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Dear Sir/Madam Please find below the comparison between electric geyser and Solar Water heater for

given points as desire by youS. No. 1 2 3 Points Capacity (for 200 students, 6 bathrooms) Number Electric consumption (8 hr per day for 6 months per year) with 3 KW geyser road Electrical consumption Charges in terms of Rupee. Installation charges (if any) Wastage of water Temperature of water in winters Maintenance Subsidy Rate Total Investment(Capital + running cost for 1 years) First Year Expenditure Second year expenditure Successive year expenditure (If any) upto 10 Years Electric geyser 35 lt. 6 25920 unit(18 unit per hour for 6 geyser) 189216/NIL NIL Approx. 90 C Yes NIL 84000 273216/Nil yes Not efficient after five years & continues expenditure Solar geyser 4000 liters (500 LPDx8) 20 Lt. Per student 1 Zero

4. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Zero 3000/- per system NIL 60 Degree NIL Up to 30% 440000/-(500 LPDx8) 464000/Nil NIL Require cleaning of Glass tubes every year, if use water is more salty (more than 300 TDS).

Note: - Installation charges are applicable for double story building only. If it is upper then crane charges will be payable extra.

If we compare Delta Solar Water heating System to Electric Geyser it will balance the cost in 2 years as above. (Capital cost-84000/-+2 yrs. Running cost-378432/-=462432/-) Tank warranty for five years.(* when use water quality is under 300 TDS)

The above prices are applicable for October Month only.