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Mar 1990 in Jamnagar

(Gujarat). am a PEACEFUL child

with PEACEFUL mind.

*Never disturbed my parent by *Have very jolly nature. *I am my parents FAVOURITE.


* Started my studies from


* *

Studied in KV from 1st class to 12th class. I am Average but hard working student Parents AFFECTION and BELIEF are the sources of my hard working.

* Done pair dance in KG.

* *

Taken part in SOLO song competition in 6th class. Taken part in group

song competition

* * *

Got 2nd rank in 7th class.

Got 90% in science in 10th class

Got certificate in model making competition in regional level.

* Took admission in

* *

Ragging was taken by our seniors on first day.

Made lots of friends in class. Done lots of MASTI with less study.

Help each other in assignment and also in exam.

* Playing football

* * *

Watching movies Go out with friends Seeing new places.

A successful manager in a company where I can utilize my technical skills.

And last but not the least there I AM with my dreams in my eyes