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Chapter Five: Air Around Us 1. Properties of oxygen & carbon dioxide: Oxygen Colourless & odourless Gas at room temperature 2 oxygen atoms bound together Combines easily with other substances thru chemical reactions Needed for respiration Support combustion Dissolves a little in water Not soluble in sodium hydroxide Test – glowing wooden splinter (rekindles) Blue litmus – unchanged (neutral) Bicarbonate (red) – unchanged Same density as air Carbon dioxide Colourless & odourless Gas at room temperature 2 oxygen atoms bound 1 carbon atom – Needed for photosynthesis Does not support combustion Dissolves more in water Soluble in sodium hydroxide Test – lime water (chalky) Blue litmus – blue turns red (acid) Bicarbonate (red) – yellow (acid) Denser than air

Let’s Test Yourself 5.2 1. State one importance for oxygen and carbon dioxide. 2. Complete the table below. Observation Carbon Oxygen dioxide

Test Litmus test (moist blue litmus paper) Bicarbonate indicator Glowing splinter Burning splinter Reaction with sodium hydroxide 3.

Which test would you use to confirm the presence of the following gases? a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen

Prepared By: K.C. Ngu

Form 1: Chapter 5 – Week 17

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