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.t be restarted.

945 <.Pa. thickness before forming <.125 1. UNF-79(d).375 h+t = 4.Skirt.186 Do-2*t = 20-2*0.Volume (cuft.Cold Formed 7.4) <= 0.00 <. corrosion allowance <.7 <.25/(2*4.79 <.Greater than 10% reduction in thickness no <.Vessel carries lethal substances(Yes/no) no <.75)*(1-0) 5. UHA-44(d) % elong = ((75*t)/h)*(1-0) = ((75*0.008 % elong = 7. efficiency 422.375 D/(2*h) = 19. outside diameter <.125 Ko*Do = 0.BM Item # <.Head is greater than 5/8" thick before forming Okay A = 0.561*7.561/ 29-Oct-13 Page 1 of 1 Online Help Heads <. interior pressure 7.750 0.951 1.500 0. from exterior pressure curve Variables: D= ho = D/2h = Do/2ho = K= Kone = Kzero = t= Ro = Calculated Properties: 25.2*422.018*19.Formed between 250 and 900 Degrees F no <. UG-37 1(a) TMinI = (P*D*K)/(2*S*E-0.75) Do/(2*ho) = 20/(2*5.9 Required no no no no no Stress Relieve ? Yes ? no no no no no no 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 .1 interior Interpolated value from table UG-37 spherical Interpolated value from table UG-33.2*0.500 ho h Speric al L imit Sk irt Thic k D Do Material and Conditions: <.125/(17.75+0.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 Elliptical Head ver 2.13 2.40 <.125/(Ro/t) = 0.4*19.561/0.561 0. UG-28(d) A = 0.25*1.BM Qty Dimensions: 20.Impact testing is required (Yes/no) no <.2*P) TSpI (required sphere zone thick) = = (422.4) Exterior Pressure UG-33(d).375) >= 422 TSpI = (P*D*Kone)/(2*S*E-0.11 ASME Code VIII Div I 2001 no Addenda www.002669 PaMax = 340. exterior pressure 15.0% <.S.E.912)/(2*20000*1-0.375 PMax = (2*S*E*t)/(K*D+0.Elongation no <. allowable stress level (psi) 1.026 1. includes skirt) 15.000 <.9% <.000 4.018 0.375 17.375)/4.material 20.2*P) <= t TMinI (min thickness) = = (422.375)/(1.P.25 5.375) >= 7.25*0.Approximate weight for steel.Component <.1 exterior tf-corr = 0.pveng.018)/(2*20000*1-0.912 0.8 * D) 0.878 0.Spherical Limit (0.h <.5 <.4 <.Max Elongation Yes <.tb.25+0.BM <. straight skirt length <. (lbs) 0.5-0.4*19.125) Interpolated value from table 1-4.375) PaMax = B/(Ro/t) >= Pa = 15945/(17. thickness after forming <.5 TMinE = (Ro*Pa)/B = (17.2*422.Corr.5 <.2*t) >= P PMax = = (2*20000*1*0.207 Okay 762 Okay 0.5 TMinE = 0.00267 <.A value to lookup B D= ho = D/2h = Do/2ho = K= Kone = Kzero = t= Ro = 19.Approximate blank diameter 73.878*20 Interior Pressure App 1-4(c)(d).tf.5)/15945 Head stress relief UCS-79(d).500 0.

Password = 100 6-Jan-02 Recreated file .Password = "100" 2-Oct-00 Updated to A2000 format New print macro New legal statement Tested after moving and renaming tabs Verified against ASME VIII L-1. Drawing. UCS 79 (d).0 for the spherical zone thickness calculation Manual Verification Required Version is still A2000 Cells Protected . UG-37 1(a) tr-3 Update Log Date Change 10-Oct-99 Copied from Flanged and Dished Sheet M Factor.11 .Password = "100" 7-Jun-01 Updated to A2001 Format New web site links Added exterior pressurization calcs Compared against APV sample calculation E is fixed at 1.Elliptical Head Written By: Laurence Brundrett Code: ASME VIII div 1 Addenda: A2000 Sections: UG-32.Password = "100" 8-Jun-01 Manual verification complete 3-Jan-02 A2001 Code version update No changes in code Added BM info inputs Verifeid Cells Locked . Volume Section Removed Calculations Modified Drawing Modified Spell Check K factor Added Cells Locked 16-Jan-00 Updated calculation style for clarity Updated reinforcement drawings Cells Locked 22-Jul-00 Manual Verification Calculations Cells Locked .1 Cells Protected . App 1-4(c).wierd copy errors Version 2.5.