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SD Blocking = SD blocking means that you are not getting SD resource for the call origination.

When MS connects with NW then RACH and AGCH are provided. After AGCH, SDCCH is provided but if SDCCH is not provided at this time due some problems or due to unavailable of SD by BSC. SD Congestion = If all the SD resources are full and not available for SD assign then its come into congestion. If at a particular time call is attempted and it fails then it known as Blocking. SD Blocking > Reason: LAC Boundary & Hardware Problem SD Blocking > Solution: Check the No. of SDCCH channel Available, if less then increase SD channel taking care that there is no TCH Blocking. Check LAC boundary, if location update is more than change the LAC of that site and set C2 and HYS. Use of Dynamic SDCCH (It is a BSC parameter and will be applied on whole BTS). Hardware check / shift SD to new time slot Sometimes BMA and HYS parameters are useful to remove SD Blocking. ND182 = SD Blocking Reason ND130 = SD Congest Reason

SD Drop = assigned SD for call origination and at that time due to some problem or any mismatch comes by which SD loss occurs. It occurs between allocation of SD and before TCH allocation. Sometimes SD drop occurs because queuing is not activated in the system. If SD drop is high please look on parameters like: Overshooting, Shift the SD time slot, Hardware issue Interference, Change the values of RXP PMAX It may be uplink or downlink issue in which cells for UL put a TMA in that cell and for DL provide tilt Re-orient that antenna SD Drop > Reason: Hardware Fault. Interference. MAIO mismatch. Bad Coverage. High TR Fail. Outage. Overshooting. Abis Drop. High Path Loss. Wrong Parameter Planning. Due to ICM Band (CDMA). High LAPD Utilization Heavy blocking and DR feature being used extensively

SD Drop > Solution: ND111 Interference: Check the BCCH Plan (C/I or C/A). Co-BSIC & Co BCCH. Use latest ND 111 and MapInfo to find out proper frequency to reduce interference.

Arrange Drive Test: The best way to find the real issues for Interference makes DT. Check interference by Interference scanning. Check clean BCCH by frequency scanning.

Overshooting: LAC Planning. If a cell is picking call from long distance, Check the sample log according to TA. Cell orientation need to be defined according to clutter. Mount position

Effective Tilting.