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The 9 mistakes almost all Christian Singles make …
(Including the Top 3 mistakes even the expert counselors don't know they are making)

Elisha Goodman
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Let’s Jump Right Into It ……………………………………………… The 9 Mistakes Almost All Christian Singles Make --------The 3 Mistakes The Relationship Experts Don’t Even Know They Are Making -----

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Let’s Jump Right Into It …
Dr. Neil Clarke Warren, founder of eHarmony.com, the Christian-oriented dating site with 12 million members recently said that his website records 90 weddings a day! This confirms his long-held belief that millions of Singles would love to get married – but only if they could live happily and forever with their partners. And the truth is: The vast majority of Single men and women are fed up with the single life … and the dating game. The whole frustrating, exhilarating, maddening, crazy process leaves them confused, baffled and hopeless. This is especially hard to swallow for most Christian Singles. Especially when they’ve been raised to believe that as long as you live a decent Christian life, and sow your seeds (money) regularly, pay your tithes and give your offerings … you are all set! It breaks my heart to see that many have been doing that for years … until they suddenly woke up to discover that while they are rapidly approaching the proverbial age of 40, the hope of a happy marriage seems to be receding … like a mirage as the years go by. And gradually, they have come to find dating a painful, sometimes frightening, endlessly puzzling pursuit. Deep down in their heart …

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They would like to cut down on the hassle of finding their ideal marriage partner … completely eliminate the deceptions and heartaches … and glide effortlessly into a match made in heaven … a relationship headed straight to the wedding altar … Followed by a “happy ever after.” In the shortest possible time.” Page 5 of 41 . Bone of their bones … flesh of their flesh. At all cost. But there’s a HUGE problem … How to recognize and connect with their God-ordained spouse. In an age where there’s so much deception and counterfeits even inside the church. Unfortunately there are 9 deadly mistakes that almost all Christian Singles make … in a desperate attempt to find their godly spouse … who will love and care for them “till death do us part. how is one to avoid getting entangled with … • • • • • Alcoholics Child abusers Scammers Plain ol’ thieves and crooks Or even murderers … all wolves in sheep’s clothing? Why? Because making the wrong choice in marriage can quickly become a classic oneway ticket to hell on earth… Now most Christian Singles I meet will almost give an arm and a leg just to find their godly spouse … and avoid making a wrong choice in marriage. This has remained a mystery to many.

This Special Report cuts right through the noise and the clutter. Page 6 of 41 . You’ve come to the right place.) If your answer is YES and YES. Even years. Good News … This short manuscript you are now holding in your hands is a Godsend. takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to find your godly spouse … as quickly as possible. It exposes all these mistakes and gives you a short-cut unfailing blueprint you can implement in just 21 days … That will allow you to attract. counseling and advice … are themselves making 3 crucial. getting them to “propose” has proved to be an uphill task. then accept my congratulations. deadly mistakes … resulting in ineffective counseling and all-round frustration for everyone concerned. meet and recognize your godly spouse within the next 6 months And watch as he breathlessly makes the long-awaited proposal Question is: Are you interested in doing things God’s way? Do you desire to have God’s choice in marriage? (Because there’s nothing like having God’s best for your life. Here’s what’s even more alarming … The relationship experts who are supposed to be giving direction.For some who have managed to “find”. For months.

… the whole works. Healing. Rather what you are about to discover are powerful spiritual secrets buried deep in the Bible … that have been used for generations by strong Christian ministries focused on teaching (and demonstrating) the gospel in totality. PROVEN. surest way that a selected few (the discerning. some ground rules … This material is designed to show you the quickest. Deliverance. It is none of that. Page 7 of 41 . It might NOT even work for some (more on this later). prayerful minority) have been quietly using to find solutions to this one. burning issue. No. they teach: • • • • Salvation. While it can bring sudden results in a matter of weeks to some. That is. positive confession sound bites you hear on TV.But first. Real life results … just like JESUS had when He walked the earth. self-improvement concepts repackaged It is NOT even the faith-talk. And there are results to show for it. To set the record straight. it may not work fast enough for others. Restoration. what you are going to see here … • • • It is NOT pop-psychology stuff It is NOT new age.

By the grace of God we will wed in January.. is that not WONDERFUL!!!. After the Prayer Riot (where I did the 21-day fast). I am so happy.. January the 17th my husband to be came into my life and we are going to be married in June. the long-awaited life partner finally came up by July 3. if only I can commit myself into prayer. the ministry that God has for me and my future spouse. Italy -------- Page 8 of 41 .Just like this … “Prayer Marathon Brings My Godly Spouse” I have great news to share with you. -. South Africa And this . I took in the Prayer Marathon in December and prayed for my finances. I needed 3 things and the LORD has given them to me – a car. I can say my life is no more the same.Sister A. a house and a husband. God is GOOD -.Sister Maggie. I am so happy. “Godly Spouse Shows Up After Prayer Riot” I now believe there is nothing impossible to have. I was almost frustrated with life until you gave prayer guidelines and I started doing it.

This manuscript helps to crack open centuries of PROVEN spiritual wisdom locked up in the Holy Scriptures … deconstructing them into simple. even weeks. step by step guidelines that you can follow in the privacy of your home … to literally make it easy. Now to the 9 mistakes (and how to avoid them) … Page 9 of 41 . real easy. for your God-ordained spouse to find and propose to you in a matter of months.

Please pay close attention here. God wants to have first place in your life. you will most likely hear the voice of your own emotions echoed back to you … and NOT really God’s voice. anything that takes the place of God in your heart is an idol. and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity. Especially when it comes to the issue of a godly spouse. and say to them. And here lies the danger … If you go to God with your mind already made up about someone you want and then just ask Him to “rubberstamp” your preference for you … by asking Him to show you if that person is your godly spouse. In the Bible. and then comes Page 10 of 41 . Here’s how the Bible puts it: "Therefore speak to them. In this case.SECTION 2 The 9 mistakes almost all Christian Singles make Mistake #1 Having idols in the heart This is one of the biggies. And you have to go to Him in prayer to find out. 'Thus says the Lord GOD: "Everyone of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart. HE has already kept His best for you. HE will say YES if He sees that in your heart of hearts you’ve already made up your mind! The Bible actually says that if you come to God with an idol in your heart He will answer you according to what you have in your heart.

Ezek 14:4 This is a pretty scary thought! It means that MOST Singles going around saying they heard from God this or that person is God’s choice for them … are merely deceiving themselves. They will need to clear away their preconceived ideas about those they want and don’t want … and allow the LORD to lead them to His choice for them. But if you don’t recognize it … and make full use of it. We see a good example of this in the Bible when we read the fascinating story of a young woman called Rebekah and how she got her godly spouse. I the LORD will answer him who comes. Or help others in one way or the other. attribute or gift that God has given you … by means of which He will deliver His best for your life. Maybe the ability to sing. according to the multitude of his idols. I’ll tell you about Rebecca in the Bible in a moment. Mistake #2 Ignoring your vehicle of destiny Your vehicle of destiny is a certain skill. It is supposed to be your most dominant attribute. most of your blessings will be passing you by. Page 11 of 41 . For some it is hospitality. For others it is the milk of human kindness. talent. including your godly spouse. For others it is the ability to be persistent in the face of all odds. Yours could be spiritual or physical. And He does lead people to His choices.to the prophet. And heading for disaster without knowing it.

ran back to the well to draw water. "Drink. and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. and drew for all his camels." Then she quickly emptied her pitcher into the trough. the wife of Nahor. and I will also give your camels a drink' -. Isaac. that behold." And it happened. my lord. In his prayer he asked that the chosen woman would be the one to give him and his camels drink. Behold. filled her pitcher. Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say. Gen 24:12-21 Page 12 of 41 . "Please let me drink a little water from your pitcher. a virgin." Then she quickly let her pitcher down to her hand. and show kindness to my master Abraham. Now the young woman was very beautiful to behold. And the servant ran to meet her and said. And the servant had journeyed for days until he arrived at the public water supply where Rebekah was soon to come to fetch water. son of Milcah. And by this I will know that You have shown kindness to my master. here I stand by the well of water. who was born to Bethuel. before he had finished speaking. came out with her pitcher on her shoulder." So she said. Rebekah. And when she had finished giving him a drink. The man then prayed and asked the LORD to show him His choice for his master’s son. And she went down to the well. until they have finished drinking.let her be the one You have appointed for Your servant Isaac. wondering at her. 'Drink. she said. Abraham's brother. And the man. and gave him a drink. 'Please let down your pitcher that I may drink.' and she says. no man had known her. Here’s where it gets interesting and you need to pay even closer attention… as we pick up the story from the Bible: Then he said.Unknown to her. the patriarch Abraham had sent his servant to her community to find a wife for Isaac. "I will draw water for your camels also. "O LORD God of my master Abraham. and came up. please give me success this day. remained silent so as to know whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not.

Rebekah had to do something to show that she was truly the one. I will lodge.The man barely finished praying … and Rebekah was already there as an answer to prayer! Magnetized by the power of that prayer. my God. And wherever you lodge. Hospitality. After all there must have been girls even more beautiful … but they didn’t make the cut. Another quick example from the Bible … just in case that powerful example hasn’t convinced you yet. And your God. The heartbreaking story of Ruth. considering she had to fetch water not just for the servant but for all 10 camels as well! What was her vehicle of destiny? Kindness. For wherever you go. This was no easy job. Your people shall be my people. And how she found her godly spouse… But Ruth said: "Entreat me not to leave you. I will go. Page 13 of 41 . Or to turn back from following after you. Sure. She stood head and shoulders above the crowd by this singular action. she was beautiful … but that hardly counts. Now. That’s why I tell people that the surest way of finding your godly spouse is through prayer.

Because with that marriage she became part of the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ! Pretty powerful stuff. My question is: Do you even recognize what your vehicle of destiny is? In this era of fierce competition. how do you think you will ever meet your godly spouse? Think about it. is it possible that you have been busy trying to copy and imitate what others are doing … in the process neglecting you Godgiven attributes and divine endowments? Here’s the risk: If you have not identified and polished that vehicle of destiny. thereby landing in the all-time Spiritual Hall of Fame. I will die.Where you die. If anything but death parts you and me. And there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me." Ruth 1:16-17 Because of her loyalty to her mother-in-law even when she had good reason to abandon her in trying times … she ended up getting married to Boaz. and more also. a man of great substance. Page 14 of 41 . There are so many instances of this in the Scripture.

you literally give the devil license to put you in a spiritual cage.but in the spiritual realm the devil has already written something like “Not Available” right across your forehead. Or if he /she does.Mistake #3 Engaging in any form of sex outside marriage The Bible says clearly that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. No one can find you. What I am saying. You could still be walking around – as beautiful as ever . We are warned against all form of sexual activity outside marriage. Why? Because you now belong to him. You are not available for anyone else. office or community with your God-ordained partner for years and he / she will NEVER notice you. Their eyes have been covered with a spiritual veil and no amount of positive confession or physical beauty can change that fact. That’s why you could be in the same church. Do you see beautiful Singles wandering around in your church without a single marriage proposal? Page 15 of 41 . those with spiritual eyes can confirm it. Or propose marriage. Period. When you violate this important spiritual principle. it will never cross their mind that you could be the one.

So those holiness preachers who have the courage to still insist that there should be no sex before marriages sure know a thing or two. Unless they repent… and quickly too! Mistake #4 Being ignorant of the mystery of spiritual marriage There is something called spiritual marriage. you can be sure that disaster is just waiting to happen. This used to be a closely guarded secret until certain prayer warriors made it their business to get at the root of this issue. So many Singles who are unable to get married in the physical are already married to certain spirits as far as the spiritual world is concerned. Anyone who is engaging in (or even tolerating) homosexuality or lesbianism is directly in the line of fire. And you can be sure that the divorce rate among Christians will drop to its lowest levels if this one is given the attention it deserves. And God is the one who pulls the trigger here. Sexual perversion like same-sex marriages is taking place right inside the church. What they found out in Scripture as well as in real-life events shows quite graphically that so many people including Christians have been entangled in this evil web without even knowing it. In the Bible this is the one sin that God never tolerates at all. You will have a clue if you regularly have sex in the dream. or wake up feeling sexually aroused.Or those who get proposed to just wake up to discover that it’s not on? Now if such “unavailable” Singles happen to force themselves on someone out of desperation. Page 16 of 41 . Now there’s an even more dangerous trend in our corner of the world these days.

They are being followed about and monitored by invisible powers they cannot see. But anyone with the gift of the Holy Spirit called “the gift of discernment” can actually see these spirits at work on their victims! Good news: There are specific prayer points to break off this kind of evil marriage and release you from captivity of satan. And when anything good is about to happen to a person an alarm is activated in the spirit realm and invisible powers are quickly assigned to abort it. it is a legal binding contract and one that cannot easily be broken except by violent prayer and fasting. Some of our prayer points are specifically targeted at this. That is why many people fail at the edge of their miracles. Mistake #5 Getting involved in ungodly associations Ungodly associations such as consulting with astrologers. The mistake here is that many Christians and pastors do not believe this can happen to them. No one will enjoy it. witches. Ordinary confessing the Word of God does not work here. The spirit spouse will introduce all kinds of financial. occult people can lead you into forming soul ties with such people. health and marital problems … just to break the marriage and return the person to square one. What’s worse. they can plant a spiritual device in a person to monitor her anywhere she goes. mediums. Because if this is not dealt with.Now if someone is married in the spirit realm. it will just be like the hordes of hell have been let loose on that marriage. it can result in late marriages. Whether Christian or not. It needs targeted prayer and a peculiar kind of fasting to deal with it successfully. If and when Page 17 of 41 . and if the person manages to get married at all. This happens to both males and females.

you became part of the Body of Christ. Just like when you gave your life to Christ. Those whose parents were members of freemason and other occult and witchcraft groups would be deceiving themselves if they felt that they are not still being pursued by the powers of those cults. Yes. For some people. Who are bent on caging you … and all your blessings.” Page 18 of 41 . But if you stray away from that hedge by committing sin (especially sexual sins) you open yourself up to a strong and aggressive counterattack by the enemy. They may be Christians now but they have to destroy their foothold in their lives and keep a constant watch so those things don’t come back to haunt them. you are married to whatever you worship! If you are a vigilant and prayerful Christian. which is also known as the Bride of Christ. There is an invisible stamp on the forehead saying “Not Available. you can forget the thought of ever seeing your godly spouse. there should be a hedge around you and the enemy cannot claim ownership of you anymore. an announcement goes out in the spirit realm to make sure the relationship is disrupted. you become legally married to the deities operating there. It saddens me to see Christians reading the horoscopes. These are expressways back to the cage.the person happens to meet their godly spouse. Why is this so important? Because the moment you get initiated into a cult group. And consulting with mediums on TV. the evil associations were formed generations ago. but they are still active even today in the lives of the children. At any cost! My heart bleeds for Christians who have not been taught how to deal with powers that arise out of evil associations. And in the spiritual cage.

Otherwise some may go through life stuck with the memories. You need to be aware of it when dealing with the subject of your godly spouse. Some could be generational. In fact it is a covenant of blood – very stubborn to break. And how to deal with it. Page 19 of 41 . A hidden but very powerful covenant is formed with the first person you had sex with. The spiritual and emotional wounds really take long to heal (if they ever heal at all) … and is one of the hidden causes such people either find it difficult to get married or stay in a relationship if they manage to get into one. If you’ve been reading my materials for a while you will know what a covenant is. There is a particularly important hidden covenant that doesn’t get mentioned all that often.Mistake #6 Ignoring unbroken covenants A covenant is an agreement binding on two or more parties. especially if it was a case of abuse or rape or incest as so often is the case. Others could be as a result of one’s present activities. The blood of Jesus gives us the right to break that particular covenant and loose ourselves from its evil consequences. It is called the covenant with the first sexual partner.

if only your spiritual eyes were open to see the calamity some have brought on themselves by these half-clad. skimpy and indecent dressing that pass for fashion. that the sons of God saw the Page 20 of 41 . and daughters were born to them. fighting and quarreling over them just like humans would. Out of many reasons given by the Bible. Now it came to pass. A pertinent question should be: Since these people have been dressing like these.Mistake #7 Dismissing the subject of unholy dressing When Christians insist on dressing like the people of the world. they end up attracting the unwanted attention of spirit beings … who are enamored by their sexy dressing… and insist on following them around. have they found their spouse yet? What they end up doing is driving away their God-ordained spouse unintentionally because these invisible powers following them around want them all to themselves … without any competition! If you are a Bible student you will even notice a Scripture in 1 Corinthians 11 verse 10 that warns about women covering their hair. this mysterious one stands out: “BECAUSE OF THE ANGELS” And this is in the New Testament. In the Old Testament we read about certain sons of God coming to marry the daughters of men. when men began to multiply on the face of the earth. Oh.

And so on.daughters of men. so the thinking goes. that they were beautiful. the Bible clearly warns against “being unequally yoked together with unbelievers” in 2 Corinthians 6 verse 14. And manipulate people out of the will of God. Now. Their job is provide counterfeit spouses. Gen 6:1-2 The sons of God mentioned here are NOT human beings but spiritual beings that took a fancy to women to the extent of marrying them … And provoking divine judgment … Please be careful how you dress. Especially when you realize that these kind of Christians have never brough a single soul to the feet of Christ. This is nothing but an exercise in self-deception. Most of them evil. These ungodly people are really nice folks and they will come round once they get married. What makes them think they can win someone they are emotionally involved with? Page 21 of 41 . Both visible and invisible entities are watching you! Mistake #8 Ignoring the activities of evil manipulators There are matchmakers in the spiritual world. They want to win them to Christ. Some Singles amuse me when they attempt to rationalize a relationship with an unbeliever. and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

know for certain that you have been captured by the manipulators in the spirit realm. Or have broken marriages. all the women never get married. And to destroy the relationship later. Lust. not yours.Blind emotion. Or marry late. living a holy and blameless life before the Lord. Most likely they are all married to the same invisible powers in the spirit realm that will not allow any human competition. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can ever win someone you are emotionally involved with … to Christ. The reverse is what normally happens. If you are a genuine Christian. But it is the job of the Holy Spirit to bring them to the Lord. It’s their job to carry out evil matchmaking. Even in some families. Tell them about JESUS. If you allow yourself to fall into this situation. separation and divorce is the order of the day. you have every authority to break out of any collective curse that puts people in captivity in your family or community. You know why? Because they are all operating under a strong anti-marriage curse. Mistake #9 Leaving unbroken curses in place Many Singles today come from cursed families or communities … where people never stay married. And there are wonderful prayers to use for release from all anti-marriage curses. etc. Page 22 of 41 . Sure you can pray for them. And totally unscriptural logic.

Here we find some kings about to go into war. It is not armchair theory. none is as crucially important (in this connection) as the gift of “discerning of spirits. a God fearing man. Now for anyone to counsel you effectively. Just like watching a movie! In case that sounds strange. let me take you to just one graphic incident out of many in the Bible. persuaded them to find out what the mind of the Lord was concerning the battle ahead.” This ONE gift really unveils the spiritual world for you to see all the intense frenetic activities going on there. Page 23 of 41 . One of them. Out of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 12. they must possess at least one spiritual gift.SECTION 3 The 3 Deadly Mistakes The Experts Don’t Even Know They Are Making Mistake #1 Using the wrong spiritual tools What I have just shared with you is a brief summary of 77 years of spiritual research carried out by some of God’s best warriors in the trenches of spiritual action. Fully supported by painstaking biblical research.

Page 24 of 41 . 'I will persuade him. He could see spirits with his naked eyes. and said. "Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on His throne. and another spoke in that manner. 'In what way?' So he said.' And the LORD said.' The LORD said to him. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the LORD. He could hear the Lord giving orders about the battle.' 1 Kings 22:19-23 For anyone to counsel you effectively. Micaiah by name. that he may fall at Ramoth Gilead?' So one spoke in this manner. 'Who will persuade Ahab to go up. they must have some deep insights into the Word of God … and the way that works both in the spirit realm and in the physical. and all the host of heaven standing by. who had the rare ability to see the spirit realm clearly. And the LORD said. The problems of late marriages and relationships in general have deep roots in the spiritual … and only those who are divinely equipped through consistent prayer. But there was a prophet there. That way whatever someone else is saying will only confirm what you have received already. 'I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. fasting and holy living can successfully counsel and advise you. and also prevail. Go out and do so. I encourage Singles to get in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mode and seek to receive divine revelations about their marriage for themselves … directly from the Lord.Many so-called prophets were invited and they came with much fanfare … to tell the kings what they wanted to hear. on His right hand and on His left. He could even see the spirit that was assigned to lead both the so-called prophets and the kings into error! Hear this exciting prophet in action: Then Micaiah said.'You shall persuade him.

This is a recipe for disaster … a classic case of the blind leading the blind that Jesus so often talked about! Mistake #3 Falling for the 20/80 trap Where do you suppose all the relationship advice you hear from many TV pulpits today are coming from? Psychology. No matter how popular they are. Even if they have big church titles. Otherwise you could fall into the hands of pop-psychologists or even Satanists masquerading as ministers of the gospel who sole aim is to divert people out of the will of God. And if they do NOT know the Word of God concerning relationships. they will only be telling you what they think you want to hear. Page 25 of 41 . Why? Because in their spiritual ignorance. with little or no direct revelation from the Lord.Great thing about this is: No one will be able to manipulate you. then I suggest you run away from them. Mistake #2 Spiritual ignorance and laziness If someone is counseling you and hates fasting and prayers you should be careful.

timely spiritual information (like Micaiah that we just read about). Because all the secrets to successful relationships are buried deep in the Word of God. they resort to filling the gap with half-truths and even downright falsehoods. you get 20% Christianity and 80% Eastern cult thrown into the mix! Why? Since most relationship experts lack fresh. Not good enough. No relationship can stand on the basis of a mere 20% content of the Word of God.Self-improvement new-age cults. You have to go all the way. Or find those who can help you go all the way. Page 26 of 41 . on the other. It takes purposeful fasting and prayer to excavate them on the one hand … and the Holy Spirit to teach us how to apply them and get results. Those who bother to reference Scripture at all still end up with 80% psychology and 20% spiritual advice. A strange admixture of Christianity and self-help … That is.

SECTION 4 How To Say A Final Goodbye To The Single Life Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: You need to deeply repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness Make atonement by the blood of Jesus Identify and locate entry points Reject and renounce all ungodly relationships and associations Issue a bill of divorce in the spirit realm Bind and cast out evil plantations from your life Command evil spiritual deposit to depart Execute judgment on stubborn powers that refuse to let you go Learn to pray the type of prayers that draws your godly spouse to you magnetically – just like Abraham’s servant in the Bible You may now be asking: How on earth am I supposed to be able to do all these? Relax. There’s good news ahead… I’ve done MOST of the work for you! But first… Page 27 of 41 .

These are the major headaches in the Christian community today … and they are posing HUGE challenges to most congregations today. mediums and false prophets about your marriage Getting involved with forced marriages Retaining evil deposits in the body as a result of sexual pollution as a child or youth Being in a marriage sealed with evil blood covenants.What IF you decide to ignore this message? If you’ve read this far … and you decide to go back to sitting around. Getting married as a result of accidental pregnancy Engaging in sex before marriage for whatever reason Consulting with fortune tellers. These 12 things are at the root of the astronomical rate of divorce among Christians NOW (please take it from someone who is in the frontlines)… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Getting married when one or both partners have not committed their lives to God. whether you know it or not Getting married out of desperation Getting married to an ungodly spouse (hoping to convert them to Christ later) Getting married solely on the basis of lust and physical attraction Getting married out of greed and lust for material gain Getting married on the basis of evil prophecies and fake dreams Page 28 of 41 . hoping against hope that everything will be miraculously sorted out … and your godly spouse will just appear sometime in the future … Without you having to take any ACTION now? Please permit me to highlight 12 dangers lurking on the highway of relationships and marriages in the 21st century.

break hidden anti-marriage curses. Draw your godly spouse to you magnetically … as you pray. invisible cage that might be hindering him/her from finding YOU… Specifically. separate you from occult and dark practices designed to hinder marriages … in your family or environment that you might not even be aware of! Release you (and your spouse) from the cage of evil spiritual marriages. so you will see your way clear to not only attract and recognize your God-ordained spouse … but also to release him/her from any hidden. favor and goodness. if any. break off anti-marriage spells. destroy inherited satanic priesthood. Page 29 of 41 . Charge up your life with the divine fire of God that attracts blessings. PLUS… Eliminate the following anti-marriage constraints.e. 9 10 11 12 13 21–Day Prayer Journal Here’s the order of battle i. how we are going to be praying for 21 days. you will have a good idea what this is about. release you from collective family patterns. eliminate ungodly covenants and cancel their effects. Loose you from the grip of anti-marriage infirmity. if any. jinxes and bewitchment. If you are among the 1000s who participate in our online Prayer Marathons.Our 21-day Prayer Marathon for Singles has been designed to preemptively strike out against these things listed above. destroy the grip of spiritual strongmen assigned to hinder godly marriages. sins and evil marks. Wipe away the handwriting of debt and poverty from your life. the prayers will quickly help: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 repair bad marriage foundation.

tumors. divorce.There will be special. abusive relationships. finances) Break evil spiritual marriages (no more sex in the dream) Destroy evil family patterns i. blood diseases. curses and covenants Break evil dedication and soul-ties Eject satanic plantations and evacuate evil deposits Send confusion to the camp of the enemy (of your marriage) Withdraw your virtues from evil altars (blood. Dismantle invisible walls separating you and your godly spouse Know the secrets (spiritual secrets about your upcoming marriage) Loose the grip of anger (so you don’t foolishly drive away your godly spouse in a fit of anger) Receive the baptism of fire … for total spiritual reconditioning Receive the baptism of fresh fire … for spiritual exploits Pray to discover God’s will for you in marriage (so you can summarily dismiss all fakes and counterfeits) Uncage your partner … so he/she can locate you FAST Pray on target while engaged to be married … so the enemy does not throw a wrench in your plans Pray against anti-marriage infirmity (STDs. clothes. etc) Carry out environmental spiritual sanitation (I’ll show you how to spray Holy Ghost insecticide through prayers) Pray against satanic reinforcement (Note: the enemy of your marriage will not be happy that you’ve discovered these prayers … and will try to stage a comeback!) Pray against counterattack Prayer of thanksgiving (a practical demonstration of your faith that the LORD has answered you) 20 21 Page 30 of 41 . to guide and help you: Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Prayer Focus Repent before the LORD and receive His forgiveness Break anti-marriage yokes.e. separation. targeted prayers posted in point form on this site daily. etc.

Finally.What Is A Red-Letter Day During the Prayer Marathon. And be even more sensitive than usual. The results you get in these 3 days will help propel you very rapidly towards your godly spouse. You will need to keep a journal.” This is even more so as you enter into these 21 days of highvoltage. pray-to-saturation event. Look them up in the Dream CODE to understand the meaning. “The Dream CODE. Plus the action to take. there are 3 special days worthy of note. They are days 7. Remember Your Dreams Your dreams contain coded spiritual information (as I explained in my ebook. 14 and 21. The seeds of your victory will most likely be given to you in a dream or vision. This is all detailed in the Dream CODE. Page 31 of 41 . You will need to pay special attention to the prayer points in those days. And carefully write down your dreams.

SECTION 5 Online Bookstore “When are the 3 best days to pray for divine healing. which makes it easier. wealth and success?” These are the 3 days with the lowest spiritual activity. much easier for your prayers to get through… Just turn the page for more Page 32 of 41 .

simple."Give Me 5 Minutes And I Will Show You The OTHER Secret Of Success That Nobody Talks About" An “insider” shortcut guide to prayers that will supercharge your health. easy and super-fast way to get FREE customized prayer points and advice designed to address your unique situation. as you will see below. How would you like to turn any troubled relationship to a terrific relationship in as short a time as 14 days? How would you like to discover the way a few Christians are able consistently to obtain answers to whatever they pray for… almost every time they choose to pray? How would you like to be so good at praying effective prayers that you never have to ever again wonder whether God really answers prayers? That probably sounds almost too far-fetched to be true. and your life.. right? But what if the answers. even if you don’t know how to pray! Plus... your relationships.. are absolutely Yes! Here’s why: Page 33 of 41 .

wealth and success. Here’s just a few of the incredible secrets you’ll learn when you read these e-book: Please visit our online store for these exciting e-journals http:/www. These are the 3 days with the lowest spiritual activity. which makes it easier..com When are the 3 best days to pray for divine healing.prayerdnasecrets..A newly-launched network of websites has just released a brand new series of prayer journals . Page 34 of 41 . much easier for your prayers to get through. wealth and success through prayer. …that blows the lid off the spiritual world and reveals the littleknown but effective techniques that Christian prayer warriors use to release divine healing.

When it is not recommended to pray certain types of prayers. success and protection. Most people will do almost anything for this piece of information. Believe it or not.When are the best times of the day to pray for divine healing. http://www. How to get answers even when you can’t pray. Just make sure they are not on duty before you begin. there are 3 hours in each day when answers to prayers come faster than at others. How to pray the ONLY kind of prayer that triggers the overflowing abundance of God. These are the times when invisible powers that delay or cancel answers to prayers are in full operation. How to scare away invisible powers that delay answers to prayers using a few very specific scriptures from the Bible.com Page 35 of 41 .thedreamcode.

to get started quickly and easily. someone who doesn’t understand much about prayers. and get faster and bigger results. praying the types of prayers that work… without having to get a degree in theology. How to develop almost x-ray vision to see through the spiritual realm and monitor the progress of your prayers. and pray them out of your way effortlessly. How to create an information “blackout” in the spiritual realm through prayers so that those who might try to stop your progress will have absolutely no information to go on (Note: Everything in the spiritual world depends on information – no information. no activity). A step by step formula developed by 2 International missionaries for reaching massive numbers of people rapidly through prayers. How to sniff out things that can hinder your prayers. Plus how to cultivate your spiritual sense of smell for sniffing out anything trying to delay the answers! How to slay the prayer vampires so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the results of your prayers.Secret tips which make getting answers to most of your prayers almost a sure thing. How to set a prayer trap which will cause everyone who wants to turn you into a loser to make incredible mistakes that will serve to advance you. The very best way for a person who has not been very successful at praying. Page 36 of 41 . How to turbo charge your prayers.

http://www. Page 37 of 41 . much more. it is no longer a boring and frustrating activity.com When you begin to pray effectively. It is life… and health… and wealth – for you and your loved ones.And much.prayercookbook.

Because you’ll learn how a little known prayer helped to turn troubled relationships into terrific relationships in as short a time as 14 days Page 38 of 41 . that way. You will learn other prayers that work only under specific circumstances. out of the hundreds of prayers you could learn. You will learn still other prayers that “die” in the prayer room every time. your concerns and your specific challenges NOW. you will not only achieve the results you want. Here’s the exciting part… Because. your circumstances. your background. but also save time and effort by avoiding all the “religious-sounding” prayers that don’t work. you’re going to concentrate only on those that fit you.You will learn the prayers that work virtually all the time for everyone. your life experiences. Because.

Because you’ll learn an astonishing prayer technique you can use to supercharge your thinking. Because you’ll learn the amazing prayer secrets that will help you build your relationship with GOD upon a rock. expand your creativity and dramatically increase your self-confidence. Page 39 of 41 .Because you’ll learn how to discover your life’s purpose through prayer… A simple three step process that will help you uncover your natural ability and move more quickly down the road to more success and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Because you’ll learn a simple system of easy prayers to dramatically improve your relationships with anyone in your life.

com Page 40 of 41 .. http://www.Because you’ll discover how to pray yourself healthy… using healing Scriptures as old as the hills (They never stopped working. people stopped using them correctly!) Because you’ll discover the secret of why the prayers of certain people work – and how you can use this same secret to attract answers to your prayers.. Because you’ll learn how to motivate yourself through prayer even through the tough times.unlockmymarriage.

Because you’ll learn the Top 3 principles that will help you get results in anything you choose to pray about. Because you’ll get to see an astonishing prayer that helped a young woman attract a brand new car into her garage.prayercookbook. Because you’ll discover how to really build your prayer muscle… using 7 little-known secrets. hidden from plain view in the Bible. Please click below for the PROOF: http://www.Because you’ll learn the ONE core secret that can change your prayer life forever… plus.htm Page 41 of 41 . Because you’ll discover why you only stay “fired up” only for one day after listening to all those "anointed men and women of God" … and the seven major prayer mistakes you must avoid on the route to success. Because you’ll discover why the prayers of some pastors rarely work in today’s world… and how to avoid the mistakes they are making.com/proof.all within 90 days. plus a dream job to go along with it . you get a collection of life changing prayers.

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