e rb s h a ve d i ve rse qualities. 3. It comes about ttrat if it helps one disease, by and by it hinders another for everything works according to its properties when as is 'there made separation in the body. And of this separation is engendered bloud and other humours. llhey are just like gunpouder in ttrat so long as they sit still, there comes no harm therefrom. But if it be brought to the fire, it will at once demonstrate its secret f'i.re. A fire which nature and is kindled with a destructive cannot be quenched with water, for the cold and dry, hot up and moist, strive among themselves, a wind is stirred ttrat breaks all things near it. The same thing happens with the Liver, it sepHonie, that when it comes to the area of arates there and ehows its nature to pass up and swell wittt wind, ft is no surprise then, that the vel,ns of the Liver $lhen this oecurs, Irnposthumes can be broken by contention. places and causes euch inflanmaare created in different Alttrough many highly retions ttrat ttre veins break esaily. conunend. HonLe, these are not Philosophers nor do ttrey understand the nature of it. But when it is prepared as a Simple' fixed as Wine, then it is the nost potent of l.tedicines among ttre VegetaLs. There is nothing like it. Give God thanks and be generous to the poor.The dosage of ttris is one grain and it must be taken morning and night on an empty stomach until the disease is gone.Now Praise God. rlI1{

R O SESOL IS Dieeases of the Eyee, Rheuma, InfLammation, Diseases of the Heart, lfolf , Inflamnation of ttre Liver or Stomach; good for bites of vendrives away dreams and fantasies, omous beaste, against poison ttrat has been drunk, for pestilence, nusclesr tendons, wounds and ottrer ailments, and Canker. Now my son, I will mongst all vegetable teach ttree the greatest ttrings, whose force mystery or secret a-

and strength

has been

kept eecr.et amongst all themselves, their called

the ancient

workmen, and ttrey have bound they ehould not utter, of ttris in

one to another by Oattr, that writings,

books or their

the atrength

herb which is

ROSESOLIS, and in the German tongue: work,

SINDAWE. Yfbgeoever. to the strength the force of

hath not ttre whole vegetable of this medicinal herb. For in that And this

he cannot attain comprehended all

work is


work of vegetables sworn Artificers,

is not come to the which were skill-

hands but only of the ancient fuIl in the liberal Arts. open it

But now my son, I will shall keep ttris that

unto ttree wittr Firstr




hidden knowledge aecret. this herb is

hy Eon, you must


the herb of the Sun, upon which the as he does upon gold in the influences created more upon this is suras .the

Sun spreads his

beams and influences

veinE of ilre minesiand he pour6 out his herb ttran upon any .other herb which is evidently mounts all knorrn to ttre ancient other

of God. AB it herb far just



herbs which spring other planets

out of the earttr

sun surmounts all force

in the heavenr and hath greater thing created in virtue of God and ttrere-

and power of influence So this

tban any other

in ttre firmament. fore tSis herb is

herb excelE all another


arrayed with


other nature

leaves and is such, that


ehape than all

other herbe.

And his

the the him, that

hotter heat this of

and drier the Sun, is





ttre time the


the heat



and the, more that

Sun doth with drops the

and burn


the more moist will

and filled

dew! So much so of dew. As a test, which fall

uPon one branch this will up with branches herb farr with into

hang a thousand twig g la s s

etrike fr om it filled tho se

a slender a la rg e

so that vessel the


a n d y o u wilr sun is

se e i t hot, with twenty with this, the Sun

a marvelous will, ever rod, in

dew. Now if t h a n h a lf

extremely b e f irle d branch laden than

le s s

a n d h o u r, the

more dew than times with is the


! And if it

you strike

each time


be once again miracle

dew. ft where


enough that in

we see no other so short


dewey hunror arise up all herb the be, other as lf

a tLme even though it is, the

scorches will gather this

herbs. sprinkled

lftre hotter with

more moist

water; that

Hereupon may we there is thusly some secret gathered, of the all


marvelous hid in it.

qualities ff you will

and judge keep this it cure of it

operation in a glass


vesseL, they

you can with come of of


ttre dieeases ft

eyes whether the pains

Rheums or the heart,

inflamniations. coole all the dreams It the liver

helps and the the

and diseases is from inflamed heat.

stomach that


and mitigates drives away all





ft the

and phantasies ig useful if it against be and

and is

good to kill of

Canker and the Vf,olf. against helpful poision in

the biting taken tt is

venomous beasts, mouth. ft is also


by the

caseg of


good for

many other


and ailments

ag well.



has the yellow like

color lines






color like




divided portion

with is

and his Planet

shape is

a star. of

His Pro-

a heavenly

and consists

seven branches.

,^ \J6

Afterwards, your ceiver fir st

take in

a large it

glass it

curcurbite into

and put




elements fitted then

and set

ashes with fire in the the f ire

a Limbeck furnace

and Reat

and luted. it

Dlake the g ra d u a lly


increase turn

u n t il

a n d a ire

be p a s s e d un-

and the til red aII

Limbeck the

red within. of fire

Then make ttre heat and the



be passed shall

head becomes bloodlike highest oir. rn this

and the water three

and aire

swim upon it to their

w€lY' the

elements rectified. receiver that in

are brought

essence and

a r e perfectly Take anday the pared. Realize oil is

and stop ttre dust






be preyet a

and Faeces there

remains if

conbustibre sired. It


can be extracted the cold-Gout,

by a discensory, for If members that

so deare numb of this they be

good against

and sinews laborr mingled this is Put with

that this

are too much mollified. powder or fire into Faeces into until a large it

tlrou be weary that

a reverberatory becomes white

a gentle put it of it

as snor,r. When and pour not on it how much or six it to liqAs with a



curcurbite It

a large you pour times, cool

quantity on. Stir

double-distilled well with it


natters or

a wooden ladle After four

apoon five allow the

afways and let it

re-covering stand from the on (fresh) Set it in four



days and settle.



uid'carefully be for e, pour

Faeces and into d o u b le -d is t ille d Balneo the for

another wa t e r


vessel. it it

a n d s t ir

wooden spoon. and eettle. that time, first then

two days ttren allow liquid off

to cool with third

Then decant obtained thror


and combine it for the


Repeat this Faeces as they

operation are

away the

no longer

good for


rn the



is it








narro$r. outwardly it is


aPPears to be as if hot and moist,

were a hearuy, tender cold side his and dry. hot

substance, side is of

inwardly right

The left and it


and moist ate

and the

and dry, cannot

most temperone from Faeces, for here-

as GoId. as in fixing will

l{herefore other

Elements but the the it

be separated from his

another for the after his fire

herbs, that

may be purged Elements by the cannot


be separated,

ascend with The earth


Balneum as we will from his Faeces, it


may be separated fire and air, c a ll the it

and the have

Faeces likewise m an y dregs. to n g u e; the kept works. should

from the


does not

S ome E atin it

writ e rs

L I NG UA A V I S o r B ird ' s Sun, of L UNA RI A it is called have that it

aome call

S OL A RI A , o f calls it

I'loonr the secret And it die it that


SINDOW. The old for

Philosophers effects ttrat gross

the is

qualities a marvel, every

as yet

the marvelous Villanueva, it in into his

says Arnold Eorrrc of is

a man substance. and if or

day eats

Wtrat wiII cleansed it in ie put


work when it Faeces? It



fine-ness in it that winer

from his into

has this is

great poison


a glass

where there is

mixed with g la s s will

an lr other

cup where t h e re

p o is o n r, t h e

in s ta n t l y

sha tterl If the container is made of to boil stoner or alabaster as if then or the like, the un-

wine will derneath er until


vehemently will

there run out

were a fire of the

ttre container. nottring ie left.

The wine Also if


anyone carries only in in will fact, body or the


herb with have

them and comee across power over of in ttre herb. his the If

an enemy, not but must,

eneny not the

individual, anyone is Brewing

serve in

carrier that is





or Baking,

or by any other

means, ttris


carried it will is

on ttre Person wilL tied upon the belly

set them free

from the witchcraft.


of a w6man who is pregnant,

the woman


be delivered

even ttrough the baby had died and on the personr of, when a wilr pr event the

was rotten littre


herb when carried dB it

i e e a te n d a i l yr

is being used, it

o c c u r r e n ce o f th e F a l l i ng Further, if

Sickness. from apoplexy euch that his senses will is his mouth be restored adminis-

a person suffers

be drawn aside and he is if the juice


of thiE herb, If

which has been strained

tered orally. the person will ing spirit will fi n d wiII it

the herb is hung about the neck of one possessed, be still aa a lamb and ttre povrer of the possessfor yourself and you

be taken away. Prove it

i s i n d e e d tr ue: the herb is held if they will in the take sone as if they the


from the nose Ls etopped lf

mouth. ThoEe who are wearied of the juice in wine,

from travel, before

they nill

long be refreshed and labors. of nature. It

had never taken the trip sinews and muscles, heal wounde if is washed with

or performed

comforts it

the tenclons and all



taken for

ten days in wLne or ale and if and bound with if a cloth

the wound dampened

the same mixture

in the s€rme. ToothacheE can be alleviated next to the teeth. ell these things if it have been done many times will

the herb is placed

and prorreh effective. Btill encumit


do guch marvelous thtngs whili ite own'gross natter,

bered and weakened with not work when brought that ttris there

what fuonders will know ttris that for

to trrerfectLon? My'son, grows on the earth Therefore,

the truttt,

ie no herb that

can comPare to

in strength

and effectiveness.

make sure that you

don't that if

negleit are not

it of

but the

be mindfull nature of



keep the


from those For


and from the properties prized



herb were to become scarce all, it for see. would th e

and its

were to be than gold or

made known to p r e cious

become more highly of the



Q u in t e s s e n c e

a re m a r v e l -

o u s as you will

Now it hig h e st the remains degree that we teach how ttris herb may be brought it is into his

and to his his

Q u in t e s g e n c e . F irs t , in his own house.

to be gathered, is, Ln the Lion Pick the no



course him with roots, ttrereto important


and the

Moon behold along

a sinister leaves and that that p ic k it



herb whole dirt it. or It


and flowers no other the herb

and see that herb

earth is


be rnixed with get wet or but, rather,

alEo very any way. Sun ie

does not ra in s

m oist


There f o re ,

n o t wh e n it

wheri the Gather tar

shining anount of

brightest. the it herb in and pulverLze a Curcurbite it in like of it well in a mor-

a large

made of marble

and put luted the

made of Let

Stone with the water rise

a head and recel.ver distill together with leave thls the it away until wlth herb

and set is dry

Ba1neo. powder.


herb the

llhere This is


the water, and with




happens only no more liquid to is four days

no other. in

Novr, when there the Balneo all the for

curcurbite n ight

sitting and dayr


and boil Iy

Bo t}rat Then let

ttre moisture vessel cool take in



and drawn off. and stop it

and take off

way the Take out tar that


carefully and grind

and ttren it well

the head. morPut

the matter it is fine


a marble seive.

enough to pass through

a coarEe


this aire

powder in and.stir tightly stir it it

an earthen with


and pour on your water and Cover the mouth of the curnine days so it four or five down with a nay

a wooden Ladle.

curbite putrefy. times, weight

and eet it daily with

ln a warm bath for

a crean wooden ladle, weighing it

then re-cover

the curcurbite, After

such as a lump of lead. that welt into

nine days, take the vessel into a grazed Th en, tak e and

from the Barneo and strain e a r t h en ve sse l . this stra i n it

which is in it so that his

the matter dr ys.

dry powder and put it


and cover it

keep it

in a warm place until

you are given further


l.The moist liquor which will be drawn from it will be red in colour for the element of fire is there present with the air and the water. Put that liquid into a curcurbite of stone and put on a head and lute it well. Set it in Balneo with a receiver well luted and distill away all ttre water, with the aire severally from the fire, in a boiling bath until no more comes over and the fire will pass away in the bottom. Then take the vessel out of the bath and etop it well. Further instructions what to do with this will follow. 2.Then take once again the stone curcurbite wherein is your powder and pour on ttre fire and the aire and Etir it well with a clean wooden ladle and set it in a warm bath for nine more days. As before, cover it well and stir it daily f,our or five tines wittr the ladle. After nine daysr strain into a out that which is in the vessel, and pour the liquid glaaed vessel. Put the residue of tlre powder into another vessel as nas done before, and just keep it ttrere until you have ttre instructions on how to remove the combustible oil. 3. .Talce the vessel now wherein ia your fire..and mix your liquor with it whtch you keep in the glazed vesEel where your fire and aire isrand set a head on the vessel where the matter is and lute it. Place it in Balneo and set a receiver to it, to out the water and air with the bitl of the head, then distill then have a boiling bath until no more comes over and you will in the receiver, water and aire. Take them away and take the find remaining in the veEsel out of the Balneo and you will eubstance. This eubstance is bottom a ttrick Turpentine-like ttre element of fire nringled with much Faeces. Now the fire is way: Pour on to be eeparated from the Faeces in ttre following your water and aire upon th.at whence you drew it, and stir it to settle it and allow ty"itlr a epoon and cover it with a tile will into bottom.CareFaeces fall ttre for four dayee and the fully decanl the clear liquid into a clean vessel (_curcurbite)_ vessel making Eure no Faeces are poured over and stop the firgt and set it by. That vessel which contains ttre water, fire_and and B a lneo with a head and r eceiver fitted a i re , a e t i t-i n

well luted and dietill the water and aire in the same degree. When no more comes over, take away the receiver: Let the vessel coor and you shalr find in ttre bottom, your fire; which keep in his vesseL well stopped. Then pour on your water and aire on the Faeces again, from whence you did draw them, and stir with a spoon and let it settle foi four days. Carefully decant from Lhe Faeces into the vessel that contains your fire, insuring no Faeces passes over. cover your vessel wherein are the Faeces and set it by. But your ve sse l , w h e re i n i s your water , air e and fir e, set it a gai n in Balneo as I showed you and distill away the water and aire for they do always pass over together, and the fire wirl rernain in the bottom. Pour on the water and aire again, upon the Paeces, stir it with a spoon and let it settre once more four four days. This is now the third repetition whereby you have separated the water and the aire from the faeces. That which is clear, decant into the vessel that contains your fire. Then put your Faeces into the first vessel which I bade y o u ke e p , i n w h i ch your combustible oil is.

Now you have drawn your your water with vessel is not ttre aire fire out of your will in the Faeces; distill bottom, of it d re g s . well four (clean) with with days. therefore no more, distill take of

and when it find foul

away your fir e . ft

and you shall yet pur e b u t

ttre element T h e ref o r e ,

a n d f u ll and stir and settle vessel

Pour on the water ladle. out the Cover it clear wherein eet

and aire it

again stand another

a spoon or Then decant aside the

and let liquid are into the

and eet

vessel and oil, over' that

Faeces. to

Nor{, thevessel so long liquor

ttre fire,




distill the

as eomething into

comes the vessel the sub-


remove it Faeces

and pour

distilled taught

has the until

and do as you were element of

to work


Faeces g tan ces.

you have your



any gross

When you have distilled allowed Faeces, faeces it to settle you shall with

away the water four days, and, that pure

and aire all is

from the clear


and any your

without put all oil


have your the first




Faeces where the



t lr


the waters that distitl

you have drawn, distill in ashes tlrat all

by Balneo.

To hasten and that distilled

the proc€ssr there

the water may rise pour on fresh

remain in the bottom a dusty matter. i t, keep it

w a t e r a g a i n , sti r cool and settle.

in Balneo for 24 hour s, the liquid

then Iet i t gently, Set

pour out


ttrat is clearr it.

from the Faeces. Pour sgme commonwater it in Balneo for liquid twelve hours, into the first take it

on them and stir out, let it settle

and pour

the clear


throw the Faeces away enough so that no recit

as they are worthless. more Faeces will tified be like from all settle his

Repeat this out.

work often

Then you shall

have your earth

Faeces which you shall Then join that

congeal or dry until your other

a powder or dust. will

with into

elements ttre

in the glass and it

at once resolve present.

his element for together well

element of water is there

Set them all a receiver liquid

in a furThe

nace, upon ashes, put on a head with


Head must have a hole in the top so that but ttris hole must also be well fire stopped.

may be poured in

Make a gentle until

in ttre furnace,

dt firEt,

but hotter


ttrat whidh is is in but

fermented does pass. However, do not draw out about harf a sextary of ttre liquor with the it

all- that water' all

that it

the matter

may remain moLst. If

you were to drive


would congeal into

a hard mass and break the glass in a funnel pour to avoid you can imbibition

the furnace! Ln that breaking

Then, open ttre hoLe in the Head, and witlr in ttre receiver. However, warm it first

which is

the glass by pouring cool the glass After

in cold liquid. pouring.

Of course, Repeat ttris

always first ten or twelve

before this,



out anything

ttrat will

come over as long as it After thie tenth

passes through

the neck of the Limbeck. witl no more be congealed,


ttre earth



rest on the Limbeck


the bo t t o m

lik e

a re d g o ld e n it in untit

o il. all

I mb ib e


again, pass

pouring by the


and distilling remains

the elements of the vessel.

and nothing

the bottom

Give thanks tributed knowledge together m a r vel ior in now to God for His marvelous gifts which he has disa all

amongst Eis of things

Philosophers as they

and hath in

given this

them so great work, which is is

are uttered than

heavenly this to life,

and more divine th a t




a great these to inferthe

ma n ' s u n d e rs t a n d in g that it is

c a n b rin g


so great of it virtue. into herb

perfection Truly

ttrey have attained ttre work For of the Holy

highest which soever ities cept

degree hath hath put this

Gtrost, that who-

the minds of so prepared, whether is to they

men. that

I do affirm all

he may help or unto


infirm€xGod. of

of mants bodies natural I death,

be curable before if the

incurabler every


ordained say, that or

man of

Yea , this one scruple Potable

dare be bol d of ttris wherein

a ma n u s e s t h e wei g h t Quintessence or die the before of

Quintessence, pearls

Sugar and of the


are dissolved, will not

Quintessence the day of

SeJ-andine, Great


man by Gods help For the anotherr is it

Judgement. one over

humors in ds is

man's body can by no means prein the thirty of aII the six chapters

dominate of



In here here

treated is



MedicinaL life of man dis-


and in

shgred that

that day,

by Gods help void and free

may be prolonged

even until

from all in

eases and sicknesses. ttrat force he was in of wit. in at thirty

Further, yeara all the

nan may be preserved of age and in the

the state and

aane strength that

On this the

Philosophers as in


a man may This


same state

as long

an earthly


.I il{ It

i s s o p l a i n ry be constrained i s t r ue .
Therefore, qu a lity fe cted will of with, in it this

sh o w n i n that

chapter ,

that wir r y- nilly, it

you w i l r it

in your mind to berieve

and to admit that




to reason but

much of




Quintess e n c e , give wine.

wh a t s o e v e r t h is

a d is e a s e

ma n b e i n -

him a s mu c h o f In a s h o rt

Q u in t e s s e n c e b e c u re d or violent.

as a nutshell a s if But of by a if you


t ime is

h e will gentle

miracle give with this


as ttre disease to drink pearls within

Quintessence Gold, of

mixed with

Quintessence and with cure




are dissolved

the all the

Quintessence diseases this that


one day you will they might be. It

and sicknesses the work is

whatever divine

can be seen by give secret. ac-



human. Therefore, reveal lives ttris

God ttre praise For by this complish

and take

heed that would

you do not prolong their



so as to



deeds and purposes. So then, amongst all this k e e p it the work.

(whereof s e c re t , Vegetals. Perform poor

bottr you and I for it is is one no

w ou ld be the of the

occassion). secrets

greatest that

There this


can compare to it liberally

Work then, give

and distribute the e eternal

arnongst the

and God will


OF S UGA R OUIN T E S S E NCE Here will from sugar. his cold r Ehow thee This truly like but a great excells the eecret, all the how to draw the Quintessence


works by means of is never hot'

temperature nor dry;

incorruptible but

Heaven which nevertheless



compounded from

the they

four are



these that

do not



one another


so conjoined simple

they in the

can never unity.

be separated. But this is

They re-

main ever distr i bute a ltho ugh

and fixed unto

ttreir e a rt h hot

Heaven does for it,

and give that itself of

wh a t s o e v e r nor c o ld ,

n e c e s s a ry n o r d ry . the is

be n e it h e r has the

mo is t

The four

Quintessence e le m e nts gold is


same Effects is

and contains so sugar and dry c o ld fixed ttrat

such as does g o 1 d . outwardly just hot the hot

A s g o ld

p u re r

im p u r e ;

and rnoist, for it

inwardly is


and white. and

Sug a r is inwardly

opposit e ,

o u t wa rd ly it is but

a n d dr y both

and moist Nor is

and red.

Further, wanting


and outward. quality tha t


anything his

ttre inward outwardly and

may be broughtrthat be sepa ra t e d . for it is

redness is

may appear p re p a re d


T h e n it

and does not within itself

need to be fixed all outward


already and all

and retains that is

and inward kind is, is;

spirits I wilL

volatile. orig-

N ow what his inal

t e ll of

you, the

e v e n f ro m wh e re t h e Howeverr the for

came, that read that about the

even out

red. of

more inforof those we

mation, things wr ite

thirty-ttrree the


generation whose nature to

grow in in detail. it

Seas and other He re it will


b e s u f f ic ie n t it should

show the orDled-

der how to icine, is into to also retain

prepare to what

and in other all

what order it

be used for His

things flying


be applied. spirits

nature fix them

or hold as shall


and to

a stone

be shown hereafter.

First you must understand that you bring
you cannot parts separate the is Faeces to say'

except that

the inward






inward dark,

golden color

must appear. when ttris fire,



tlren the redness will aire,

be seen and this


the yellorilnesa of his can first separate

(his incombustible


then you Take then, much

the Faeces from ttre Quintessence. for it is not necessary it not,

hard and white in dissolving purity therein,


to traverl

and coagurating that for hinders it

even though there but that

be much immay

the inward part

be brought


must be purged when as the redness

shows outward. Take ttrerefore, ten to twenty pounds of Sugar, more or less and pound it with fine. eight fire Put ttris fingers until as

may be convenient,

Lnto a curcurbite of Aqua Vitae. nothing further again. open up glass Then

of hard stone and top this distill it in Balneo with Let it cool six

a strong

comes over.

and pour on the said Aqua Vitae or seven times. Upon completion, it in a strong

Repeat the process

the head and take out the sugar and place and set it and distill pour ttris not break. the pouring Repeat this may boil quite in it fine rrntil sifted

ashes and pour thereon (Aqua Vitae) warming it

the Aqua Vitae comes over.Then

haLf the liquid back on after

Aqua Vitae Note that

so the glass will to permit

the head should have a hole in it by means of a funneL. fire part that

on of the Aqua Vitae so often in a strong

the wine and the sugar come away For if you

Ln and because the half

of the wine will part.


yoU muet at once put on the otlrer all the wineout, ttre Sugar will boiling

ehould distill h e a t as i t keep half AIso, it

burn due to the ( i.e, al w ay s

mu st b e co n tinually ttre liquid

in ttr e glass.

in the distilting

veasel to prevent burning) because of the incombustible

would smell of the burning

Sulp h ur forth,



When you o b s e rv e half and put often it

that in

h a lf the

t h e win e veseel the This


d is t il l e d with a funnel. red as re-

warm this


Repeat this brood quire attend in


enough so that the effort is not glass. and is clear if

Sugar remains procedure wirr

as can be Been through eight the to fire. ten days of

dependent the work etc.

on how you should be done wiII

(The text wdy, it ie ,

a n uninterupted

n o n -s t o p r o v e r). let in it

n o s le e p ,

a n d th i s

de p e nd on how fast When the matter with distill it for ly will

d is t ills red,

does turn the


and remove the a strong dry in

vessel fire

ashes and set off the


Balneo the

and with

Aqua Vitae no more . to five

until A llo w it

sugar stand

remains v e ry hot,

and when B al n e o , to perfect-

distill four

to will cool

about congeal. will

days. ttris





Then let be pitch of or or

ma t t e r

a n d re mo v e it ttris stone

(t h is ' s to n e r ) it it into in a BalStir cool. the

which great

black. dor:ble day s , tim e s it to

Then take distilled wit h wit h settle vessel

and put and set

quantity five five

conunon water heat,

ne o for it daily

six six

a g re a t a c le a n three

lig h t ly

c o v e re d . it

wo o d e n s p a t u la . L € t or four it days. we ll. it Decant

Remove it cle a r the to

and allow into


anoth e r

a n d c lo s e

Then pour onto into- Balneo wit h part on the a clean to the Faeces as the then

Faeces ttre sublimed d igest for several it,

water days,

as before, it

and set a s b e f o re the

s t irrin g it

Iadle. other

Then cool part already it in

settle decanted.

and decant Then pour etc. O n c e it


more water Do thiE is

and digest wa ter stop in


as before,

so long

eontalne and caEt

color the

(t in c t u re ).

n o lo n g e r have element are

t in g ed , any virtue of fixed fire

Faeces element

away as ttrey of earttr is

no longer wittr the


Now the




can ttrey be separated

anymore but




Make a trial
will or


by burning

some of this
ashes. is all

It wiL l b u rn

1ike oil

remain but, fat.

perhap s ,

B o me t ig h t wherein it simply u n t ir it

Now, talce the it the off in Balneo

glass or let


red solution if


distill m or e of and take se t let until bear it it

evaporate, b e d ry .

you have any le t it coor and and

diE tilled the

wa t e r,


head and pour again. S t ir it

thereon wit h

more eubliured a wo o d e n la d 1 e clearest it into it it part



B alneo

a s b e f or e

settle there a great

as before

and decant


and do this that can

are no more Faeces. heat on it. and boil Then, place it take and it

Then put

a glass until in

away or evaporate it forttr and set

a certain and

scum appears dry or hot

a cold

and dry in color if


grow into like it it

a great

mass or Philosoin in a

lurnP, red phers

and transparent you will wid e

a Ruby or other

Stone which in


to powder and set to e v a p o ra t e is the

d u n g h ill, come into esse n ce of be sweet will notice melt

a rarge


a llo w gold. a ll

and it fixed

wirl Quintthis

a yellow

powder like re t a in s

This v o la t ile which


S ugar which have

s p irit s . when put or in

No r wi l l the mouth


a heavenly any fe e lin g .

taste If



b e win t e r

c o ld r

you will of ff light-

a heat



the body and a feeling to get up and f1y! soon cool c o ld

ness that

makes you seem to be able swallow lfhus it a little wo rk s , Mira c le . drink it

you be-

come too warm, in a cool bath.

and you wiII in heat,

down as if and dry-

mo is t u re ,

ne Es, by an incredible When you wish Ro se tfater, llarvele. them drink If to use it,



Aqua Vitae,


E ndive

or Sc a b io s ,

o r b y it s e lf r outwardly sores wittr

rDd y o u will scabs or wherein

witness let

anyone be diseased of this and wash the




the Quint-

e sse nce is be cured. it with is not

dissolved, rf anyone is let

an d ,

lik e

a mira c le , stabbed

t h is with (g i) wine

p e rs o n will


wounded or h irn d rin k

a hreapon, so that of t h is e s se n c e the in euint-


a d ra c h m

warmed wine

and wash the

wound with o n e s h a lI f a llin g


e sse nce has been dissolv e d . fa sh ion. and all It helps in th e

T h is

b e c u re d s ic k n e e s

an amazing pestilence the Aureuint-

case of

a n d in

such diseases

as may happen to man. rf of this with it a pound o n a t riv e t

you possess (lb i) or of the

un Potabilermix e sse n ce in thirty will

2 pounds vess e l

a glass

and set and they

a d ry

Balneo Then they when you

days in

an Athanor

wiII in

be mixed

together. F u rt h e r,

most assuredly

work mira c le s of

ma n s b o d y .

have extracted with

ttre Quintessence for

any herb, miracles.

coagulate Now, if

and mix it you will of Aqua

some Aurum Potabite pass the and distil helmr it.


have it Vitae

you must put pour the

on as much vinegar vinegar

Again until out

on fresh

or Aqua Vitae in a redon how

and draw it golden to for

away again pointed matters

Quintessence in


colorras those is

previously are fixed



distill when it


by vinegar v irt u e s

or Aqua Vitae, a re ma g n if i e d as a secret a

distilled and will

b y L imb e c k , work in unusual nature.

h is cures.

thousand for it is


Keep this

a great



The natural, with


man is so much afflicted he feels them in arl

by nature

stong emotions that


and is almost never found in an impartial That, however, is quite contrary lncongruous with

frame of mind. true wisdom and as is the

also altogether expressly

to the Christian



by the Apostle

James when citing

characteristics is first me tell of all you that

of wisdom with ch a e te ; after it ls furr

the words: that,

wisdom from above modest; let impartial


of mercy and good fruit, hearts

and without especially


such partiar

come to the fore

when something unusual happens to them, when they of things, comes to thisr so that even the most overcome

make too much or too little highly esteenred, when it

dE€ easily

by a little

female passion.

Of that

we also have the example of an untold to this author. for One partyr

number of about of

persons in regard such an excellent hin. The other,

on hearing

man, falls

him, almost rnaking an idol cannot get it it vain lies, into ite

on the contrary, it, calling

head nonexis)

but stands up against sense, and bragging. tremes, and the middle


Both, however, are going to unfair course would serve them better thoroughly, the giver, without enotion,


to examine everything good found, recognize

and by the




are found in someone, he has certainly but if someone is full of stupidity

not got them of himself; or deficiencies not be better ber this. addition, it

(shortcomings), of himself. it

he can by the same reasoning

Each (of us) ehould always rememwill stand him in good stead. necessary and unforgettable (that) if In for

In adversity

should be highly person,

any conscientious specially presencer to think


he sees anything him in his tempted he be-

good in any person, Bo that a great

he must never praise

he does not become annoyed and thereby deal of himeelf. On the other hand, if

eomes aware of someone's fault, absence or bring thank God that

he must not diminish in his

hirn in his heart: I

contempt upon him, speaking I an not like other people,


Now then, above-mentioned cellent fornation this think

in regard author

to what f wanted to remember of our it is concerning the exin-

Hollandus, great

and exceedingly in all his

d?eanar on which he gives preparations, down here, that


I intend

time to put my understanding of euch high matters.

what one is to for the sake

(f am doing this) who are beginners,

of some of my co-disciples much innate for this intelligence

and who have so that their love they they


they recognize


study cannot be of use to them unless untiring industry' look that

have previously can, as far hearts of all

managed, through

as these secrets old philosophers. that

are concernedr

Lnto the they have them-

Because of thls they cannot


the advantage in their

harm either

gelves or others



rnstead, reading, often funds,


who despise great

such means of diligent experience without after spending their other sponsors, it, are own in or-


to obtain

punished by being obriged, to look from tine

to time for

der to teet until lngly,

the processes

they devised despair

in the laboratory of the art. likewise

they finally r find



in my understanding,

which is

at the first that originates

etage and eager to rearn more, that in Divine creation


is pure power and might as werl as the invlsible;

of God the Moet High, and nothing either liquidr All created

the visible

can be found or devLsed whieh ie not tangible, hard and dry, intangible, or eoft and

a substantial,

or else an invisible,


power. they

such powersr Do matter root

how innumerably-manifold in

be, have their which is there

and origin for all

t}l,e Mgetenium Magnum,

the might

such powers, and proceed from Thus Lt turne only into an Lnnu-

de potentia

in aetum.

merable-manifoldness Ln one single root.

which yet arises Just

from and lives the many

as may be seen that cold,

kinds of plants, lrcisonous,

whether they be hotr or whatever

sweetr sourr have arl And when die,

sarubrious, life



of them their fall and winter

and growth

from the one sun.

take the sun from them, they must all properties

although o n e l i f e.

they have contradictory

and are yet of

such Lt ie also with in their infused rnother and origin into


powers created, in ?e?um llaturai

they are but one and are therefore that one should revear

such opposing pr6perties

the other taste if


the more.

For how could one judge a sweet ealted were not known to him? without the

the sour or sharply recognize etc.?

How courd one truly harsh and bitter, one ground, no discord and it

what is delightfur

since then such opposites

come from

is one and not two or more and therefore it is only one and not more such opposition when it returns that) is

can be in the one, for

and has no opposite, or arises only

one may concrude that Likewise,

in manifestation.

again to its it

beginning so.

or extreme end (one may conclude

is no longer

fn this


however, such opposites of his


in all


because God, for ordained varied requires third that

the revelation shall


wisdom, has forth


not cease one moment bringing and wonders. hard,

colors' that

Powers, virtues it

This manifoldness another soft, humid, the through its changed as air. is darkened, moista

must make one thing hot, a fifth bright,


a fourth


a sixth

geventh dark, etrong activity. one into when air

the eighth

and the like,

Those properties is also waterr is

are then also easily just into

anotherr turne

overcome one by another; and water again turns illuminated,


fn the same way darkness heat is cooled, ness is dried, coldness motion is is.


is heated, dryness is moistened, stopped, and motionlessness

is moved,

and what else there

From those accidental may recognize with all

and transformable that putting


one to


the same applies in motion

the human body.

Through constant

and cir-



of its




changes arise

in its by


Sweetness aoura, purity

becomes obstructed and (there

mucus, the tenperate countless As there makes that disunion;

becomes hot or coldr


more happenings that is one thing in it that all ln all

cause sickness

and death. however, which

growing things, their

they are one in all

contradietory life and

of them take the spark of their temperature, in) thisr

growth from sunshine of the right peace in like also (betters are identical

and are at how un-

no matter

they appear in colorr recognize that

por{€E and virtue. is one lrith

Thus one may the sun and by the sun, But it

the same thing things; things but jt it is

Ls the life

of all

must be ignlted locked

because in all in the point


in too hard.

of the sun life in aif

is manifest, other things.

and from there

muet also be excited


must not be thought


the sun and planets through

are only

in the aky. epirits another

They are everlmhere

the A11 as Beven to follow one

or qualities,

which have been noticed openation

every 24 hours in planetary world.

at the edge of t,he poi.nt

the created in all

Thus then is the Eane one life


and has been called ? i n e tu r

from oLd Quinta Eaeentia,

M e n e u r iu e V i ta e , malie Vegetabilie have. sulphur In itself,

Phyeiea, Avie Her m etid, Lapie Ani' and what other it is no other names it may

& I'linenalie, in ite its lack with coal, root, like

than living by the sun. in winter' we

and must wlth

always be ignited

Iilhen we human beings mugt warm ourselvee only Ln wood, peat,

the warming sunshine an earthly etc. eulphur-fire,

which burns of

And whoever is deprived

such warmth in great to twitch, finally


his members and body first quite numb.



Nor courd anyone rive (than the right tem-

where such surphur-warmth perature tinetune for human beings).

were greater

But why (rnust) this be so easily obstr ueted

evanescent that it which

o r l i fe -i g n i ti o n its

must stop tincturing is death for

corpue with of this


and motion,

the creatures


That has been for God did not

caused by the envy of the abominable satan, make death. of the livingr Neither iB will does he find pleasure

in the destruction Sup. cap. f.

be proved in 1ib.

Whoever knows how to draw the euinta where it bodily strongly iB and rid it of

Esaentia it

out of a real

aLL feeibue 1 gets with

eunshine whichr oD account of the eoneentnati.on, wilr prove the who].e might of the sun in a small particre like the sun of heaven, again removed from the Therefore, such rear sunshine is to

and is not, possessorfs


be sougtrt most,

next to God.

The kindhearted diligently for


did not negrect

to most

leave to their these gifts


inducement and teachings fair. of that it His peris


of God without

not necessary to bear witness own testirnony is more important it.

in regard of Hollandue. than that an intelrigent

son should not accept words that


se have understood all

from his diseases ridding

he can cure with that

the Quinta Easentia attention,

and infirmities

came to his spiritA,


posgeased persons of evil before that

r have already

admitted it is

r cannot say anything erse about it ,/b

but that




in the true





out of the pure fire

of the eun and cooked in the gupernatural might was phi-

dew-water of the moon, such heavenly, not onry found by Hollandus losophers.

but also by other


J u st a s th e a u th o r of the gr eat Rosar iun philoeophonun etates publicly that all irlnesses that befall the human body, foot, can be even tf hair

from the crown of his taken away eompletely an old man uses that fall out and other youthful great

head to the sole of his by the philosophLcal tincture, of his it

tincture; senile

can make his



youth grow Lnstead, Baei.Li,ue Valentinue that he would the

and restore exclaims


and strength. and stating

with it


answer for

on Judgment Day, that of all

in the Aeten Solie

power and effectiveness

odhet eubjeete together

are eoneentrathe whole

ted and may be obtaLned gathered M e d i - e in a l o p e n a ti o n , etones and minerals

in it,

a n d much mor er ds aII can prove.

other plants,

He also gives more than one painful bladder

exarnple of how he himself stones which,

cured extremely

however, nany conslder


Thig is confirmed vLeanus) by writing booklet: wtrile tt

by the pious Count Bennhardua (Trepreface to hts ehenieallg oE even regret true itt

in his

nLet no one grudge the laborr Ls known for and all Bure that infirmlties by it

he can escape LntolerSl.nce I by le-

able poverty myself prosy,

of mind and-body:

have etpenimented epilepay, dropsy,

and helped people troubled consunptLon, etrokes,

and gout;

also those who were posaessed by devils, and insane, and many others. "

who were raving

fn the same manner the philosopher ceptor Lion" of Panaeeleue, writes as follows: of it. in this in his

Tniemoei.n, preof the Red secret, much


'!lan cannot speak of this This is world that the reason why it may be given

less think treasure

is the greatest And if man

to man.

GOD the Alnighty might this fire live

IORD of heaven and earth his turns life into for four

would help,

and austain

hundred years with For the great so that the And

a?eanum when it of this eecret

t-lr'e Medieina.

renews man from scratch,

humop nadiealie I, this Triemosin, medicine,

is totally

renewed in the human body. truth, that

say by ny highest

f have given of to again. He bechanged,

as f had prepared it

from the red lion, bore children

50 and 70 year-old I gave of this

women who aftemards


to an old man of 89 years. His skin and hair aII

came transformed and he lived for

(younger). thirty

more years aftemards.'

Enough such testi-monials ible authors, and I have only

are found with

many other

credthe God

quoted these few so that assured, aside all


seeker ehould feel for

from me, that our infirmities,

has provided not only

euperabundant help for but also of this

of the soul

wearisome bodyr Ptoearnest

vided we seek understanding persistence,

from him in long-lasting, of it ourselves.

so aa to partake understanding

But whosoever

eraves or desiree euch is no other

and true :.t

wisdom must know that God or the breath-

than the breaan


\ 5u

ing of the Divine the Eternal Light,

power and the effulgence which the wise author treaaures with eiod.

and radiance of the eprendid as a most noble,


Book of wisdom loved above all chaste virgin, forever abiding

And he asked the who was then also He testifies, nor dwerr

Most High to give united to his

her to him as his bride,

soul in an eternal ehe does not enter to sin, that is,

marriage bond. evil

however, that in lives

eouls at alt,


of those who warrow in all drunkenness, whoring,

kinds of einfur lying, rid cheating,

mud, euch as gruttoDy, arrogance, etc.

That is why eaeh must get as of arr tempting and bad

of such monstrosLties

as well


He must be a complete tranEformation, and pious for rife for

become ac-

customed to a penitent praying christ. other

as long as he lives, and mentarity pearrs of

to GoD day and night Then he wilr aages have also acquire

the spirit

the precious

which alr


And when knowledge is granted it laete, the more he comer dnd and how one in

thus by the Father will understand

of Lights,

the longer

from where the opposites

in nature

how one put optrloEite the other drives the other

causes a struggle, there

atrayi also that but that as a greater hand, if

ig as much potentia

one ds Ln the other, to the other, ture. a larger just

in aetu one is at times fire driee

superior moisin

up a smaller

on the other quantity,


or water

is present

Lt extinguishes however, there

the blaze of the fire. aa nuch potentia

Aside from that, or ability

is in nature

in one aa Ln the other. oppoel.te.

one whole erement cannot The whole element it. water

be or become more than its cannot dissolve wige, earth

the element earth

or predominate or make it

Likeand like-

cannot congeal sater


wise ,


potentialit e n

wit n - t h e

o t h e rs .

I n a ctu a l i ty, u n i u s e st e o n ru p ti o u i s a ol u ti va

h o w e ver , it a l te ni.us,

is as follows z

Gener atio

since now uie eoa,gulatipa now non iner aesatioa, also

p re d o mi n a tes; nolt eubtiliatioa,

e t c . r E S th e P h i ,l o e o p h i a pr oves in sever al ways, while teaching another. how to overcome one of these contingencies


Y fh e n a T a n ta ru s,

o r stone, eoagulatee in a per son, it

m u s t b e n e d u e e d b y me a ns of o' ie eoluti.ua and again dissolved . Similarly, turer how to bring one is the opposite qualities into tempena-

so that

in balance by the other be overcome. philosophers

and none overThat ie the concerning highest the de-

powers the other content

or can itself of all

of the teachings which,

Quinta Essentia

when it

is brought to its

gree of perfection, it

can no more be overcome at all. as fire or aome other

Instead, things in

can do as much in patiendo For this is all

agendo. that it

reason ?aulev says of a perfect in euffering, just

human soul


as God is almighty

in action.

Since the Quinta Essentia llfe, in which all oppositee it

is an indestructible and brought

subetanti,al into one

are united

simple mode of existence, and in balance when it ulatioa forced

also makes everything If


reaches manfs body. oia eolutiua

then uis eoag-

wanted to predorninate, by the eubstantiaZ tife

would be reinft would r€,n IU

of Quinta Essentia. as the other

be as powerful

in dissolving

in coagulatingr



in a right



as euinta


p r o d u c es n o rma l l y. expounds from tine

S u ch Ls Hollanduer e opinion which he to time in detail.

To this

someone night


t{hy then did all


who posseesed veram Quintam Essentiam, including himself , die? so that Wtry did they not always atay in touch thenr?

Hollandus temperatum? that God

no death could

The answer is

has set a goal for manrs life, be effective against

and Quinta Essentia will.


Godrs Almighty

ilust as at the over it -

time of the Flood the element water could predominate the others at the behest of God and aftenrards, over the highest had to suffer


went around the earth (yards), it

mountains by 15 eIIs to be dried out again.


That is why nothing Creator. At his

ean stop the 9ili11 of the Omnipresent its power to instruction the

colunand water must forget to burnr

quench, and fire,

is the most glorioue

may b€ found on this omnipresent, to look after ingsr 60 that

in the Book of Wisdom. when his the sin,

So that

ornnLpotent Creator, things and vieit

hour has arrived all bless-


the very best medicine must also be of no avail. fits in here what the author of

That is the little

the reason why that tra cta te ca l l ed

Myetenium Natunae Oeeultae wr ites as I think of the very all serious of

in these worde: threats his with

"As often

which GOD the IORD holds before do,


Law, which I often

f must get afraid

to the utmost

my whole bgdy and soul. " The worde of the Law are the (Deut. 28.v.59): way, tormenting "The I,ORDwill deal wLth you in shall be great

followLng a wonderful

your eeed, and it

and Epecial

plagues and evil

and special

siekness€e.n be so great

The on

a:rme Prophet teaches that account of the eins the greatest will gifts that

GodI s wrath will all salubrious


(which are

of God aside

from the work of salvation)

be powerless.

How great perience

now this bodies eins.

curse is will that all


those see who ex-

in their

medicaments are eursed on did

account of their not wish to resort from diseases were foiled i l l - n e s se s.

That is why t}re Medi,ei (doctors) but withdrew their

to the medicine


when they noticed

something divine

in them and of the

as rnuch by the variety

as the multitude

Aside from that, ally


in order

to speak more naturthe author just

about the much vaunted Quinta Essentia, says in the same little famous medicine tractate: rids

quoted duly this all it

rOne dose of doubts,

superb and very "accidental" safe from all

man of all


renews the whole body, keeping For this spiritual medicine

severe blows. (literally:

penetrates to the root nature tt

to the quick

through mark and bones)

of the illness, manufactured,

and takes the lead in the weak purifying in all to eat. power which improves ill health. It brings

by its

(the boay) rnoet beautifully rest and appetite

aleep for

In truth, also

when a medicine eleep and And althat a

cuts out the root appetite,

of the sicknees,

inducing could do.

I would not know what more it generally

though the counter-chemiets gaddle could not fit all


to thie

horses nor a shoe do justice

to all

lb L
C \\


- with

which ueuar argument they believe


they can

cast destruction the universal nevertheress

and doubt upon the unbelievabre - the intelligent

power of will

medicine clearly

and rl.ghtminded difference


what a great


is between a saddle and a spiritual also see that a saddle may fit


Then they must

many thousands of horses and when now such medicine, f am

a shoe may be put on many thousands of feet. a thing satisfied; by this is conceded to and said about this for I do not say that all

men can hope to be helped


but only many thousands.

In addition,

some might object many. fi re,


a (single)

thing wheth-

could not agree with er this o n e su n , a i r,

Then r ask from experience etc.,

is not good for m anyr y€Er air , and spir it, it due

probably all. which, to his

Ou r me d i cine is sun, fir e, does not understand, just

Lf Maeter Prig ignorance

f consider

and not to the art, also

as the author'6 good guidance fount

words Btate when he subsequently for the preparation of that



out of lulercurial

o f m e t al s.

My whole extensive you give credit


is meant to achieve drawn from Divine

that Light,

to the good teachings, experienced, lovable

of the highly aophers, feuton'iei Scripture, innermost

Hollandue and other


among whom I would count eepecially Philoeophi. vtltings are unequalled center of all I give which,

Jakob Boehme's

aeide from the Holy you the heart that it and ie due

and put before things.

Ilo not think honorary

to emotion that

such great


to such


men, but rather

(I am doing it) tiring,


your best, with

also irn-

to induce you to read without partial sincere attention,

continually, If

the books of the wise men. 1lou wilL

you are it.

toward God and your neighborr

not regret

As an example you have Count Bennhandua Ineui.eanue, Zaehari,ue, the French nobleman, and others most secret revelation, of other jewel of the philosophical solely through the diligent It may well who came to the oral

stone without reading

of the books


take somewhat long tiII but one must not (suggest: one

Bome understanding tire continuing

is derived

from reading; idea follows understanding after

untiJ. a right a right

must not stop until even if ueeful it

of the work follows), years. specified What are in my

were to happen only this


books for

purpose I have in part

Lueetna Salie against very

P h i l o e o p h o yum .

Rem ember also to be on guar d those of the presently it, they


books, which include G.

famous ChemLcal Scribe

As f understand

have caused my words to be misunderstood I tried to dirninish

by manyr ds though which

him in the minds of the fanciere, at all. Instead,

is not my intention (my views)

I wish to set forth of persons.

aE I eee them, without


Accordingly, look for







something in a place where it

is not,

or to establish which this

Bome proceases agaLnst the orderly also he, through highest whom all things

course of nature,

are made does not allow to do. Is it possible f therefore


teaching or figs

to gather sought

grapes from thorns

from thistles?

l ro'

in my above-mentioned fanciers alr

(work) to call

the attention

of the that whether

of the blessed phirosophical

work to the fact

those philoeophiear

proeesses of the said author, or in parts

they have in parts

been customary,

newry invented to their ap-

by him, are to be considered plication to the work.


in regard


The age-old


did not know anything c a l c i n a te , su b l i ma te ,

about euch things, i mbibe, etc.2 a thing, to its

did not dietill,

in such a way; but if took itE spe-

they wished to propagate cific it

they simply

seed, each according its own matrio,

kind and species, it according a kernel

and put to naor a


thus processing

turer plant

dB the propagation shows.

of a human being,

And since the philosophical

opus ?egene?a-

ti.oni,e is precisely is quite

based upon the simple course of nature, yet is the greatest salvation, gift

easy and simple in itself,

of God in thie

world next to the soulrs it in veiled

the phithose

Iosophers have described who night while

languager so that

have bad intentions

would thereby by praying for

be led astray, divine help, That their

the rightly-motlvated,

could enatch the truth is how all preeent-day

from them (or "cull chenical disciplee

the truth"). will speak, for

worke are quLte sophietic written misled in such a way that thereby.


to the letter

and are needs

those who intend

to misuge them are truly philosophical

But they are nevertheless treasures.

and can lead to wiedom and its

Geber also used euch a style himeelf aays that he wrote in that

in a masterly way ao that

fashion. hie opinion that


ehould not remain eecret


the intelllgent;

the mediocre

should find ignorant


hard enough to understand excluded

him, whereas the That

should be miserably

from the sense.

is also why Count Bennhandus complains bitterly a s d o Are h e l a u e , R a ti n , mostly mixed with fought Rupesei.Lla and other s,

about Geben, that they ar e


processes which he, Bernhardus, Not that of Sophistry he wished to by his work,

very much in the beginning. the famous philosophers

disgrace for that it

is a masterful

work in itselfr

€ls may be seen by writesr €rs

which the esteemed author of Vene Venitatis


in the trWasserstein der Vfeisen" by Dr. Adam von page 259, (namely) that he was a Iqaster of Sophof Sophist was

Bodenstein, istry rules. contained foundation. with that

and had written

many books on Alchemy, full a powerful

They had looked as if in them, shile

understanding without

they were nevertheless

However, he did not wish to burden his work and was now saying But according that


he had been a Medieus he

and a good Sophist. had not well Satunnae.

to his own writings, art

understood the natural

of Alchemy or Seeneta the simple people who them, be-


he wished to tell

base themselves cause their

upon such things, ie great

to guard against but their truth




f wanted to suggest with carefully, not lightty Rather,

my book that working


aeeker should tread to the letter work with etart


of sone process. and refleeting

he should at first


about whether he could really understood the

(the process)

and whether he had actually losing labor,

authorts ln it.

meaning, before

expense and time in vain such authors or anyone

But f do not intend

to dirninish


erse with of all

Baying Bo.

For as littre all their

as the literal rules just wirr

content be found ehourd mis-

such procesaes with

by every reader without everything takes. be destroyed

any mistakes,

as little

on account of one or several


one ehould stop short of all a man to more inventions else but that

speculations and knowledge.

which might


And f cannot Eay anything tained

much good is conespecially in his it costs.

in the work of the said author,

P. O., one piece of which pay6 enough for

the price

The very precious not be sought in that be clearly ingly descrlbed

Seenetum Philoaophonum, however, should kind of proceaaea, and should much less

each time.

Un1ess eomeone wished will-

to draw upon his aays that

head the curges of the philosophers, Lf anyone were to dirmlge this su-

as when Ratis

preme good to someone unworthy of it, lator (desecrator)

he would become a vioseeret.

and breaker of the divine

Rainund LuLLue say6: Day."

trHe shall

be condemned at Judgment 'He shall be

The author of the great

Roeanium Eays: Baeilius

c u r s e d a n d d i e o f a g tro ke.r '

Valentinue announces: to

"Such a one could not be reconciled the devil 'He shall ciple that everlnrhere." Eollandus

to God, and would fall says from time to time: I,

be purged tenrporarily

and eternally,"

the disknowing of the

of those men who rest it ehall be so. For if

in God, say Amen to this, God deems a little that it fatth

gize of a mustard seedr so worthy what will he do for the strong,

can move mountains, of those men, as the sun stand

magic faith

he sufficiently

proved for

JoEhua by letting

6til1. or well thing

Whether my unemotional opinion by one or another, from me. that Although

is reeeived

badly or no-

can give or take little I shouLd prefer

to see, and would advereity harm himself in

yet desLrd, my plain in his

no one should find

cause for

explanation. inner man.

Such a one would only

Instead, of grudge, had offended conciled injuredr with ds if

everyone who as a Christian also

gets totally


anger and enmity,

in regard

to those who

him in the extreme, his it counter-value were all pastr

and who now becomes reas if he had never been not the smallest in his mind be-

Bo that stays

spark of annoyance or displeasure cause of the offense;

as long as a peraon does not act thus real Grace with God but says the us in This all

Just as long as he does not find the prayer of the I,ORD for in Christ's his

own damnation;


Heavenly Father, the same way that the more since conciled it with

words, will

deal with

we have deal.t with

our debtor.

he gave us an example in this us through the slaughter of his

and became reown son, while but we had this time.

was not he who had offended him in the extreme.

us in the extreme, Enough of that for


Now it it yet

reuraLns for

me to say - if intended

someone did

not know such

- what feaeue Eollandus Vegetabilia, sublunary

to do by writing

ope"a as Animalia, of it iE that all

and Mineralia. originating

lfhe meaning Ln the elements, (things)


are comprised are included

in three all



Among animal fish

anirnals, worms, birds,

moved by life,



stirringr guiring

and endowed with breath, in addition

sensitivity, to all

and everything


gubstances coming from comprise everything reaves, gra's, wood, fruit

and out of then. that

The vegetable


grows and greens,

out of the earth,


blades and what there Likewise

is about them in roots,

and other matters. (things) mineral lated

aome such greening vegetable such as duckweed, etc. the things that By

coming from the water, (thinge)

we understand arr

are coagu-


the earth,

such as the ore of all rocksr

metals and

minerals, juices,

likewise sulphur,

various alum, etc.,

and whatever mountain out of

are brought or boired

the earth.

The noblest being,


of theee three

rgalms are the human interreratede ds the how to

wine and gold,

which are greatly

philosophers prepare

rong ago discovered.

They arso taught

the animal

stone from man, the vegetable stone from gold-nature, arl

stone from solie,

winer EDd the minerar which three themselves, ful

or altero

stones contain especJ.ally

the power of alr

nautre within poweras they to des_ God) .

the last

one on aceount of its divine mystery


and they are a truly proclaim

(the philosophers) cribe i n fu tu re


(as f intend

i n d e ta i l

in my Eannonia, pr ease it

with detail,



Eolrandus deals in his writings nagnalia and aecret

Ln full operations

and he has compired *te

o f e a c h re a l m i n a e p e ci a r opus......going and explaining one through another.

fr om one to another desire the

I{hich r greatly with this,

reader to understand weII;

and closing

I am bringing

him under tlre ul-ngs of Griaee of the (heavenly God) recornnending hfun with etandLng. arx ny heart for the very neoesgary uirder-