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New Editing Tools

In Picnik Photo Editor

March 21, 2007

by Barry Dahl
using AcroFlip
Step One: I have this scan
from the newspaper that was
not aligned properly. I didn’t
notice this right away and was
unable to scan it again later.

I opened the photo in Picnik

from my Flickr Photostream.
Step Two: Click on the Edit
Tab in Picnik and then choose
the Rotate button. The screen
will appear as shown below:

Use the Straighten scroll bar to

make the scan straighter. They
show you gridlines to assist
with this.
Step Three: I also wanted to
add a border to make the scan
look better (IMO).

This is the default double

border, applied by a new tool
found under the Creative Tools
Step Four: I usually prefer to
customize the border.

In this case I changed the colors

of both the inner and outer
border and added a corner
radius to the inner border.
Step Five: The last step was
to save the edited scan back to
my Flickr account. You can also
save to your computer, or to
Picasa, or other choices.

You can either save it as a new

photo or replace the old one
with the edited version.
The End


Barry Dahl