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Worksheet: Full Speed Ahead

Introduction to Mobile Robotics > Full Speed Ahead

This worksheet is provided for reference only. Be sure that you follow the steps in the online directions, and answer the questions at the appropriate times. Fill out all your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Construct


What happened when you ran the program?

The robot followed the procedure that was created. So the robot moved according to the program. 2 Which motor spun?

The motor C spun. 3 What direction did the motor spin?

The motor spun clockwise. 4 Did the motor stop spinning on its own?

No the motor did not stop spinning on its own. 5 Is this the desired behaviour yet?

No we didnt want this.

Construct: Run Second Motor

6. Why is the second motor command needed? The second motor command is needed because we desired for it to go straight. According to that Motor C runs the left wheel which is moving. However the right wheel is not moving. That is why we need the second motor to move as that is how we will get the robot to go forward.

Construct: Stop the Robot

7. Why did the robot not stop at the right place before? The robot did not stop this is because we said we wanted the robot to go 720 degrees. We did not tell the robot to stop that is why the robot did not stop. 8. Which of the following determines the order in which blocks are run in the program? Highlight one.

a. The order the blocks are placed on the workspace, regardless of where they are placed. The one you drop first runs first, etc. b. The order of blocks on the white Sequence beam. The program starts at the small NXT symbol, and follows the blocks in the order they are reached along the white beam. c. There is an order of operations of blocks. The software will always make Motor command blocks run first, and then wait for blocks, then Motor stop blocks. 9. Write a brief one or two sentence explanation of what each block does in the program you wrote (also shown below).

First block: The first block controls the motor of C which runs the left wheel. This block shows that the wheel goes forward. Second block: The second block controls the motor of B which runs the right wheel. The block shows that the wheel goes forward.

Third block: The third block controls the motor of C and only turns the left wheel which turns the robot around. Fourth block: The fourth block controls the motor of C and then stops. Fifth block: The fifth block controls t6he motor of B and then stops.

10. Look at your program. I. Which icon or icons in the program controlled how far the robot went before stopping? The icon that controlled how far the robot went before stopping was the amount of degrees indicated at the bottom.


Explain how you could change the program to make the robot go a longer or shorter distance. You would put in the amount of degrees depending on how far or less distance you desire.

11. Describe the robots new movement pattern if you moved the motor plug from Port B to Port A, but did not change the program. How would you then need to change the program to make the robot go forward again? If you changed the motor plug from Port B to Port A it would not make a difference and the robot will not move. To make the robot go forward again we would have to change the program by changing it from Port B to port A.

12. How far will the program shown below make the robot run? Look carefully, this is trickier than it seems! It would make the robot run for 720 degrees.

Continue: Full Speed Reverse

Answer the following:

13. What program blocks are different between the moving forward and moving backward behaviours? In the programs of moving forward and moving back the blocks are on different motors. In moving forward it uses Port A and in moving backwards in uses Port C.

Continue: There and Back (part 1)


14. Did your robot perform both actions as expected? If not, what did it do instead? Yes our robot performed the exact actions as we excpected.

Continue: There and Back (part 2)

Answer the following:

15. Why did the rotation sensor need to be reset? The rotation sensor had to be reset as it was going one step forward but it was coming two steps back. 16. When do you need to do this in future programs?

We have to do this in future programs because if we want to make our robot to different things such as turning we need our robot to come back to the same spot that it started from.