Joseph Ekpo U.S. History Mr.

Ettinger May 9, 2013 Chapter 24 Terms and Names 1) Richard M Nixon: President 1968 - turned America to conservatism, descreased power of Fed government 2) stagflation: rising inflation and unemployment 3) OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries - these countries making the oil controlled the price of it. 4) SALT I Treaty: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks - a 5 yr plan to limit the number of sub missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles. 5) Watergate: the downfall of President Nixon- a coverup of a burglary of the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate apartments 6) Saturday Night Massacre: Nixon ordered Attorney General Richardson to fire prosecutor Archibald Cox-RIchardson refused and resigned- deputy attorney general refused and he was fired too. 7) Camp David Accords: Carter's shining moment - when he got Egyptian president and Israel prime minister to shake hands..Carter helped forge peace between the two nations- a breakthrough. 8) Ayatollah Khomeini: Muslim religious leader in Iran led rebels, overthrew the Shah and established a religious state...Carter supported Shah and allowed him to enter US for medical treatment. Act infuriated revolutionaries - took 52 American hostages in US embassy in Iran - demanded return of Shah-Carter refused. 9) Rachel Carlson: author who wrote about the dangers of pesticides birds would no longer sing after they had been killed by pesticides. 10) EPA - Environmental Protection Agency: agency created by Nixon agency given power to set and enforce pollution standards. Critical Thinking: Study the graph on page 813. Describe the changes in unemployment as compared to inflation from 1970 to 1980. By 1980, inflation had climbed to nearly 14 percent, the highest rate since 1947. The standard of living in the United States slipped from

Carter’s popularity slipped along with it. This economic downsing.and Carter’s inability to solve it during an election year.first place to fifth place in the world. .

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