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Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle

Published at The Fourth Rail

Written By DJ Elliott & CJ Radin

Iraqi Order of Battle (OOB) Index Page (Page 1)

Page 2 - Definitions

Page 3 - Iraqi Joint Forces Command (JFC)

Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Command (ICTC)
Iraqi Air Force
Iraqi Navy
Iraqi Support Command (ISC)
Iraqi Training and Doctrine Command (ITDC)
Iraqi Ground Forces Command (IGFC)

Page 4 - IGFC Ramadi Sector

1st (Iraqi Intervention Force) Infantry Division
7th Infantry Division

Page 5 - IGFC Mosul Sector

2nd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division

Page 6 - IGFC Kirkuk/Baqubah Sector

4th Mechanized Division
5th (Iron) Infantry Division
12th Mechanized Division (forming)

Page 7 - IGFC Baghdad Sector

Elements of 6th and 11th Divs not assigned to Baghdad City Districts
9th Armored Division

Page 8 - IGFC Mid-Euphrates Sector & IGFC Basrah Sector

8th Infantry Division
10th Infantry Division
13th Mechanized Division (forming)

Page 9 - Joint IA/INP Divisions

Baghdad Operational Command (BOC)
Augment to Baghdad
Karkh Area Command (KAC)/6th Infantry Division
Rusafa Area Command (RAC)/11th Infantry Division (forming)

Page 10 - Ministry of Interior Units (MOI)

Iraqi National Police (INP) (elements not assigned to Baghdad City

Page 11 - Department of Border Enforcement (DBE)

I Border Police Region
II Border Police Region
III Border Police Region
IV Border Police Region
V Border Police Region

Page 12 – Iraqi Police

Page 13 - Table of Organization/Equipment

Page 14 - Notes

Page 15 - Equipment
Ground Equipment