Checklist of Requirements for CHIEF MATE Licensure Examination (effective January 2009) 1.

Properly accomplish Action Sheet (PRC MDO Form No. 03) Pls. use ball pen in filing up forms. 2. Properly accomplish Application for the Issuance of STCW’95 Certificates (PRC-STCW from No. 18). (OPTIONAL) 3. Original and Photocopy of Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork Assessment or Practical Assessment Certificate.(OPTIONAL) 4. Original and Photocopy of CURRENT Certificate of Registration (Board Certificate) as OIC-NW. 5. Original and Photocopy of unexpired Certificate of Competency and Endorsement. 6. Original and Photocopy of NBI Clearance valid until the last day of the scheduled examination. 7. Original and Photocopy of valid Medical Certificate (PRC MDO from No. 04) or Comprehensive Medical Certificate Issued by DOH accredited Medical Clinics and hospitals. VALIDITY: Medical Certificate- PRC MDO from No. 04 (6moths validity) OR Comprehensive Medical Certificate (1 year validity)- valid for at least one (1) month after the licensure examination. 8. Original and Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate/Cedula(current year). 9. An approved Sea going Service in the OPERATIONAL LEVEL for at least 24 months on board seagoing ship of 500 gross tonnages or more. Proof of Sea Service: (9.1-9.4) 9.1.1 Properly accomplished all date filled in 9.1.2 Certified/ Sign By the Master of the vessel fixed seal of vessel 9.1.3 Attested by the ship’s company or agency 9.1.4 Duly notarized 9.2 Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Sea Service from shipping or manning company stating the name and typed of vessel, gross tonnage, trading area, rank occupied and inclusive dates of sea service. 9.2.1 Signed by the President/Manager/Authorized signatory of the company 9.2.2 Affixed company dry seal 9.2.3 Duly Notarized 9.3 Authenticated copy/les of Approved POEA Contract of Employment with date of deployment to confirm existence of the ship stated in the certificate of sea service (for foreign trade) OR Notarized Crew List from the vessel stamp by the Philippines Coast Guard (for domestic trade). 9.4 Original and Photocopy of Seaman’s Identification of Record Book (SIRB) 9.4.1 Photocopy of pages 1, 2 &3 pages indicating sea service to be submitted and arrival & departure stamp by the Philippines Immigration. 10. Four (4) pieces Passport size colored picture: white background, in Proper Merchant Marine uniform, shoulder boards with three (3) gold stripes, Proper haircut, no headgear, no eye glasses and with complete name tag. (DELA CRUZ, JUAN JR. SALVADOR) 11. One (1) mailing envelope with metered mailing stamp. Pls. pay at the Customer Service Center, Ground Floor. 12. Examination Fee P 900.00 for First Timer and Repeater, P 450.00 for Conditioned. 13. Metered Documentary stamp (for Action Sheet). Pls. pay the Customer Service Center, PRC Ground Floor or at any designated counter.

REPEATER and CONDITION- NO NEED to submit Sea Service unless last examination Is taken four (4) years ago. STEPS in APPLYING for LICENSURE EXAMINATION STEP 1. Secure Action Sheet from the Information Counter Marine Deck Officers Division and PRC-STCW Form No. 18 from STCW Division (OPTIONAL) STEP 2. Fill-up Action Sheet and submit it to the Receiving Counter (Windows 11) then wait for your name to be called in the processing counters (Windows 9, 10 & 13) or other designated counter. STEP 3. Pay examination fee at the Cashier’s Counters (Windows 16 or 17). STEP 4. Accomplish all PRC Forms. Copy APPLICATION NUMBER on the Notice of Admission. STEP 5. Proceed to the Customers Services Center for the metered documentary stamp and PRC Coop Store for the metered mailing envelope. STEP 6. Proceed to the Issuance Counter (Window 14) or other designated counters. STEP 7. Come to PRC 2-3 working days before the examination date for verification of school/building/ room assignment or visit PRC Website ( NO APPLICATION SHALL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEALINE ANY DEVIASIONS FROM THE ABOVE MENTIONED REQUIREMENTS OR DISCREPANCIES IN SEA SERVIE ARE SUBJECT FOR INTERVIEW OR TO SUBMIT OTHER REQUIREMENTS AS REQUIRED BY THE BOARD OF MARINE DECK OFFICERS. RURBAN CODES/SCHOOL CODES/COURSE CODES/BOARD CODES 1. Refer to the MASTERLIST OF ADDRESS/RURBAN CODES posted at the premises of the filing center for the CODES OF THE Town, City or Province of tour Residence and Postal Address and Place of Birth. This is different from the ZIP CODE. 2. Refer to the MASTERLIST of SCHOOL CODES also posted at the filing center for the School/College/University and Location. 3. Refer the MASTERLIST of COURSE CODES also posted at the premises of filing center of the Degree and Course Code. IMPORTANT 1. Keep and Bring your Noticed of Admission with Official Receipt. 2. Remember your Application Number; this will be used when you fill up the Identification Sheet on the first day of the examination. 3. Bring pencils (No.1 or 2), ball pen (BLACK ONLY), on pieces (1) long brown envelope, one long transparent plastic envelope. 4. Report to you school assignment before 6:00 am on examination days. LATE examinees will NOT be admitted. This will mean forfeiture of examination fee.