From the leaked documents released by Mr Edward Snowden that concerned Obama’s relationship with the NSA, it is clear

the spies and agency officials are more in control ( in charge) of things in the US of A than the president himself. As far as the NSA, CIA, Pentagon, the State Dept, the navy admirals, air force and army generals are concerned, Obama is just a genteel house servant whose job is to be always around or always available to stamp all sorts of blank cheques for them. Obama is also available to churn out untruthful statements on their behalf. For example, the White House has denied that the US ever deliberately spied on Angela Merkel, but leaked documents showed that the NSA had a wire on Merkel since 2002, and Obama knew about it sometime in 2010 but he didn’t do anything except handing out a high five to the NSA It is clear the US is a multi-head hydra political entity that is growing more and more fascistic with each passing day. Its leaders and political big shots are all experienced and well-trained liars who won’t hesitate to spit out a lie at the drop of a hat. In fact, all of them are born pathological liars.

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