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Published by Bee Ayer
Brooklyn NY Urban Farm
Brooklyn NY Urban Farm

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Published by: Bee Ayer on Oct 29, 2013
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THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service

This Weeks Share:  KALE!  Braising Mix  Radishes/Turnips  Beets  Basil  Dill
Happy CSA! This weeks share is starting to show the end of the season. Most of our summer crops are done for the year, and roots and greens will rule the farm from now until next spring.

Week of October 28th 2013

in our Urban Farm Training Program two seasons ago, and continued her passion this past season working as our Farm Assistant. She has a keen eye and talent for urban farming, and she has proved her ability to pass this on to others. I will be taking a temporary break from farming to work on my Spanish and spend time on other projects. I will be moving to Colombia for a year or two in December. I hope to spend time thinking about my life and goals and values, and will be working on a plan to farm on a larger scale outside of the city. I am throwing one last dinner party before I leave, Good Enough to Eat (flyer in the bag). The evening will be a chance to celebrate the season with delicious food and drinks from the best of Brooklyn. Of course we will also have our famous raffle with ridiculously amazing prizes. It’s a great deal for a fancy mean and drinks, and of course all the money will be donated to The Farm. We are expecting tickets to go fast, so don’t procrastinate. I would love to share a meal and a glass of wine with all of you and hope to see you there. All the best! Farmer Bee

I have some special news to share with you all …

After 4 wonderful years with The Youth Farm, I am leaving NYC and The Farm. I have loved working at The Farm so very much, and have loved the privilege of working with such amazing students, apprentices and volunteers. It has been such a pleasure to spend my days growing food for all of you. Four years ago when Stacey and I first stepped onto the lawn at Wingate Campus we knew there was potential for great things. We hoped to create a fun learning environment for students to have outdoor classes, and bring issues of food justice into the classroom. We wanted to turn the vacant lawn into a productive space and use it to create something tangibly good for our community. I am leaving NYC knowing that The Farm and the community around it exceeded our dreams. The Farm will continue on and flourish! Molly Culver and Liz Dowd will continue to manage production and adult education. Patricia Noto, our newest staff, will continue working with students from Wingate Campus schools and running our youth programs. I of course will also try to help as I can from afar. I am so happy to announce that Liz Dowd will be taking over my role as co-farm manager. Liz was


Saturday November 2
· * VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm

· * WORKSHOP: Planting Garlic, 2-3:30pm
Add some spice and fire to your garden palette! In this hands-on workshop you will learn everything-garlic, including how and when to plant garlic for a successful spring harvest, how to dry garlic for year-round enjoyment, and all the medicinal properties of garlic.


THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service

Bee’s Favorite Braised Radish & Turnips
I was never actually a fan of radish or turnips until I discovered braising. Its fast, easy and so delicious! It has changed my whole attitude about little root crops. I have always been a fan or turnip and radish greens, and this recipe keeps the whole plant intact for deliciousness and fun.

Week of October 28th 2013

   

A bunch of radishes and small turnips. 2 tsp of oil 2 TBS. of white wine or water Salt & Pepper

Keep the root and the greens together. Make sure to go through and pick out any damaged or withered greens. Put the vegetables in a small pan with sides and put oil on top with a little salt and pepper. Mix them up so they are evenly coated, put in a little water or wine. Bake with a lid on (I use a cookies sheet) for about 10” or until the roots are tender.


You can follow us online and stay connected with the latest in what’s happening on the farm. You know you would love to see cute veggie pictures! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theYouthFarmatHSPS Twitter: @HSPSYouthFarm Instagram: http://instagram.com/theyouthfarm


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