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Nacpil, Joshua Rei V.

Guda, Sharlene Gail Suva, Irish Joy

1. Battery and assault with the picture, it shows that the medical technologist exerts much force for the procedure. The venepuncture itself is an invasive procedure, the duty of medical technologist is not to bring fort more pain to the patient

2. Breach of contract the picture we had taken shows that the medical technologist is sharing to other people the information that the patient is HIV positive.

3. Negligence the medical technologist in the picture shows negligence in a way that he still doesnt terminate the procedure, venepuncture at that, instead he is using cellphone while the tourniquet is still applied on the patient.

4. Invasion of privacy- though not shown as invasion, the medical technologist in this picture shows he is getting the number of his patient.

5. Misconduct in the picture, the medical technologist shows discrimination on the patient since she is HIV positive.