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The aim of the county study report is to enhance the development of an institutional culture at the Gujarat Technological University that fosters productivity, creativity and academic excellence. The Global/country report distills the analysis and study of the particular country, identifying aspects of the campus climate that must change to further the university's goal of achieving an academic environment that will allow all faculty, staff, and students to be productive and unhindered by any impediments due to consideration of gender, race/ethnicity, rank, or any other reason. This report is divided into two parts. First part is summary of semester III report in which a detailed STEEPLED analysis of India and SriLanka is done also a study of Pharmaceutical industry with respect to India , Sri Lanka & Gujarat is done. It includes Social analysis, Technological analysis, Economic Overview,Environmental factors, Political analysis,Legal matters, Demographic study, Overview of Industries, Trade & Commerce, Present Trade relations & business volume of Different Products with India / Gujarat, Overview of Different Economic Sectors, Overview of Business and Trade at international level of both countries Sri Lanka and India. It includes the Introduction of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India and Sri Lanka, and its role in the economy. Structure, Functions and Business Activities of Pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka and India. Comparative Position of Pharmaceutical Industry with India and Gujarat. Present Position and Trend of Business (import / export) with India / Gujarat . Policies, Norms & taxation of Sri Lanka for Pharmaceutical Industry. Policies, Norms & taxation of India for Import or export to the Sri Lanka. Present Trade barriers for import / Export of different Pharmaceutical products. Potential for import / export in India / Gujarat Market Business Opportunities in future. And business opportunities of future.