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Bacchus Marsh Grammar Student Support Group Meeting Lorryn Yacoub Year 8B

Name: Lorryn Yacoub Year: 8B Date: Tuesday 21st May 2013 Time: 3.25pm Place: Administration Meeting Room Present: Alex Ball and Wendy Green (Student Services) Jenny Yacoub (Parent) Lorryn Yacoub (Student) Sarah Brown (Study Support) Kate Scorpo (English) Li Richardson (Maths) Lindy Harwood (Teacher’s Assistant) Nick Hooper (PST) Peter Hexter (Tutorial Group) Ruth Marnie (Art) Alison Bant (Science) Paul Roland (Maths Support) Apologies: Michael Love (Yr 8 Coordinator) Jenny Caligari (H&G) Shelley Frislie (Food Tech) Reports: Wendy: Wendy explained that no SSG meetings were held for Lorryn last year because she had a good start to Yr 7, however, some teachers have expressed concerns recently and Wendy wanted to bring everyone up to speed. There are no serious

issues but some strategies could be put in place to assist Lorryn. Lorryn has had no formal cognitive assessments. Wendy explained that Lorryn’s exams at the moment are “walk through” exams but at the end of the year she will be on her own so it is important that she follows things through. Lorryn must keep her diary up to date and use notes to help her remember what to take to class – this will assist her enormously. Wendy asked that all Lorryn’s teachers forward any concerns to Michael the Yr 8 Coordinator. Kate: Lorryn is generally well organised but sometimes she forgets to bring the correct equipment which impacts on her homework. Lorryn sometimes needs prompting to start work and, while she is still sorting herself out, she is not listening and, as a consequence, misses instructions. Her constant apologising can be a distraction to others and is also an avoidance strategy when she thinks the work is too hard. Kate put some strategies in place to overcome this. Lorryn is very good about asking questions in class. Kate’s main recommendation is for Lorryn to concentrate at the start of each lesson. Kate is very pleased that Lorryn is attending English Club after school. The text response essay will be a challenge but a lot of planning and practice will be put in place. Kate suggested Lorryn submit drafts for feedback. This should help her improve her marks. Lorryn must develop her proofreading skills. Study Support can provide more time to revise and write drafts which can be rewritten at home. Jenny Y: Lorryn is taking more responsibility for doing her homework. Jenny encouraged everyone to call her if there was a problem, she is very happy for individual teachers to phone her. Jenny has found that Lorryn understands more easily if instructions are read to her. Lorryn will panic if she feels she can’t do something and then can’t assimilate information. Lorryn goes to Dance classes on Wed, Thurs and Sat. This is an interest that boosts her confidence Ruth: Lorryn tries really hard and appears to enjoy Art, however, she does struggle to understand instructions. Ruth invited Lorryn to come to the art Room at lunchtime for 1 on 1 help. She can come in with some of her friends. At the moment she is receiving assessment scores of about 6/10. Lorryn said Art was really fun. Lindy: Lorryn sometimes brings the wrong things to Study Support and is a bit disorganised. Jenny confirmed that Lorryn should always be wearing her glasses when reading. Lorryn is coping well with H&G and seems to be enjoying it. She puts up her hand and contributes to discussions.

Lindy is on hand to support Lorryn in English, H&G, Science and Study Support. Sarah: Lorryn is great at putting up her hand. Sarah can pick up when Lorryn doesn’t understand something and she is encouraging Lorrryn to be honest when she is unsure of anything. Sarah would like Lorryn to take on more responsibility – no more excuses, the usual response which could be a maturity issue. Lorryn should utilise Lindy more in Study Support when she unsure about a subject. Written Report: General Comments Lorryn has demonstrated the ability to organise her materials in regards to placing handouts in her folders and maintaining neat workbooks. However, Lorryn still forgets to bring certain folders to study support and occasionally receives stamps for incomplete homework tasks. Lorryn’s behaviour in study support is usually satisfactory as she has the capacity to begin work without being prompted. Lorryn can get distracted from her work at times, but generally regains focus once asked to. When Lorryn is questioned as to why a homework task has not been completed or why she has forgotten a particular item for class, Lorryn often makes excuses instead of accepting that she should have been more organised. This is concerning as her organisational skills won’t improve if she does not understand that they are an issue. Goals/Recommendations • Lorryn can continue to bring a range of work to study support periods. This is guided by the subjects she needs assistance with instead of homework tasks she can complete independently at home. • Lorryn needs to continue her efforts to organise her homework tasks and materials. The school diary is the best tool to assist her as it allows for the recording of tasks and a visual understanding of when something is complete (through placing a tick next to it). • Lorryn can also ensure that she has written in all subjects for the week before Monday morning, so that she is prepared for the week. • Taking responsibility for her organisation.

Paul: Paul has observed that Lorryn has difficulty making connections between diagrams and numbers. Jenny said that Lorryn has always had trouble with numbers and that Maths is her hardest subject. Paul asked Lorryn to make sure she has diary when she comes to Study Support. Li: Li said that Lorryn has an idea of place value, addition and subtraction but recall of tables facts is a problem. Because geometric shapes are visual she handled

this topic much better. Reading word problems and breaking them down into easier steps had been a strategy Lorryn has tried but she doesn’t fare well with written problems on her own. Lorrryn has been using table charts and a computer but she still needs to estimate to help her obtain some idea of the correct answer. Paul comes in to help. Lorryn always tries to answer questions and asks for assistance if necessary. Li will work with Lorryn to complete the next task but always touches base with her to check her progress. Testing has indicated that Lorryn has a poor grasp of basic concepts. Wendy reported that all Maths work and tests can be modified in the future. Lorryn does what she can in tests. She is good at taking notes and keeps trying. Li will put some Maths online for Lorryn. Peter: There are no problems related to Tutorial Group but Lorryn does seem a bit nervous at times. When asked if there was a problem Lorryn said she was fine. Lorryn participates in discussions but sometimes goes off track. At the moment the focus is on careers and manners. Alison: Lorryn panicked in Science last week. Alison gave her time to settle down. The Science task was to do with vocabulary. Lorryn became stressed because she felt she didn’t know any words. There are times when she needs reminders to stop chatting. Test results have been varied from 24 – 80%. Lorryn has prepared herself thoroughly for the next test. Lorryn is welcome to attend the Science Club of Tuesday. Lorryn is very proactive in class. Shelley: (in absentia) I do not have any concerns about Lorryn in Food Tech, she is always willing to help out (likes to be my assistant) and willing to work with anyone in the class. She asks for help when she unsure, checking and double checking to make sure it is correct. Her Design a Muffin task was excellent, putting in that extra effort to achieve an A. She is one of a kind and I'm fortunate to have had her in Food class. Please let me know if there is anything I need to know or modify for her. Jenny C: (in absentia) Lorryn has completed all tasks and received a C+ for her recent assignment. She always asks for assistance and I can see that she is really trying in this subject. I have helped her read assignment questions and break them down for her. Overall, she participates well in discussions and she seems to enjoy learning about medieval times.

Action Plan/Recommendations: 1. Li to put some Maths online for Lorryn. 2. All teachers to phone Jenny if they have any concerns.

Next Meeting: Semester 2 2013

Alex Ball Director of Student Services – Special Needs