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Introducing Translation Studies ‘Jereny Mandy's book presents» soapsot of api developing dip line in lee, concise an graphic way This isa oak which ries strong ssearenes of curent ane the fl ad wil be of interest 0 ansaion ‘tuners and aoe ake Bast Hav, Hever War Universty Innis Tonation Sade i a ngrodsctory textbook providing an cessise oneview of they contlbations to teanslationstodies “Munday explore ech theory chapter ly chaper and tests ce different spprouches hy applying hem t tata The tes cunt ae taken fom ‘broad ange of lagusges ~ Eas French. Germany Spanish fen, Pond, Portugese and Spanish and Engh arlatins ate povided [Revd sary of text types anal}, ielading «ture brochure, 2 children’s cookery ook, 2 Harry Potter novel, the fib terry reviews Sd tasltors” prefaces il translation, Techical text ands European Paskament speech ch chapter inches se follwing features 4 sable presenting the key concepts + tmineduction outning the eansaion theory or theories, 1 ustaive eat with ernalations # ahupter summary 1 diacuesion points ad exercees Including ger introduction an extensive bibliography and internet ses {or futher information, this tea practic, tae fendy textbook that ves balanced an comprehensive ist to tansation sti Jeremy Munday i Lecturer i Spaish Sie a the University of Suze and ta fence trnalatr leieorapher and materials writer He fa + Doctortein Translation Stair and his publications chile w we ange of papers inthe Rell ar wea nlations of Latin American ftom. ee mee ny a ea ose eee seccionpity atta Teeneleeegnn cet See foe egepent met ont gen Set pa mc ose Heer aati over [te OOP oo ee mea Para Cristina, aque me ha hecho feliz. Contents Lise offices nd ales Acknowledgements i Lise of abbreviations 7 Inwreduction 1 1 Main ess of translation studies 4 LL The concept of tansaion 4 12 Whatistmlatin aes! 5 13. A bret history of the dciline 7 14 The Holmes Toury map" eo 113. Developments sive the 19705 4 16 Aion this book sti guide to chapers 6 2 Translation theory before che ewentleth century te 20 nxraduction 18 211 "Wordiforwond! orsenseforsense? 0 22 Marin Luther n 23. Fathfolness apie nd eat b 24. Easy atempen ut systematic eranaation chery: Dryden, Dolet aad Tyee 4 1.5. Schleiermacher and the vlorisation ofthe foreign u 116 Translation theory of he ninetenth an early went series n Brin a8 2.7. Towands contemporary tanslaton theory » 3 Equivalence and equivalent effect as 3.0. Intradution 8 [SI Roman ekabson: the mature of linguini meaning nd suiaence x6 3.2. Nida and ‘the scence of translating” 7