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EE2352 SOLID STATE DRIVES L T P C 3 0 0 3 AIM To study and understand the operation of electric drives controlled from a power

electronic converter and to introduce the design concepts of controllers. OBJECTIVES To understand the stable steady-state operation and transient dynamics of a motor-load system. To study and analyze the operation of the converter / chopper fed dc drive and to solve simple problems. To study and understand the operation of both classical and modern induction motor drives. To understand the differences between synchronous motor drive and induction motor drive and to learn the basics of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives. To analyze and design the current and speed controllers for a closed loop solid-state DC motor drive and simulation using a software package UNIT I DRIVE CHARACTERISTICS 9 Equations governing motor load dynamics - steady state stability - Multi quadrant dynamics Acceleration, deceleration, starting and stopping - load torque characteristics of various drives. UNIT II CONVERTER / CHOPPER FED DC MOTOR DRIVE 9 Steady state analysis of the single and three phase fully controlled converter fed separately excited D.C motor drive - Continuous and discontinuous conduction Time ratio and current limit control 4 quadrant operation of converter. UNIT III DESIGN OF CONTROLLERS FOR DRIVES 9 Transfer function for DC motor, load and converter Closed loop control with current and speed feedback - Armature voltage control and field weakening mode control, Design of controllers: Current controller and speed controller - Converter selection and characteristics - Use of simulation software package. UNIT IV INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVES 9 Stator voltage control energy efficient drive - v/f control, constant air-gap flux field weakening mode - voltage/current fed inverters - Block diagram of vector control - closed loop control. UNIT V SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR DRIVES 9 V/f control and self-control of synchronous motor Marginal angle control and power factor control - Permanent magnet synchronous motor Black diagram of closed loop control. TOTAL : 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. Gopal K.Dubey, Power Semi conductor controlled drives Prentice Hall Inc., New Jersey 1989. 2. Bimal K. Bose. Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives, PHI / Pearson Education, 2002. REFERENCES: 1. N.K.De and S.K.Sen Electrical Drices PHI, 2006 9th print. 2. Murphy J.M.D. and Turnbull, Thyristor control of AC Motor Pergamon Press Oxford 1988. 3. R. Krishnan, Electric Motor & Drives Modeling, Analysis and Control, Prentice Hall of India, 2001.