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T1: Introduction To HCI



It is easy to make a user interface but it is hard to make a good one (Lauesen, 2005). Critically analyze what is a user interface and what is not in the context of HCI. Give some examples to support your answer.


List 6 benefits of systems with good interface design.


Systems with lots of usability problems can: cause user to makes more errors cause unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience to the user hampers user productivity makes the product difficult to use and learn cause the product to be perceived to have low quality and value What do you understand by the term usability problem and how do you go about finding them?

4. 5.

What do you think are attributes of a good user interface? What do you think are the attributes of a bad user interface?


Read the following paper/web page and highlight some points that made the most impact on you. Be focus on issue related to HCI. (a) Guaranteeing Rights for the User by Clare-Marie Karat. (b) Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth on shaking up system software by By Leo Kelion.

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