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OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014 • Vol. V, Issue No. 7

By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
Acknowledged as one of the more chronic diseases among humans, Diabetes Mellitus or simply Diabetes is an illness which occurs when a person does not produce sufficient insulin coming from the pancreas or when the body cannot properly utilize the insulin that it produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Hence, high blood sugar levels or Hyperglycaemia are associated with people who are suffering from Diabetes. Eventually, Hyperglycaemia can lead to serious damage that may gradually affect the normal functions of bodily organs and systems, especially to the heart, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. Types of Diabetes According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three (3) types of Diabetes. These are Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes occurs when a person’s body fails to produce insulin. The deficiency in insulin production requires the patient to be administered with sufficient doses of insulin on a daily basis, either through injection or an insulin pump. This form of Diabetes was also known before as Insulin-dependent, Juvenile or Childhood-onset Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is a condition which results when the body becomes resistant to the insulin it produces and the cells fail to properly utilize the insulin. Type 2 Diabetes is known as the more common form of Diabetes as 90% of people who suffer from the disease are diagnosed with the Type 2 variety. The third type is Gestational Diabetes, which occurs among pregnant women who develop a high blood glucose level during pregnancy. This is often diagnosed through prenatal screening. Additionally, people who are suffering from Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT) and Impaired Fasting Glycaemia (IFG) are also at risk from progressing to Type 2 Diabetes. Common Symptoms All three Diabetes types have almost the same symptoms. For a person afflicted with Diabetes, symptoms may include polydipsia or excessive thirst, polyuria or excessive urination, fatigue, vision changes, constant hunger and weight loss. How To Prevent and Treat Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented as based on medical accounts. However, the more common form of Diabetes, which is Type 2, is usually influenced by a person’s lifestyle. By preventing and delaying the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes, people should do the following adjustments to their respective lifestyles: -Engage in exercise and be physically active. -Eat a balanced and healthy diet that includes intake of three to five servings of fruit and vegetables. Reduce consumption of food containing large amounts of sugar and saturated fats. -Avoid smoking as it increases the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. -Maintain an ideal body weight. The primary treatment of Diabetes is through lowering and moderating blood glucose levels. Medication includes giving insulin to patients with Type 1 Diabetes while those with Type 2 Diabetes may be given oral medication but may also require insulin depending on each medical case. Blood pressure control is also key in controlling Diabetes. Other related preventive methods for people with Diabetes include screening for early symptoms of Diabetesrelated Kidney diseases and for retinopathy (which causes blindness) as well as controlling Lipid levels in the blood to regulate cholesterol. Global and Local Diabetes Information As per the WHO, here are some helpful and viable information regarding Diabetes - 347 million people worldwide have Diabetes. -In 2004, an estimated 3.4 million people died from consequences of high fasting blood sugar. -More than 80% of Diabetes deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. -WHO projects that Diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in 2030. -Healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and

avoiding tobacco use can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. In the Philippines, reports from the National Epidemiology Center of the Department of Health (DoH) consider Diabetes as the ninth (9th) leading cause of death among Filipinos from the years 1999 to 2002. As of 2005, one in every 25 Filipinos was diagnosed as having Diabetes. Also, according to Dr. Danilo F. Baldemor, diabetologist and immediate past president of the Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators (PADE), Diabetes affected the lives of 9.7% of the total adult population in the whole country in 2012. This brings the utmost necessity to incorporate to both young and old Filipinos the importance of adopting a healthy and maintained lifestyle in order to avoid the complications of the disease. World Diabetes Day First starting in 1991 as an initiative of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health

Organization (WHO), the World Diabetes Day (WDD) is an annual event celebrated every November 14th. This campaign is spearheaded by the IDF and member associations in advocating and creating awareness about Diabetes among the global community. World Diabetes Day became an official United Nations Day in 2007, in recognition as an important vehicle in disseminating important information and issues regarding the growing concern behind Diabetes to the general public. The event is celebrated on November 14, which also marks the birthday of Frederick Banting, the Canadian scientist and doctor who alongside with Charles Best, conceived the idea that led to the discovery of insulin in 1922. For years 2009 to 2013, the central theme for the annual World Diabetes Day celebrations is Diabetes Education and Prevention. Activities that are associated with the observance of World Diabetes Day include press conferences,

sports events, radio and television appearances, newspaper articles, free Diabetes screening and workshops which are organized by the various member organizations of the IDF and associated groups worldwide. Here in the Philippines, the observance of World Diabetes Day is headed by the Department of Health alongside with local affiliates of the IDF and Non-Government Organizations that cater to Diabetes awareness and prevention. Usual activities include free blood glucose monitoring and testing, sports events such as fun runs and talks and seminars to the Filipino public about basic Diabetes information and care.
References: html (World Health Organization Diabetes Factsheet) (International Diabetes Federation) ph/index.php/2012-05-23-07-4636/2012-05-24-00-03-06/5803-Diabetes-and-the-filipino-diet (Philippine Council for Health Research and Development-Department of Science and Technology)


By: Alexander B. Estoesta II

It has been a common knowledge that Filipinos love good food. Aside from appreciating the finer points of cooking and food artistry, it is through partaking of a sumptuous meal that Pinoys alongside their families and friends bond, whether it be on a special occasion such as birthdays or weedings, or just simply relaxing after a stressful day at the office or school.
In the heart of Valenzuela City in Northern Metro Manila lies a dining establishment that has a refreshing ambiance and also serves good and delicious culinary dishes hot off the grill. A perfect venue for those who want to momentarily escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis all the while enjoying a hot meal and perhaps a cold bottle or two as well. Located in Barangay Lingunan, Valenzuela City, Villa Marcelina prouds itself as the city’s biggest and finest restobar and grill. Opened just last December 2012, Villa Marcelina has managed to establish itself as one of the more prominent dining establishments in Valenzuela less than a year of its operations. The Early Beginnings of Villa Marcelina According to the restaurant’s operation manager Arnold Amado, Villa Marcelina was a brainchild of his childhood friend Jun Paler. Engaged in the auto supply business while based in California with his family, Mr. Paler disclosed to Mr. Amado his plans to build a restaurant during one of his visits in the Philippines back in 2004. “Nagkita kami dati ni Jun (Mr. Paler) sa isang bar kung saan ako nagtratrabaho noong bumisita siya dito sa Pilipinas noong 2004. Sinabi niya sa akin na once bumalik na sila ng pamilya niya dito sa bansa at mag-settle down for good, ang balak niya ay magtayo ng restaurant. Doon na nagsimula ang pagpaplano para sa Villa Marcelina.” shares Mr. Amado. Further, Mr. Amado discloses that Mr. Paler has a fondness for food and eating while in the company of family and friends, thus the concept behind this business endeavor. The plan eventually bore into fruition when Mr. Paler and his family moved back to the country in May 2012. Choosing one of his lands in Valenzuela City as location, Villa Marcelina opened its doors to the public in December 2012 after three months of construction. The restaurant’s name is in tribute of Mr. Paler to his mother Marcelina. Given his background in overseeing the operations of restaurants and bars having worked as an area manager and supervisor of several dining establishments before, Mr. Amado was tapped by Mr. Paler to be Villa Marcelina’s operations manager. As proof of their commitment to make the restobar more better, the two friends openly discuss matters and share their ideas and suggestions regarding Villa Marcelina’s activities to each other on a daily basis. Through this reciprocation of thoughts, Mr. Paler and Mr. Amado are able to chart various marketing and promotional activities that helped enhanced the image of Villa Marcelina in enticing more people to visit the restobar. Culinary Line-Up Acknowledged as Valenuela’s biggest grillery and restobar, Villa Marcelina prouds itself with a full-fledged menu that aims to capture even the most distinctive of tastes. Mr. Amado credits Mr. Paler’s nephew, Michael Celis, for coming up with the restobar’s menu. Celis holds a degree in Culinary Arts. In addition, there are also some items in the menu which were contributed by the restobar’s current cook and kitchen staff. Describing Villa Marcelina’s line-up of dishes, Mr. Amado describes them as a fusion of Asian dishes, which includes traditional Filipino meals as well as Chinese and Japanese variants. He cites the restaurant’s grilled food items as the best sellers in the menu, singling out the Seafood Platter composed of Tuna Belly, Mussels, Prawns and Pusit Lumot (Squid) as one of the more popular dishes among their diners. Among the restobar’s dishes sampled turn to page 10


OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
Despite her more than 30 years in promoting health and wellness in the Philippines and abroad, Superlady Dr. Winie R. Elfa still feels that she needs to leave a legacy behind that will ensure that her advocacy will be followed by the next generation of Filipino people. In an exclusive interview granted to Great Philippines Expedition, the 63-year old Naturopathic/ Alternative Medicine Doctor shares her thoughts about her planned legacy to be given to this country’s citizens, with emphasis on a proper and healthly lifestyle to people coming from all walks of life. “Basically, I plan to leave behind a lasting legacy for all Filipinos, especially to our senior citizens. I want them to be in the pink of health and free from any sickness especially during the latter years of their life. In turn, they will be able to acquire savings and give these assets that will benefit their next of kin.” says Dr. Elfa. In principle, according to Dr. Elfa, this type of succession is proper and ideal since the main beneficiaries would be that of the future generations and securing a better tomorrow for them. Explains Dr. Elfa: “We should not think of ourselves alone but that of the welfare of future generations as well.” To prepare for the future, she relates that all Filipinos should have a series of plans for his/her respective family. Correspondingly, these plans should center on emphasizing awareness in terms of health and wellness for each member of the family, since the doctor firmly believes that a proper family planning is equivalent to good health for all. “I also advise each Filipino to plan their lives well. Basically, health is one’s utmost priority. Life is the most precious possession but most people take it for granted,” Dr. Elfa notes. “Man gets sick and most accidents happen because of negligence.” She also adds: “The process of ageing and degeneration cannot be avoided. Given this fact, people should practice preventive measures to avoid being stricken by sickness.” In detail, Dr. Elfa tells about her plans to spread the goodwill of health and wellness to the whole Filipino community. According to her, she wants this to be accomplished not only thru word of mouth but in deed. Introducing the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle Namely, there are two purposes which Dr. Elfa hopes to influence to the people who will be following this mode of healthy lifestyle. One is for them to remain healthly and the other is to avoid debts and liabilities by those sick individuals that will be passed to their families. These are achievable goals, she says, if these individuals wholeheartedly subscribe to the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle, Dr. Elfa’s specific plan of action to advocate health and wellness to all Filipinos. Emphasizes Dr. Efa: “If a patient follows my regimen 100%, I will assure them that this method will lessen their agonies and help them to live longer without pain.” Under the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle regimen, the procedure to follow include the laboratory testing of the prospective client or patient before and after the regimen is completed. This set-up has patients accommodated by Dr. Elfa on a 24 hour period in which they will be subjected to a diet of foods that are considered as “pagkaing gamot” (healing foods) which can heal a variety of illnesses. The patients are confined to her care in her clinic/ office at West Insula Condominium in Quezon City, wherein they will be given the necessary treatment and medicinal products based on their illness. For those patients who have been diagnosed as having chronic illnesses, Dr. Elfa recommends that they stay for seven (7) days under her hospice with proper treatment and diet from the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle regimen. Afterwards, they will be able to see the difference and notice the improvement in their health. “They will be healed if they properly follow my protocol in relation to their treatment.” says Dr. Elfa. An Invitation to Promote Health and Wellness In order to fully realize this objective, Dr. Elfa is urging investors and medical practitio-ners to help her in purchasing several units of the West Insula Condominium to be converted into a small health facility that concentrates on promoting her health and wellness objectives. She also plans to utilize her 5-hectare lot situated in El Nido, Palawan as a model community for the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle regimen. Alongside these plans is her invitation to individuals who want to be one of the Superlady’s Macrobiotic Consultants and be part of the team who will help in carrying out and promote the health and wellness programs of Dr. Elfa. All of these, Dr. Elfa says, will serve as her lasting legacy to the whole Filipino nation. “Sa ganitong paraan ay hindi masasayang ang aking mga efforts. Dumaan ako sa hirap at batikos mula sa medical community pero ito naman ay nalagpasan ko dahil meron akong mga pasyenteng natulungan na gumaling sa kanilang mga sakit. I was also able to improve the condition of people with terminal illnesses within the seven day management of my health program.” shares Dr. Elfa. Onwards, Dr. Elfa is hopeful that Filipinos will be able to adapt her lifestyle wellness regimen and by being committed to it will reap significant benefits for them later on. “Magpalusog, magpalakas, magpaliksi, magpahaba ng buhay ng hindi aray ng aray. Ang hindi maiiwasan mapigilan, mamatay ng nakangiti, hindi nakangiwi. Huwag magiwan ng utang sa mga kapitbahay.” quips Dr. Elfa as her parting message in inspiring people to keep healthly and strong in order to prolong their lives as well as investing towards the future in safekeeping health so that debts may not be incurred to the family to be left behind. Listen to Dr. Winnie “Superlady” R. Elfa ‘s Radio Program: Radyo Kalusugan University in the Air Health Seminar which is aired on Radyo Veritas 846 KHZ Monday to Friday from 2:00 to 3:00 am and every Thursday from 1:00-2:00 pm. Her program is also aired on DZME Radyo Uno 1530 KHZ Monday to Friday from 4:00-5:00 am and Saturday 4:00-6:00 am. Visit her office at West Insula Condominium, West Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City (near Paramount Theater and SM North Edsa)

DOALNARA Restoration Society Philippines Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Cooperative Profile
Doalnara globally: A movement seemingly quiet and simple is arising. Nevertheless all who see and hear of it become overwhelmed with hope as it embraces us with refreshing amazement. This movement is spreading domestically and overseas as well and has recently become a point of major interest. This is the moment that Doalnara Restoration Society is developing for what is called (Global Environmental Restoration Movement). This movement that had slowly begun in 1980, was established as Doalnara Restoration Society in 1994 and had then started to carry out organized actual operations. Presently Doalnara Restoration Society Philippines has many sister organization, with its headquarters located in Uljin, South Korea, with 10 other branches in Korea located in Chongsong, Sangju, Bongwa, Pyongchang, Jangheung, Jungju, Sanchung, Wonju, and Jinchun. There are 11 internationl branches: in USA, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, Taiwan, Canada, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Kenya and Philippines. Global Environmental Restoration that Doalnara Pursue: The dream behind Doalnara’s slogan village where dreams come true’ is to make a [ Healthy Society Without Diseases] as well as [ A happy world where everyone has become one family]. This is the very dream that Hannong Restoration Society has been striving to fulfill through Global Environment Restoration. Then what is this movement of

Global Environmental Restoration that Doalnara Community strives for? Firstly, it is the movement of “ Restoring the Diseased Lands”. It is known that in this vast universe living substance exists solely on this Earth. The root of the earth’s environment is soil, and soil is the mother of all living substance. With this belief, in order to restore the lands diseased by bvarious kinds of environmental pollution, Hannong uses what is called the triple agricultural methods through ‘natural organic farming methods without ever using agricultural products but we have developed a movement that also restores the diseased lands. Secondly, it is the movement of “Restoring the diseased Body” Although science and medical science is continuously developing, mankind is suffering from disease more than ever. The way for mankind to be freed from their diseased bodies is not to put harmful poison into the body but to consume healthy foods that maintain our health. With this belief, Hannong uses detoxifying foodstuffs and produces agricultural products that have been produced with non-poisonous methods from non-poisonous soil. With the intake of this non-poisonous agricultural products and through health laws and natural healing methods, we not only heal our diseased bodies but we are also able tp prevent catching disease as well. Thirdly, it is the movement of “Restoring the diseased body”. Although science and medical science is continuously advan-

cing, modern conveniences make a convenient lifestyle possible for our world. However, the heart gradually becomes diseased, and the result is the increase of crime and deterioration, as well as the crumbling of moral principles and ethics. Through demoralization, lack of moral standards, and lack of sense of values that do not des-troy but rather increase each other’s happiness, we are unable to break away from the shadows as we progress towards a dark future. Through “Hannong’s alternative education” this purpose is being fulfilled and has become a subject of great interest in the education system. Hannong’s school of alternative education has been televised several times through the media. Here in this school bullying, alienating fellow classmates, violence, smoking or deviation can never be found. It is a site of education for the whole man and has become the center of great interest. Consequently, people whose heart are firm and unchanging as stone have gathered together to study and educate the Environment Friendly Agriculture in order to fulfill and expand this practices domestically and internationally. By fulfilling Global Environmental Restoration on the whole through domestic and international interchange and public information, our goal is to contri-

bute toward the fulfillment of the welfare of the farming villages and the true happiness of mankind. DOALNARA RESTORATION SOCIETY PHILIPPINES MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE What is Doalnara? DOALNARA is a worldwide “organic” community, joined together with the single purpose of growing- organic produce and fostering an- organic heart. Mission: To make a happy farm community that is eco-friendly…with people physically and spiritually healthy. Thus, restoring man in the image of His Maker. Vision: To make a [A Healthy Society without Disease] as well as [A Happy world where everyone Has become one family] Location: At the foot of the two foggy mountains, Mt.lumot and Mt.Balatukan, at Sitio San Roque, brgyn Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao island. Philippines. Contact and visit Catherine Bautista at 3rd Floor, Victory Mall, Caloocan City Mobile Nos: 09294052523 and 0927-8310483”


OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014




OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014



A Visit to Cavite’s Blue Bali Health Spa and Restobar
values his staff as much as the clients. The Staff In regards to his staff in Blue Bali, Mr. Montoya shares:"Four of my therapists are scheduled to leave the country and undergo training in Kuwait and return back here afterwards so we can send another batch to train as well." The personnel here are not only friendly and accommodating but they are also professionally trained to cater superb massage treatment to melt away all the tension and stress of a heavy day's work. Footprints of an Entrepreneur In his two years in this field, Mr. Montoya went through the ups and downs of his business. "There are a lot of problems, but I made it," says Mr. Montoya. His message of advice the spa's furniture and decors look like as well as the interiors of the walls and ceiling and the design of the rooms/ treatment area. To add, there is also a boutique of specialty products that all came up to paint an Indonesian inspired appearance. He was personally in charge of the selection of style and designs, every little detail of it including light fixtures, curtains and plants. A cozy specialized area for couples or the couple's room is also offered. The harmony and privacy of the environment only adds up to the signature service they offer for a complete package. Purely Massage Service "What makes Blue Bali different is that we provide pure massage pleasure only. Clients come to us because we are known as a very wholesome establishment," says Mr. Montoya. He stands by his principle of working hard to obtain dignified therapists and strongly believing in doing what is right. The proprietor's commitment to providing reputable and excellent customer service explains why he never tolerates a therapist who renders extra service. He to those who want to attain success is to follow one's happiness: "Ang negosyo, kung sa tingin mo tinapos mo doktor pero hindi ka masaya, huwag ka doon. Kung mas masaya ka magtinda ng isda, kalimutan mo propesyon mo. Piliin mo iyon. Chef talaga ako, akala ko iyon na pero mas masaya ako dito (Blue Bali). Siguro 40% stress, 60% masaya ako sa ginagawa ko lalo na nakakatulong ako sa mga therapist ko. Tinuturing ko na din silang mga anak." He believes in the significance of happiness in relation to being successful. According to him, it is also necessary that one must know how to save money. That is why he is thankful for his friends in the administration unit that act as his accountants. It is through them that he has learned the value of savings.


“Massage is a luxury one can’t afford to miss.” And in search for this kind of pleasure, Great Philippines Expedition found this place located at Mercedes Village in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. Blue Bali Health Spa and restobar in the heart of the Southern Luzon province portrays a whole unique relaxation experience for a perfect getaway.
The Amenities The place has an alluring aura to any guest or visitor. The reception area to its main facility, offers a blend of tranquility and a sense of authentic ambience. "Blue is for men and Bali itself means Bali Indonesia." Mr. Albert Montoya the man behind Blue Bali, shares the story after its name. When it comes to work, he believes that men are more stressed than women. Men always come for massage to soothe their body pains. His long time dream of visiting Indonesia also led up to this concept. This also explains how

Why Massage Therapy? People occasionally seek relief from head, back, neck, shoulder and body pains. A soothing massage can be a perfect treatment for such. Not only does it provide muscle relaxation but boost one's health as well. Massage (the power of touch) is good for the body, mind and soul. To enjoy all of these benefits, one must do a Spa visit and Blue Bali is a perfect choice for such. The Spa's combination of different therapy and massage comes in reasonable prices and are cost-friendly. You can also choose from their various beauty products, all organic and chemical free. A total health package for stress management, rejuvenation and recreation. So do drop by and enjoy the services offered by Blue Bali Health Spa and Restobar.

The Premium Health,Travel and Lifestyle Newspaper

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OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


RODEL T. RABARA It is only but human for one to experience a multitude of hardships in life. It can range from as simple as one being suddenly retrenched from work to the more complex, such as an individual growing up in an environment deprived not only of sustenance but of any parental care as well.
help us get past through this challenge in life. And this is where the presence of families and friends come in. The family is considered as the backbone of a person, so always expect a ready response if one is to seek help from a family member given the close-knit quality of Filipino families. The same principle applies to friends also, especially those who one has grown up with in which the relationship is almost similar to being siblings among themselves. And strangers also can help during times of hardship. How? People are known to show compassion to his or her fellow man during times of suffering. In dire situations such as the recent calamity that has struck the Visayas and the armed strife that has displaced many in Zamboanga City, there are countless persons who did not hesistated to share a part of themselves to help in channeling relief to the needy, be it in the form of giving donations or by physically volunteering to assist in various medical and rescue operations in different areas of concern. It can be remembered that in Catholic teaching, the corporal works of mercy entice each one of us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty and visit the sick, among others. Its is through performing these acts do we receive an accomplishment in life and fulfillment in spirit as we have wholeheartedly rendered these duties to our fellow man and in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. So wherever you can, whenever you can, always try to extend a helping hand to others. By becoming a blessing to them, it will also open the avenue for others to assist you when a dire time is at hand. No matter how big or small your form of help is, it matters greatly to the person that you are helping. Have a good day, everyone. And continue to share your blessings to others!

Perfect teeth, beautiful smiles the MRC way
Text and photos By Leony R. Garcia
"I hope to see the day when children no longer have to wear braces." starts Dr. Gamaliel Urbi of Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) Clinics. The dentist is talking from experience having been in the dentistry business all his working life. He said most parents save hard for the kids braces while the kids brave it out to endure the pain of wires. This happens when parents worry and seek medical help especially for their kids with crooked or crowded teeth. And they are advised by the dentist to just bring them back when they are 12 years old – at the time when an orthodontic treatment like the brace could now be fitted to their teeth. This is traditional approach -- through brace. However, by 12 years old it may be too late as a child’s jaw bones may be fully formed as well as permanently out of its supposed shape, Urbi says. Fixed braces cannot effectively develop the jaws and extraction of multiple permanent teeth is often required. Full-fixed braces may also bring “Other problems such as enamel and root damage.” Urbi says. “In short, hinintay muna maging malala yung problemang

Though it may seem true that certain forms of problems supposedly act as building blocks in strengthening one’s character as the years go on, it is definitely not applicable to everyone. Mere humans that we are, we are prone and susceptible to emotions whenever we encounter a difficult and painful situation. Most of the time, we may need support to

ALEXANDER B. ESTOESTA II A numbing incident which happened last October 15, 2013 has left hundreds dead and hundreds more either injured or dispossessed of their housing and material belongings . Furthermore, it has left a whole nation terrified on the aftermath of a disaster.
paredness and emergency evacuation, especially during times when the earth is making violent and rapid shakes. An online article by the National Geographic shares key information about Earthquake Safety. This includes having an earthquake readiness plan, building your house with the help of a professional who will guide you to make the structure earthquake proof, keeping an emergency kit that has an adequate supply of food, water and medicine for the whole family and also turning off immediately the electricity, gas and water lines once disaster strikes. In addition, the article also suggests about what people should do in the middle of an earthquake activity. These are: -Drop down; take cover under a desk or table and

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake that has hit the Visayas area, in particular the provinces of Bohol and Cebu as well as surrounding areas, in the morning of October 15 has been described as one of the more destructive natural calamities in recent local history. Aside from leaving scores of people lifeless, the earthquake has also pulverized and destroyed several historical sites, mostly heritage churches which have been built several centuries ago. Given that the Philippines lie in the Pacific Ring of Fire area of the planet, it makes the country susceptible to volcanic eruptions as well as frequent earthquakes and tremors. With this fact, it is important that each Filipino know the finer points of disaster pre-

-If outside, go to an open area where there are no obstructions that might hurt you and others in the midst of aftershocks. -Stay away from standing furniture or appliance that can fall on you. -Stay away from windows since they might shatter and you might get injured by the flying shards. (broken glass) -If you are in a moving vehicle slow down, find an open area and get out. Remember that the key word here is to remain calm and not panic regardless of the catastrophic situation. Being calm will enable you to think clearly and straight so that you may be able to save yourself and others in the process as well. There are countless times that people are overwhelmed by panic that it results in creating a more troublesome situation such as in the cases of stampedes or drowning in sea disasters. Avoiding panic will ensure not only your personal safety, but to other people as well. Continue to be safe, everyone!

bago gamutin. By that time masakit para sa bata ang solusyon – bubunatan siya ng permanent teeth at lalagyan ng maraming wires at mas magastos.” He says. With modern technology, parents and children don’t need to wait until these ages. In fact, according to Urbi it’s better to start treatment early and correct the underlying causes of the problem (incorrect muscle function of the lips and tongue) commonly cause by mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking (also known as incorrect myofunctional habits). Preventive, interceptive dentistry As a fellow of the International Association of Orthodontics, a professional association primarily consisting of general and pediatric dentists, Urbi was introduced to a new dental technique that would be able to address misshapen jaw and teeth of young kids aged between 5 and 12. “What we do here at MRC Clinic is to observe the concerned child first. Putting any corrective instrument on the child’s teeth should come later because we found out it’s the child’s habit that should be

addressed first.” Urbi says. He explains that a child’s mannerisms have a huge impact on shaping his/her face. “If the child breathes through the mouth instead of nose, bites the lip, thumb sucks or uses the tongue to push the teeth, these actions could put pressure on the child’s jaw and cause not only misshapen teeth but also face.”explains Urbi. The soft tissues in the mouth control dental position and should be treated in conjunction with any orthodontic appliance therapy. Treating the soft tissue inside the mouth is highly important as research shows the position of the teeth is determined by the lips and tongue. Also, positive facial growth depends on correct function and correct breathing. When the permanent teeth erupt at 6 to 8 years of age, the child’s appearance often becomes worse. The MRC Clinic’s approach is to evaluate the child from 5 to 8 years of age, looking for the causes of crooked teeth, and suggesting treatment for these causes right away. Correcting these incorrect myofunctional habits at an early age allows for the child to develop correct arch development, good dental alignment, improved jaw growth and overall a better looking face. Training Activities MRC Clinic teaches the child several activities meant to improve his/her habit. Called MRC Trainer Activities, these series of exercises are meant to retrain the muscles of the tongue, lips and cheeks to function correctly. The clinic uses easy-to-understand 3D animations to show parents and their children how the facial muscles influence tooth position, and how the combination of MRC Trainer Activities and MRC Trainers are specifically designed to retrain the muscles of the tongue, lips and cheeks to function correctly. “This is the only time we examine the child’s teeth and determine which type of MRC Trainer (dental appliances that straighten the teeth and jaws) fit the child’s
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Given that the Philippines lie in the Pacific Ring of Fire area of the planet, it makes the country susceptible to volcanic eruptions as well as frequent earthquakes and tremors.
hold on. -Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to exit.
Reference: http://environment.


OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild
COMPANY PROFILE “Sindaw“ as it was called, premiered their fulllength production on March 2002 entitled “SAYAW” showcasing an array of published Philippine Folk Dances ranging from the forceful Cordillera highlanders all the way to the tapestry of exotic Mindanao and, the highly spirited dances of the Rural low-landers as well as the elegance of Spanish influenced dances.
Inspired by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group under the tutelage of the National Artist for Dance Mr. Ramon Arevalo Obusan†, the group was officially registered in year 2002 with Mr. Randy C. Guevara as the Artistic Director. In the same year, the group was chosen by the Department of Tourism (DOT) to be the official emissary to the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. The group participated in the Taipei International Travel Fair held in World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan as an Ambassador in promoting the WOW Philippines Project of then DOT Secretary Richard Gordon in 2002 and 2003. DOT once again sent the group to the world-renowned MIDO-SUJI Parade in Osaka, Japan where they captured the 1st Prize International Award (2003) and in 2004, from among 15 participating countries, the group received the prestigious International Award, which placed them into the Hall of Fame. Another invitation that took them to take centerstage in the Singapore Heritage Festival, a Singapore Holiday event held in the astonishing Mall of Suntec City. In 2005, the group performed a special Philippine repertoire and selected Asian Traditional songs in the Asia Pacific Economic Forum held at the Coconut Palace, CCP Complex. The Singapore Tourism Board worked with the group in the Philippine event of Uniquely Singapore Festival 2005 at the Podium, Ortigas Center. Moreover, in May 2006 the group showed that they were not only bounded in Asia when they were invited to take part in the Fund Raising Program for the benefit of The Virlanie Organization and The Bantay Bata Foundation together with Prince Albert of Monaco as one of the distinguished guests held in Monaco, France. In June of the same year, the group showed grace and beauty in their outstanding performances for the Philippine Independence Day Celebration of the Filipino Community-Taipei, Taiwan. Sindaw delighted 3 major conferences in November which includes the 9th ASFAA Congress, the 23rd ASEAN Senior-Amateur Golf Championship, and the 12th REAAA Conference. Various outreach programs has been extended in Cannosa High Sta.Rosa, Laguna and Cavite to form part of their quest to propagate Philippine dances and music. On November 2006, Sindaw attended the Hongkong Travel Fair 2006, and China International Travel Mart held in Shanghai, P.R.O.C. to promote the scenic places of the Philippines. In October 2008, Sindaw participated in the Asia Month Festival 2008 in Fukuoka Japan along with performers from other countries. For the year 2009, Sindaw has been invited to perform in the ASEAN Tourism Fair in Naiigata, Japan, Sakai Festival and Naniwa Philippine Day in Osaka, Japan and ASEAN Culture and Tourism Fair held in Seoul, South Korea.Year 2010 Busan International Travel Fair Korea. Korea Travel Fair Korea June 2011. Asian Month Festival in Fukuoka October 2012. India Asean Summit December 2012. International Travel Fair March 6 to 12 2013 Guangzhou, China. August 18 to September 10 Philippine Food Festival in Crowne Hotel in Guangzou and Hilton Hotel Shanghai China, Sindaw received the award for the Best Folklore Group at Busan International Travel Fair 2013 Korea


September 5 to 10, 2013. The group also participated in the Sari-Saring Sayaw, Sama-Samang Galaw- an annual cultural event featuring various leading folk dance groups organized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in the year 20042007. They have also invitational performances at the Open Auditorium of Rizal Park, Manila for the “Concert at the Park” aside from regular performance in corporate events and various occasions. Truly, the group never ceases the advocacy of promoting the Philippine culture thru dance and music. As the Maguindanao word “Sindaw” the group will always have this promise: To continually light the fire of our commitment to promote Arts and Culture through Dances and Music! Reference: Mr.Randy Carlos Guevarra-Director

Destined & Determined For Stardom
By: Renacelle Cruz-Punzalan
na lang ang natira na nagpursue.” You Tube sensation for “Super Bass” After several years in the business, Julie Anne’s break seemed elusive. It was like thinking she’s just one of them aspiring singers. “Siguro during those times, sinabi ko na lang sa sarili ko na mag-aaral na lang ako, kasi parang walang nangyayari sa akin.” Her dad Jonathan wanted her to quit from showbiz. He was against it in the first place. The determined Julie literally begged and cried to him to allow her to go on. “Kasi bihirang magkaroon ng mga talents na ganito, kailangan i-treasure especially those God-given ta-lents, parang pinili ka ni Lord para gawin mo ito (your mission),” she quips. While waiting for the break and to further hone her singing, she then made a lot of Ustream videos, covers of the songs of her choice. “Noong ginawa ko nga yung Super Bass, that was the time na na-recognize ako as me, not as a performer from a TV show but as a YouTube girl.” Julie said with humility. No, she wouldn’t call herself a sensation for she feels she’s only done a few videos. “It’s up to the people na lang if they want to call me a sensation but for me personally I don’t call myself as one. Yung Super Bass ang parang nag-hit talaga and I wasn’t really expecting and I’m really thankful and blessed na umabot sa ganoong level yung views.” Last year, GMA Records met up with its team to work on her debut album simply titled Julie Anne San Jose. It had 11 tracks, 2 of which are her compositions plus 2 remakes. 3 songs in the album have been theme songs to 3 Koreanovelas, also in GMA. When referred to as one of today’s most popular teens in show business, the label came as a surprise as if it’s the first time she heard somebody hailed her as such. She shyly uttered, “hindi naman po.” Why not, I said. She may be a typical teen who dreams of making it big as a performer. What sets her apart is she has loads of talents to back her dreams up: she sings, raps, composes songs; she plays the drums, piano, guitar, flute, lyre, keyboard, violin, ukulele and xylophone. All that is wrapped up in this lady named Julie Anne San Jose. She started young. Her musicality became evident at the tender age of 2 and a half when her mom, Marivic heard her humming “Habang May Buhay.” Not long after, she was singing Donna Cruz’s version of the same song, right lyrics, melody and all. Like most of our well-loved actresses did, little Julie Anne joined Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines and windup winning first Runner-up when she was 3. In the contest’s interview portion, she said she wanted to become an “artista.” That was the first step to her dream. Fast-forward to 8 years after, with the prodding of her lola, she auditioned for Popstar Kids, QTV 11’s singing contest for kids aged 7 to 11. Lola was right. Julie did not only pass the auditions she landed as one of the five finalists. Second step was also a success. “I joined Popstar Kids and then ayun na, di ko rin ine-expect na matatanggap ako sa screening. Parang I just wanted to try if makakapasa ako.” The weekly contest helped all five of them to develop into versatile singers. Ballad, Dance, RnB, Pop are among the song genres they would perform. With this versatility, the network saw their group to be promising. “GMA decided to give us a contract as a group, which was Sugarpop. Tuloy-tuloy na,” Julie recalled. The group became a regular in the network’s Sunday noontime musical variety show, SOP Rules. Sugar pop released a self-titled album, consisting of ten songs. It was later repackaged and three theme songs from GMA soap operas were added. “Tapos na-disband din kasi nag-aaral pa rin kaming lahat. Hanggang sa ako In an era when piracy is the #1 threat in the progress of the music industry, her debut album managed to hit the quadruple platinum mark in combined actual album sales and digital/ virtual downloads via iTunes, a feat even seasoned artists can’t easily achieve nowadays. Julie has similarly been the voice of many themesongs of GMA shows like Dyesebel, The Last Prince, Pilyang Kerubin, Sisid, Dwarfina, Broken Vow, Paroa and Teen Gen. She recorded a number of GMA Station ID jingles along with Songbird Regine Velasquez and Elmo Magalona. Love Team and Movies The Julie Anne and Elmo Magalona partnership began as an experiment via a song & rap number in Party Pilipinas. The tandem impressed the audience because of their on-screen chemistry, its following builds up every performance week. JuliElmo, as they are called, also starred in several short films collectively called the Red Mask trilogy. Moreover, a special musical patterned after Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” was created for them, the “Julie Anne & Elmo: A Wazak Love Story.” Their tandem was not limited to singing. Julie and Elmo starred in various sitcoms like Andres de Saya and Daldalita. JuliElmo were the lead stars in the weekly teen drama show, Together Forever. Their first lead role in a full length movie, Just One Summer, was their fans’ most anticipated project in 2012. Locally, the Asia’s Pop Sweetheart dreams to fill the Araneta Coliseum for a concert, to show the different side of Julie Anne and maybe perform a duet with her idols Lea Salonga or Mariah Carey or Chris Brown. She also dreams of a tour in Europe and would like to go to Greece, Germany, Bahamas and Jerusalem. Up Close and Personal turn to page 8


Higantes Festival is Angono Rizal's annual joyous celebration in honor of San Clemente, the patron saint of fishermen. The parade of the colorful paper-mâchéHigantes is part of a two-week long celebration of the Angono's Town Fiesta. This year, several activities were lined up for the Higantes Festival. One of the highlights is the Higantes Grand Parade on November 17, 2013 which usually starts around 7:00 in the morning. The parade is scheduled to start in front of Angono Elementary School going around the town's residential roads and ends at the town

plaza. Another must-see is the celebration of Angono's Town Fiesta on November 23, 2013, the Feast Day of San Clemente. There will be a procession of the image of San Clemente. It will be so much fun as there will be a fire truck that will sprinkle water to the townsfolk. It is believed that it is a sign of blessing when you get wet during the procession. REFERENCE: h t t p : / / w w w. p i n o y a d v e n t u r i s t a . com/2013/09/angono-higantes-festival-2013-schedule.html

jUliE aNnE
OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014



Travel industry gears up for Health promotion 1st Philippine Tourism Week caravan done
The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), in partnership with the Department of Tourism, is set to mount festivities for the first-ever Philippine Tourism week, which is scheduled on September 1-8 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Boarding for ASEAN Integration 2015 Among the highlights of the week-long celebration is the 1st Philippine Tourism Forum, which will bring together major tourism industry players—both local and regional—to discuss the issues and implications of the impending ASEAN tourism integration. Done in partnership with prestigious business and tourism organizations such as the Management Association of the Philippines and the ASEAN Board Advisory Council of the Philippines, the 1st Philippine Tourism Forum will also feature the industry's first-ever Tourism Town Hall meeting. The event will set the private sector's general direction for 2015, laying the groundwork for the industry's compliance to regional standards. Aside from the business forum, PHILTOA will also organize the Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX)—a travel trade initiative to promote inbound tourism to over 90 international buyers originating from Europe, U.S.A. and Asia. This is part of the promotional efforts to support the Department of Tourism in meeting its target of 10M inbound tourists by 2016. Tourism Creates Jobs In line with honing the industry to regional standards, the event will also include Trabaho sa Turismo, a job fair for those interested in exploring job opportunities and career growth in the tourism industry. *** “Some of the biggest challenges faced by the tourism sector lie in finding talent and developing a competent workforce,” says Cesar Cruz, PHILTOA President. With their youth-specific training effort, PHILTOA seeks to secure the industry’s future manpower supply. The Philippines is On Sale! Staying true to the PHILTOA’s main thrust of promoting domestic tourism, the 1st Philippine Tourism Week will include the 24th Philippine Travel Mart—the largest and longest-running local travel trade show. Scheduled on September 6-8, 2013, the expo will feature over 350 local exhibitors showcasing destination and tour products from all over the country. The event will also see the unveiling of exciting new destinations for travelers of all types. Up for grabs in the annual Sale ng Bayan are the Island Getaways—joint group tours that cover destinations across various parts of the Philippines, sold at discounts of up to 70%. *** The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization of tour operators and allied members actively involved in the advocacy of responsible tourism. The membership includes travel agencies, hotel, resorts, transportation companies, handicraft stores, and other tourism-oriented establishments and association. For more information on the 24rd Philippine Travel Mart, please visit

Secretary Tayag is DOH’s ambassador for health lifestyle and is popular with his dance moves in health advocacy programs. Tayag’s message included prevention of non-communicable diseases through exercise, healthy diet and no-smoking policies was interspersed with dance moves which stirred up the audience. LBK is a comprehensive health promotion caravan through the DOH National Center for Health Promotion, with a medical outreach mission where nearly two thousand individuals were benefited. Other activities of the LBK and medical mission were the breastfeeding program with a demonstration of lactating mothers; with City Health Officer Dr. Florence Reyes and nurse Purificacion Serna supervising. The negative effects of smoking were also dramatized by community heath teams, staff and health workers. A tableau with the different health districts as participants was presented and judged by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Baguio City Director Evelyn Trinidad; CSC Atty. Emily Balungay; Dr. Ma. Soledad Antonio of DOH, Manila; Joel Javella of DOH, Manila; and, Roderick Osis of the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club. Information on safe motherhood, child health and nutrition and family health were also featured. Other features include exhibits, health classes, and storytelling sessions. The program is supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). A press conference followed the program while the medical mission went on, with Dr. John Tinoyan in charge. The activity is part of Baguio’s 104th charter day celebration, and is also anchored on the theme, “Steadfast Service to the City.” -juliegfianzaq

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City hall grounds was the venue yesterday for the Karadkad Health Fair in partnership with the Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan (LBK) with Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Enrique Tayag as guest.

from page 7 Eldest in a brood of 3 girls, Julie declares to be a regular teen at home. “Before po I do household chores nung di pa ako nagsho-showbiz, kasi di pa busy. But now, sobrang limited lang time sa family, para sa sarili and sometimes I can’t go out because of work. Also as an older sister kailangan mag set ng good example, kasi kung di ko gagawin yun, magiging unfair sa ibang kapatid ko.” Books by authors Cassandra Clare, Scott Thoreau, Sydney Sheldon, Charles Dickens and Nicholas Sparks are among Julie’s favorites. She is fond of watching comedy, action, inspirational films and science fiction. When schedule permits, she works out at home to keep fit and strengthen her stamina. Her bucket list is filled with aspirations in extreme fields – from becoming a director to being a scientist or astronaut. If given the chance to do her dream movie role, it will definitely be an action film. “I like to try other stuff that is out of the box, not typical for a girl. And maybe have Tom Cruise as my leading man.” she laughs. Orange is her favourite color because Julie feels it’s something youthful and full of life. “Anything orange, that’s my collection.” Serve any fish dish, as long as it’s not fried, she will love it. Add to that her regular serving of salad. Weird food cravings? Julie considers it her comfort food: milo on rice or bread, banana and cheese on bread, mangoes dipped in or sprinkled with sugar, noodles with steamed hotdog, to name a few. Her personality strength? “Macho,” she exclaimed, “hindi yung sa physical characteristics, it’s about how strong you are and how you carry yourself.” Being under the sign of Taurus she admits to be, yes, a bull. “Fearless, medyo pasaway ako. Kahit wala na akong pahinga, I give everything for work. I don’t give a damn about anything but I don’t mean to hurt and offend any feelings or anybody. Siguro kasi ang insecurity ko is that my best is not always good enough. To ease myself, I pray, I listen to music. It is my only companion every time I am alone, I feel alone and empty. I get to invigorate and loosen up,” Julie explains. A tough exterior but soft inside, Julie admits that though she rarely shows her weakness, she is a very sensitive person and is really vulnerable. “Negative vibes will either make you stronger or it will just weaken you. What I do is just spend time alone and talk to God, I ask for guidance from Him. Sometimes the experience gives an inspiration to write a song, and I always pray to God before I compose a song, for Him to give me strength to compose the perfect lyrics and

Julie Anne...

the perfect melody.” Regular Student Now a Mass Communication junior in Angelicum College, a course she chose because “I’d like to be a broadcaster. It would be a good feeling to be able to deliver the news, at the same time being able to travel and see the way people spend their everyday lives.” Julie reveals. When in preparatory, she wanted become a lawyer, but now she vaguely sees herself pursuing that path and with a clear vision, “no, I don’t want to involve myself in politics. I’d rather help thru charities.” The fame she gained, she sincerely acknowledges the fans. “Where I am right now, I really owe my supporters and followers. And I treat them as friends, it’s one way for them to feel na importante sila sa akin.” Much more than making MyJaps always a Twitter-trending topic, her fans are also a bunch of storytellers and writers and she is aware of most, if not all of them. “Nakakatuwa they give so much effort, parang dun lahat naglalabasan ang talino nila. It’s not just like yung may maisulat lang, but they’re very creative. Kaya pag may mga offers like mga soap opera or movie, kung anong magandang story, sabi ko kumuha sila sa fanfictions kasi I bet maraming magaganda,” she proudly says. “Of course thankful ako kay Lord. Ganoon din sa GMA Network, they’ve been giving me a lot of opportunities and chances to prove myself, to all the people I work with, yung naniniwala talaga sa kakayahan ko,” adds Julie Anne. Further, the young star is cognizant of her status as a budding celebrity, and the responsibility that comes with it. “Being a celebrity is not just about the money or fame. It’s all about hardwork, determination, discipline and sacrifice. You really have to put yourself into it and do whatever it takes just to prove everyone that you deserve what you have. Masarap siya pero bago mo makuha yung sarap, kailangan mong maghirap. You just don’t try but you have to do your best.” When you hear the song Written in the Stars by Tinnie Tempa, know that Julie feels it’s the best song that describes her and what she went through, that she won’t be affected by people who try to put her down. Or maybe Brand New Me by Alicia Keys speaks of her stronger persona now. Her parents always remind her to keep her feet on the ground and to be forever guided by this passage: “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” [Luke 14:11].


OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


• More than 20,000 fashion items already available • Features 700 well-known local and international fashion brands online (among them Nike, Marc Jacobs, RayBan, etc.) • Supports local designers and smaller brands through LAZADA’s unique fashion marketplace model
Lazada, the leading online shopping mall in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, today announces the launch of its brand-new fa-shion marketplace in Lazada ID, Lazada MY, Lazada PH, Lazada TH and Lazada VN. Lazada, which initially offered categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment, now adds to their extensive category range more than 20,000 fashion accessories like watches, bags and shoes with apparel to follow soon. The fashion assortment consists of more than 700 local and international brands including Nike, Adidas, Crocs, RayBan, Timberland, Hush Puppies, Pepe Jeans, Casio, Aigner, Marc Jacobs and Mango. Lazada also supports local designers and upcoming brands by offering the unique opportunity to create their own online shopin-shop. Through this marketplace model, brands can levera-ge on Lazada’s popularity and operational expertise, as well as reach customers beyond the traditional offline infrastructure. Smaller retailers benefit from Lazada’s traffic through Lazada’s strong customer base as well as from specific campaigns like the Lazada fashion week where local designers are able to present their products to a broad online audience. “We are very proud to announce the launch of our new fashion marketplace today. This marks a huge step forward on our way to become Southeast Asia’s shopping destination with the broadest assortment available on one platform. We saw a growing demand for fashion items and responded to this need right away. This is a logical step that follows our customer-centric approach. We want to serve our customer’s needs in all areas of their lives”, says Maximilian Bittner, CEO of the LAZADA group. Boarding new brands like Z’Ng by Jonathan Wong from Malaysia, Co-founder and Fa-shion Category Manager Martell Hardenberg said, “We are proud of being able to both enhance the range for our customers and to contribute to the online ecosystem in Southeast Asia through our unique marketplace model. This is a great achievement as it is very important for us to give young designers and local entrepreneurs a platform which helps them to access the broad market.” Due to existing infrastructure, LAZADA is able to grow the assortment very quickly. Many more items, new sub-categories and new shops are added every day to ensure customers will find all fashion

LAZADA is on its way to becoming Southeast Asia’s number one fashion shopping destination

items they look for on LAZADA. About LAZADA LAZADA ( id,, www., www.lazada., is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online shopping mall, with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. LAZADA is pioneering ecommerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and con-

venient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. LAZADA is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offerings – including multiple payment options, free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments. Onthe-go shoppers can conveniently shop from the LAZADA Android app, which can be downloaded here.

Pangasinan Foundation Day in Lingayen 2014
Representatives from different towns and cities in Pangasinan, north of Manila, celebrate its upcoming 434rd founding anniversary through parade of different floats and street dancing at the provincial capitol grounds.
Reference: pangasinan-celebrates-433rd-foundation-daylingayen#media-1933790

Department of Agriculture Press Release
Senator Cynthia Villar (center), chair of Committee on Food and Agriculture listens to Fitrite Inc. marketing manager Christopher Carillo (right) discuss the global demand for processed marine products at the five-day ANUGA 2013 in Cologne, Germany. The Philippines, through the partnership of the Departments of Agriculture and Trade and Industry, showcased some of the country’s homegrown products which have the potential for market expansion worldwide. The ANUGA trade fair, dubbed as the world’s leading food fair for the retail trade, food service and catering market, is held every two years. Assisting the senator are former Senate President Manny Villar and DTI Usec. Ponciano Manalo. (photo by AJJacalan)


Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala (4th from left) and Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares (5th from left) cut a ceremonial ribbon to open the 1st Philippine Natural and Organic Products Expo, October 17 to 19, 2013, which was held in conjunction with the 10th National Organic Agriculture Congress, at the Philippine International Convention Center, in Pasay City. The threeday organic agri expo and congress—spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture through the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) and Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries and Products Standards (BAFPS)—was attended by 1,000 farmers, organic agriculture advocates, resource persons, product exhibitors, DA family officials and foreign guests. Also shown (from left) are: BAFPS Director Leo Cañeda, Dutch Ambassador Ton Boon von Ochssee, DA Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, and DA Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service Director Leandro Gazmin. (Photo by Kathrino Resurreccion, DA Information Service)

The Philippine Coconut Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation to provide a stable agricultural insurance program for coconut farmers in the country. It also aims to enhance credit access for small coconut farmers. In addition to facilitating agricultural production and agri−enterprise credit as well as microfinance for Small Coconut Farmers Organizations (SCFO's), PCA proposed to insure 500,000 farmers of various organizations for the year 2014. PCA will likewise allocate budget for premium insurance cost specifically for the Term Insurance Package−Accident and Dismemberment Security Scheme (ADSS) of the said farmers. Furthermore, PCA will also insure their assets and projects and among these are; PCA buildings, Research Centers, Training Centers, Seedling Nurseries and Plantations of SCFO's/farmers. In line with this, the PCIC resolves to support PCA's programs such as; Rehabilitation through Fertilization, National Coconut Planting/Replanting, maintenance of Coconut Seedfarm/Seedgargen, farm Diversification/Intercropping and Kasaganahan sa niyugan ay Kaunlaran ng Bayan (KAANIB). They will also support Research and Development and Regulatory Services under the Coconut Industry Development Roadmap. PCA Administrator Euclides G. Forbes said, the program is designed to address the vulnerability of SCFO's from extreme weather events caused by climate change. He added that the crop insurance will likewise protect the farmers against losses due to pest and disease infestations, natural calamities and extreme weather events. The Administrator also emphasized PCA's commitment to develop a sustainable and globally competitive coconut industry. He said that aside from ensuring financial protection to the coconut farmers the MOU with the PCIC is also designed to improve agricultural productivity and establish the development of the coconut industry.



OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


Villa Marcelina...
from page 2 An Oasis in the Metropolis Also worth mentioning is the location and venue of Villa Marcelina. Although listing its address in a metropolitan city, the place is remarkably serene and spacious unlike some bars and dining areas in neighboring cities where they are cramped into small nooks and movement is limited, especially when hundredes of people frequent the place on a regular basis. The scene is different in Villa Marcelina. Upon entry, the facade is a roofed and open- aired dining area in which people can have their choice of seating to watch entertainers and performers sing and play music every night. Or they can choose to stay in one of the nipa huts strewn across the back of the restobar, immersing in a relaxed atmosphere while staring at the clear night sky, a welcome respite from a highly urbanized area such as Valenzuela City. The cozy and tranquil atmosphere of Villa Marcelina is one of the reasons why there is a growing number of customers who patronize the establishment. Aside from those residing in the nearby areas, the restobar’s diners also includes visitors from neighboring towns in Metro Manila and Bulacan as well as government officials from Valenzuela City such as Mayor Rex Gatchalian. Sharing Success with Others Aside from achieving its distinction of becoming Valenzuela City’s main restobar and grillery, a more important accomplishment of Villa Marcelina is becoming a vital tool in providing employment opportunities for local folk in the vicinity. “Noong ginagawa na itong restaurant, natutuwa si Mr. Paler dahil magkakaroon na ng pagkakataon na magkaroon ng trabaho ang mga kababayan namin dito sa Valenzuela,” notes Mr. Amado. “ Hindi lang naman kasi pera at kita lang ang dapat na ihinahabol ng isang business pero pati rin ang kapakanan din ng mga tao. Sa pagkakaroon ng business na ganito, naiprovide ni Mr. Paler ng trabaho ang mga nangangailangan nito dito sa amin. Sa ganitong paraan ay maipagmamalaki namin na nakatulong ang Villa Marcelina para sa mga taga-Valenzuela.” Mr. Amado also describes the owner, Mr. Paler, as an approachable and kind boss. “Kaya ganado rin magtrabaho ang staff ng restaurant kasi mabait at madaling lapitan si Mr. Paler kapag may problema or concerns sila. Kaya sinusuklian naman ito ng aming staff sa pagiging masipag nila sa pagtratrabaho.” says Mr. Amado. He also adds that this noble objective has helped greatly in the successful operations of the restaurant to this date, alongside the blessings bestowed by Divine Intervention. Looking Ahead for Villa Marcelina Planning for the future, the by the Great Philippines Expedition staff are Pata Tim, which is braised Chinese pork leg, Bulalo, a Filipino beef soup with vegetables, Flaming Chicken, which is grilled chicken thigh and leg with gravy and choice garnishings, Mixed Seafoods which is a grilled variety of seafood specialties such as crab, fish, shrimp and squid and Sinuglaw,a dish which combines grilled pork belly (liempo) with fresh fish fillet marinated in vinegar and spices (kinilaw). In addition, Mr. Amado says that it is the owner, Mr. Paler, who troops to the Farmer’s Market in Cubao, Quezon City every morning to hand pick the produce himself and deliver these food items to the restaurant in Valenzuela. This ensures the freshness and quality of the ingredients for the different dishes in which Villa Marcelina specializes in. “Siya mismo (Mr. Paler) ang nagpupunta sa Farmer’s Market arawaraw para mamili ng mga ingredients, mula sa karne, sa mga isda at sa seafoods. Kaya siguradong sariwa at maganda ang quality ng mga iniluluto namin na mga pagkain dito sa restaurant.” shares Mr. Amado. Aside from the food being wellprepared and satiable to the senses, another remarkable feature is the affordability of the food items in the menu. The average pricing of the dishes range from P100 pesos up, with an average of P100-200 per serving which is already good to share among several persons.

mana-gement of Villa Marcelina is looking at expanding their operations. Already in the works are plans for a second branch as well as venturing into the catering industry by next year. According to Mr. Amado, he and Mr. Paler are looking at several prime areas alongside the McArthur Highway in Valenzuela and Bulacan as possible locations for Villa Marcelina’s newest branch. They are also preparing for the launch of Marcelina’s Seafood which will serve grilled seafoods to go, an alternative from the usual fare of roasted chicken and grilled pork.The restobar will also engage in full-time catering, providing additional services such as having ornamental supplies and dining utensils aside from being a food and beverage concessionaire. The full package, as Mr. Amado tells it. But most of all, the restobar seeks to maintain its consistency in all aspects. Whether this be the quality of the food served, ambiance of the place and staff relationship, as long as it results in customer satisfaction.

“Ang mahalaga dito ay mamaintain ang good standing with the customers,” shares Mr. Amado. “Kasi sila ang tinuturing na buhay ng aming business. As long na maganda ang pakikisama mo sa kanila, maaacknowledge nila ito at icocontinue nila na suportahan ang Villa Marcelina.” Indeed, as a business that concentrates on placing a premium on the employees’ welfare and maintaining a good connection with its customers while serving delectable cusine, expect Villa Marcelina to continue on with its successful run for the years to come as a preferred dining spot in this part of Metro Manila . Visit Villa Marcelina Restobar and Grill located at 576 F. Dulalia Street,Brgy. Lingunan, Valenzuela City. Considered as Valenzuela’s Biggest and Finest Restobar and Grill, Villa Marcelina operates from 10 am to 2 am daily. Two band performers are on board every night. Call 44479-13 for Reservations and Free Delivery.

Perfect Teeth...

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condition.” Urbi says. Also called Myobrace, the MRC Trainer resembles a mouthpiece which is fully designed state of the art computer appliances which assist the correction of bad oral habits in the growing child. These appliances improve dental and facial development and correct orthodontic problems earlier. “The Myobrace has a soft silicone material with tooth slots to align each tooth and a harder inner core to actively develop the jaws, making more space for crowded teeth. It is designed to fill an active role in the orthodontic treatment for children to avoid extraction and braces.” Urbi says.

Unlike a brace, which should be worn at all times, the Myobrace should only be worn for 8 hours while at sleep and 1 to 2 hours while awake. The child must also see the dentist once a month. Most importantly, the whole procedure is just “50 percent lower than what the child’s parents will spend on a brace.” Urbi says. First in the Philippines and Asia MRC Clinic located on the second level of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City is the only clinic of its kind in the Philippines. Dr. Urbi underwent extensive training as myofunctional dentist in Australia under Dr. Chris Farrel who

developed the technology in 1979. The Filipino dentist who is Davaobased and who has two dental clinics in Davao and Cebu holds the license to introduce and train other dentists in the country and in Asia. For more information log on to or email Dr. Urbi is also the president of Green Apple Dental Group whose main clinic in Cebu is attracting foreign clients from the US and neighboring Asian countries thus promoting the country's medical tourism industry. Similar to other dental clinics, both MRC and Green Apple also offers regular dentistry services as well.

Singing Tilt Keeps Kundiman Alive
By: Rafael C. Cañete
The fifty contenders in the Search for the Hari, Reyna, Prinsipe, Prinsesa, Munting Prinsipe and Munting Prinsesa ng Kundiman held at the Valenzuela City Center for the Performing Arts on September 4 were elementary and high school teachers and students who sang kundiman classics. The competition repertoire was composed of: Jose Corazon de Jesus and Resurreccion Bunyi’s Huling Awit, Deogracias Rosario and Nicanor Abelardo’s Mutya ng Pasig, Jesus Balmori, Deogracias Rosario and Nicanor Abelardo’s Anak ng Dalita; Jose Corazon de Jesus and Nicanor Abelardo’s Kundiman ng Luha, Nicanor Abelardo’sKung Hindi Man; Servando de los Angeles and Nicanor Abelardo’s Bituing Marikit. Now on its 11th year, the competition is held by the Department of Education (DepEd) -Valenzuela City in observance of Buwan ng Wika in August. Kundim ans are traditional Filipino songs known for their complex form and sentimental lyrics which enjoyed popularity during the Spanish era in the 1800s through the American era in the 1930s. “It has always been a personal advocacy to promote kundiman in the present times,” said Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) District Supervisor Victoria Altoveros, who started the competition when she joined the local

A singing competition in Valenzuela City bucks trends with its rather traditional repertoire. DepEd office 11 years ago. In the 1950s through the 1970s, efforts to revive the genre were undertaken by artists like Ruben Tagalog, Ric Manrique and the folk musical group Mabuhay Singers. Veteran actress Armida Siguion Reyna attempted to reintroduce kundiman to the mainstream entertainment scene through her show Aawitan Kita which aired from the 1970s through the 1990s. Today, kundiman performances are largely limited to governmentsponsored cultural events such as the Valenzuela singing tilt. turn to page 11


OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014


QC Celebrates Earth Day 2013
This year’s Earth Day celebration, held last April 22, 2013 at the Quezon Memorial Circle, was graced by a number of guests from the Quezon City Government, headed by Mayor Herbert Bautista, Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and other QC government officials, national government agencies, event partners and sponsors 2013’s Earth Day event revolves around the theme “Ecogovernance”, which was extracted from the root words Ecology and Governance; with the intention of creating an impact on today’s societal judgment towards our ecosystem, and increasing environmental awareness throughout the Philippines. Earth Day is an annual worldwide event that the Philippines takes part in, for the divine purpose of showing concern for the environment. Each year, a city is chosen to uphold the influential exposure Earth Day has to offer, in order to showcase the established change that has prospered throughout the elapsed year. Not only is it considered to be a huge honor to be selected as host for Earth Day this year, but it is also privileging for Quezon City to be highlighted as one of the most ecologically-governed cities in the Philippines. In addition to the resoluteness of the main event were some booths and Communal Food Sharing, Hourly Religious Rituals/Chanting for the healing of the Earth, Cultural Shows, Advocacy and Musical Presentations, and many more. These were all taken into account as esteeming the appreciation and value we generally impart to the lessons we carry out, in honor of our Earth. Mayor Herbert Bautista expressed his gratitude to city residents and enumerated what our beloved city has accomplished, environmentally, and what there is to expect in the coming years, both with regards to the recognition as the city with the most number of enacted ordinances on solid waste management. And for also being the first city in Metro Manila to have a 10-year solid waste management plan, approved by the National Solid Waste Management Commission. “Being endowed with the most extensive expanse of open spaces and greenery in Metro Manila, which takes up about 1/5 of the total land area of the city, we maintained our role as the greenland of the metropolis, as a co-equal complement of our economic development strategies. We are proud to say that we have embraced the very essence of sustainable development.” A multitude of people have been informed about the elements and details of Earth Day and its corresponding entities. Exposure to this event gave them a sense of understanding to that of which not that many have the means of acquiring. The DENR representative gave a speech about the contribution the Philippines has provided to our Mother Earth. He said that being a key player in helping out the environment, especially with our correlated oceans, it is important that people should know the best way to protect and conserve resource is to put value to it. “Once people are more environmentally conscious, they become more environmentally responsible; leading to following local government ordinances” and “It is an overwhelming experience, both personally and as a government employee. It creates awareness throughout not only,” as said by some Quezon City Hall employees. Right after the Earth Day celebration, the inauguration of the Refuse Derived Fuel Facility Project was held at the Quezon City Sanitary Landfill in Payatas, and piloted by Mundo Verde Corporation, a joint venture of Lafarge Industrial Ecology International, Pennies & Pound Holdings, Inc. and Quezon City’s Contractor on Solid Waste Disposal – IPM Environmental Services Inc. The operation of the fuel-turning machine was demonstrated to the audience that attended the inauguration. There were also foreign representatives underlining the international partnership between the Philippines, USA, and France. With the symbollic ribbon-cutting ceremony, this project was thus launched as a newfangled sustenance to development. Not only does the Refused Derived Fuel Facility Project terminate unnecessary pollution; but it also embarks in great and honorable courses of environmental initiatives. Although we may have gone through some setbacks like the unpredictable weather brought about by climate change over the past years due to pollution, we still have the chance of regaining the unpolluted state we once had by simply reconditioning our daily conservational habits. This celebration was to initiate the city’s representation to help make the world a better place to live in. Step by step, little by little, each of us can make a change. Each small change can create a big leap towards a better and harmonious environment.


UNITED FOR MOTHER EARTH. Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte join representatives of national government agencies, non-government organizations, civil society and religious groups in a show of unity for environmental protection during the celebration of Earth Day that was hosted by Quezon City at the Quezon Memorial Circle. In his speech, the mayor reiterated that Quezon City will continue to remain at the forefront of advancing environmental consciousness while sharing some of the city’s best practices in environmental management not only locally, but also internationally. (PAISO)

EARTH DAY DANCE. Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista displays his dancing prowess as he joins the “Sayaw ng Sambayanan” during the celebration of Earth Day at the Quezon Memorial Circle on Monday. (PAISO)

Outstanding citizens feted Sept. 1
for Baguiotes during times of calamities and other occasions shall receive the award in Community Service. Cadelina has also served the community through other roles such as a forester, businessman, researcher, consultant, lecturer, professor, member and Director of the Cordillera Executive Board (CEB), commissioner of the Northwestern Luzon Growth Quadrangle, and other socio-civic memberships. Pines City National High School Principal Dr. Rachel Bugtong shall also receive the outstanding citizen award for community service and education. Dr. Bugtong as a dedicated teacher makes sure her students and teachers both grow in education and profession, and looks after their welfare within and outside of the four walls of the classroom. She also made extra effort to make the physical surroundings comfortable for students in her school, oftentimes knocking on doors of benevolent individuals for this; and has linked with the community during times of need; through acts of kindness. Henedino Luzano, better known as Jimmy Luzano, or Lolo Doro on the airwaves is one of the awardees; specifically for community service, in journalism. Working as a broadcaster, reporter, scriptwriter, announcer, commentator, program director and drama talent; he became the Station Manager of DzWX, and later the Area Manager for Northern Luzon of Bombo Radyo Philippines. He has retired from the radio station, but has now partnered with Ecarta Media Productions and Promotions, and a columnist with a daily newspaper in the city. In the 80’s he has served as negotiator for the release of military captives in Abra. Earlier, he is a recognized musician and bodybuilder; and now an active civic leader with community service through different organizations, including senior citizens’ groups. Baguio Country Club General Manager Anthony de Leon, is a tireless worker, a passionate endorser and uplifter of tourism for the city. An involved sportsman, he supports golf, tennis, bowling, boardgames and airsoft, a sport with a group in Baguio he himself founded. De Leon is considered a bastion of the tourism industry as he has successfully hurdled numerous trainings and development programs for hotels, restaurants and tourism endeavors, here and overseas. He has also served the community in various endeavors; through the Philippine National Red Cross, BB-PICAG, Silahis ng Pasko, Outreach programs, Monday Afternoon Club, Barangay Council, the Baguio Flower Festival and the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB), the Baguio Tourism Council. Eye doctor and awardee Marcelino Dizon, Jr. reaches out through mission work and vision programs; in schools, at the city jail and the community as a whole. He also does research on Amblyopia, Istrabimus, Dilopia, Low Vision and vision-related problems. As the only sports vision specialist in Northern Luzon, Dr. Dizon, Jr. volunteered and is tasked to train and improve visual needs of national athletes. Fred Fangonon who has pioneered eco-composting, and demonstrated this in Loakan Proper also receives an award in community service. Starting young, Fangonon has planted trees in his place of birth; and now produces organic fertilizers to grow fruits and luscious vegetables in his rooftop turn to page 12

BAGUIO CITY – For rendering outstanding community service in their own fields of expertise, nine Baguio citizens including three in the military service shall be honored 8AM today, Sunday, Baguio’s 104th charter day celebration, at the Baguio Convention Center. The awardees were announced by Mayor Mauricio Domogan during the media Ugnayan at city hall last Wednesday. Oscar Cadelina, the founding president of the Baguio-Benguet Public Information and Civic Action Group (BB-PICAG), Inc. which for 38 years has worked with and

Singing Tilt... from page 10
“The number of participants each year tells me that there is still hope for the kundiman,” she said. Though it was Bernadette Santos’ first time’s to join the search, kundiman is nothing new to her. Santos, a Filipino teacher in Karuhatan National High School who was hailed Reyna ng Kundiman, has been singing since she was young and started singing the musical form in college. “Singing kundiman is very different from singing pop,” Santos said. “Sa pop, mas malaya ka. Sa kundiman, may sistema na dapat aralin ng singer. Palaging head tones at chest tones ang ginagamit,” (With pop, the singer is free to interpret the song in whichever ways she chooses; while with kundiman, the singer has to learn a particular way. She always has to sing using the head tone and chest tone) Competition judge and Valenzuela City Choral choirmaster Arthur Esguerra said a serious singer of kundiman should pay attention to the sudden shifts in tone in a kundiman. “Kundimans are unlike pop songs which you can learn to sing by just one round of listening. It sometimes takes a trained ear to appreciate a kundiman’s musical nuances,” Esguerra said. More than an art form, the kundiman, which are often about love, also reflects the colonial society’s views on relationships. “Many think the sentiments in kundimans are exaggerated. But it was the simply the way back then. A lover would use everything in his employ to win the affection of his beloved, including expressing his love in beautiful words,” Esguerra said.

Search for the Hari, Reyna, Prinsipe, Prinsesa, Munting Prinsipe and Munting Prinsesa ng Kundiman 2013 Winners
Elementary and High School Teachers Hari ng Kundiman: Noel F. Domigpe, Serrano Elementary School Reyna ng Kundiman: Bernadette S. Santos, Karuhatan National High School High School Students Prinsipe ng Kundiman: Rey Justin S. Cornelio, Dalandanan National High School - Bagbaguin Annex Prinsesa ng Kundiman: Abegail C. Perez, Canumay National High School Elementary Students (Grades 3 to 6) Munting Prinsipe ng Kundiman: John Vincent P. Cabagay, Karuhatan West Elementary School Munting Prinsesa ng Kundiman: Mariel Kaila D.C. Reyes, San Diego Parochial School
OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014




OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014 • Vol. V, Issue No. 7

WTM & Amadeus Recognize Best-In-Class Travel Suppliers
World Travel Market, the leading global event for the travel industry, and Amadeus can now unveil the shortlist for the inaugural Amadeus & WTM Travel Experience Awards, recognising those who are delivering the best in 21st Century Travel Experiences. The Awards cover ten categories, rewarding tourist boards and travel providers for their best and most innovative product offerings. The core judging panel included; • Micaela Juarez, Head of Marketing and Communications, WTM • Rob Sinclair-Barnes, Director of Marketing, Amadeus UK & Ireland •Trevor Harding, President, Institute of Travel & Tourism • Lee Hayhurst, Editor, Travolution The four core judges came up with their shortlist for each category with the help of expert judges from the various fields. The Best Destination for Accessible Travel has three shortlisted contenders including the German National Tourist Office, Tenerife Tourism Corporation and Visit Flanders. The core judges and expert judge, Brian Seaman from Access New Business, were looking for destinations which offered disabled travellers the opportunity to take part in an experience which they would never have thought possible. Truly memorable and exciting locations Tongabezi Lodge and Tenerife Tourism Corporation made the shortlist for their heart-racing challenges in the Adrenaline Junkies category. Those shortlisted for the best in Authentic Travel are Khiri Travel, Tongabezi Lodge and Wilderness Safaris for Desert Rhino Camp, all offering a real insight into the community as well as making a substantial contribution to a global problem as judged by the core panel and expert judge Jeremy Smith, Responsible Travel Writer. Three“once in a lifetime”experiences that have been shortlisted by the panel and expert judge Simon Mayle, International Luxury Travel Market, for the Blow the Budget category are Jamaica Tourist Board, Quark Expeditions and The Sarojin. The best three City Breaks on a Budget shortlisted with the help of Jane Atkins from Superbreak are Liguria for Genoa, Turismo di Lisboa and Visit Gent. These cities offered the traveller the key elements of a good choice of accommodation at affordable prices as well as a variety of places to eat and plenty to see and do during a long weekend. The destinations most geared up for cruise passengers have been whittled down to Liguria for Genoa, Visit Guernsey and Jamaica Tourist Board in the Cruise Destination category. Top three Honeymoon locations shortlisted, with the help of expert judge Natalie Wingrove from Weddings Abroad Guide, are Beaches Fort Myers and Sanibel for Casa Ybel, Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels for Maxx Royal Turkey and The Sarojin. The locations that offered the most unique view in the Room With A View category as shortlisted with the help of Steve Dunlop, Travel Photographer are Liguria for Hotel Vis a Vis Sestri Levante, The Aurora Zone for The Aurora Bubble Finland and Wilderness Safaris for DumaTau Camp and Tongabezi Lodge. Three Stress-Free Family Holiday holidays shortlisted by the core judges and Julia Lo-Bue Said from Advantage Travel are Beaches Fort Myers & Sanibel for Pink Shell Beach Resort, Inside Asia Tours for Inside Japan and Visit Guernsey. The most memorable destinations, which business travellers can enjoy with only two hours to spare, are Hong Kong Tourist Board, Sports Events 365 and Visit Flanders in the Two Hours to Spare on a Business trip category. The categories and one overall winner will be announced during the award ceremony in the Travel Tech Theatre TT185 on Wednesday 6 November at 4.30 pm and followed by a Reception. The awards are to be presented by wellknown TV presenter Jenny Powell, and in association with Travel Channel. Each winner of the ten categories will be promoted extensively and will have the choice of hosting a press visit by the WTM official video crew, who will create a vlog (video blog) for use on the WTM website, social media and via WTM Official Media Partners. Amadeus, who are partnering with the inaugural Travel Tech Show at WTM and supporting the event’s VIP lounge, have also co-hosted four round table discussions on travel technology-related subjects with conjunction with WTM, with a White Paper produced for each event. One concluding White Paper will be revealed at WTM, before the Amadeus & WTM Travel Experience awards on Wednesday 6 November. The Travel Tech Show at WTM Head of Marketing and Communications Micaela Juarez said: “We were delighted with both the quality and quantity of entries we have received for the Amadeus & WTM Travel Experience Awards. It made the judging extremely difficult. “I look forward to presenting these awards with Amadeus during WTM and congratulating the winners on their top 21st Century Travel Experience.” Amadeus Director of Marketing, Rob Sinclair-Barnes said: “These inaugural Amadeus and WTM Travel Experience Awards aims to recognise the best in class travel supplier who is defining and evolving the new standards for the travel industry to better service and deliver the 21st Century Travel Experience” “The Amadeus and WTM collaboration has worked incredibly well throughout this year and I look forward to presenting the comprehensive White Paper and Travel Experience Awards on the Wednesday of WTM.”

To all my relatives and friends in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. Regards. -Milo & Celine Rabara Belarmino, from Las Vegas, Nevada Binabati po namin ang aming mga kamag-anak, pamilya, kaibigan sa buong Pilipinas. Lalong lalo na ang mga kamag-anak namin sa Limmansangan and Abour, Narvacan Ilocos Sur, at sa Novalichez and Project 8, Quezon City & Fort Bonifacio sana po at darating ang panahon na tayo ay magkita kita ulit. God Blessto all of Us. -Michael, Cynthia and Miguel Caducio and Familyfrom Richmond Hill and Toronto, Ontario, Canada To all DWCV Batch ‘83, my Mom and Sis. Como Esteis.Todos - Virgie Pinto from Spain

Kumusta kayo amin dita, nangruna kadagiti kakabagyan ken gagayyem dita An-annam Bantay, Ilocos Sur. - Eddie & Melodie Pagaoa from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regards to all relatives and friends in An-annam Bantay, Ilocos Sur. - Jose Pinto From Barcelona Spain

Regars to everybody especially to all the people of Narvakan Ilocos Sur. - Imelda Jubilado from Rome, Italy -Imelda Castaneda Hawaii Regards to everybody especially to the people of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. -Lerma Jubilado from Rome, Italy

Regards to all my kababayan, especially Narvacaneos. Hope to see all my relatives soon. -Zenaida Cabanilla, From Portland,Oregon

Outstanding Citizens...

from page 11
working in the chaplain service where he pioneered the prayer walk, vesper divine services through music and neighborhood host bible studies. Other programs include brotherhood projects with Muslims, Mindanao street children ministry, Support a child – Save A Future ministry, Feeding program, and partnering with the Serving Neighbors Network for Out-Of-School-Youth, and the distribution of relief goods during times of calamities. This is in addition to his functions as evangelical chaplain and spiritual adviser to soldiers and their family and the community at large. A graduate of the Philippine National Police Aca-demy (PNPA), P/Supt. Edgar Alan Okubo has served the government for 22 years. His experience includes the pursuit of dangerous lawless elements and eventual capture and prosecution. P/Supt. Okubo involves the community in crime-busting, as well as information and educational campaign through the calling-card project, the church and the faithful, and the Mag-aaral Kontra Krimen Project. Checkpoints against dissidents were also installed du-ring his watch resulting to arrest of armed groups and confiscation of high-powered firearms; and the use of motorcycles for police officers riding-in-tandem projects, which resulted to easing of tension and peace of mind in the community. The awardees shall be honored in the presence of Baguio boy Associate Justice Mario Victor Leonen who is this year’s charter day speaker. -juliegfianza

garden, and teaches others to follow suit. Though a graduate of political science, a former Overseas Contract Worker, and a businessman, Fangonon is passionate about being a farmer and environmentalist, which he shares to the community through lectures, demonstration and technical innovations of the Eco-Composting Receptacle (ECR). He presently maintains said ECRs in Loakan and other areas of the city. The awardees were chosen by the Society of Outstanding Citizens of Baguio (SOCOB), and in consonance with this year’s theme,“Steadfast Service to the City.” Three soldiers join the list of awardees; Colonel Romeo Brawner, Jr, Major Daneck Dang-awan, and Police Superintendent Edgar Alan Okubo. Baguio-born Col. Brawner, Jr., is a 1989 graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, and has served the country for 24 years. He has seen combat in various parts of the country, and has been instrumental in the decrease of strength of the New People’s Army. He has also joined in disaster rescue and relief missions, and livelihood advocacy programs in areas where he was assigned. His tour of duty includes being involved in medical-dental outreach, blood-letting, anti-insurgency and anti-criminality, and anti-drug campaigns in far-flung areas; and infrastructure projects such as medical and birthing center, and a two-classroom building. Major Daneck Dang-awan is also a Baguio-born soldier

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