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Structure Student provides an analysis on an essay format, with well--developed points and arguments, connecting ideas and subjects. The text is clear, easy to follow and there are no spelling or grammatical errors. /10

Research Student provided interesting, relevant information that is an evidence of research on the movie or director. Plot Analysis Student makes an analysis of the plot structure, identifying its kind, and supporting it with evidences, and/or examples. Student identifies the main conflict and characters involved, the climax and obstacles. Genre Analysis Student is able to accurate describe elements that are directly related to the essence of the genre, director style, structure or techniques explored on the film. Actors Performances Analysis Student provides appropriate details and analysis of the characters, insightful investigation and evaluation of the actors performances. Conclusion Student is able to write a conclusion, where there is a clear reflection about all elements that are essential to this genre, and different components already explored this semester, that influence the quality of a movie. Total /15 /10 /10 /10 /5