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Policy # 5113


Attendance Standards: NPS Goal

The districts expectation for attendance: Goal of 100% Attendance

Attendance Standards: Punctuality

Placing a high value on punctuality in insuring academic success. Excessive lateness for school and class may result in lower grades, and/or removal from school activities.

Attendance Standards: Buy Back Program

The Buy Back Program at each school is designed to afford every student the opportunity to make up work due to unexcused absences. The Buy Back program must be proactive and supporting to foster success and not to promote failure.

Attendance Standards: Buy Back Program

Students who do not successfully complete the Buy Back program: 1. In elementary school, promotion may not be granted

2. In high school, the student will receive a grade of N.C. (No Credit)

Attendance Standards: Beyond the School Day

If a student has an unexcused absence, the student will not be allowed to participate in any school activity on the day of the absence and until their official return to school.

Attendance Standards: Parent Letters

Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for notifying the school, preferably before the start of the day when a child will be absent.

A written note, with any supportive documentation must be presented upon the students return to school.