The restoration project

The U.S. Capitol dome will be covered in scaffolding for about two years beginning next month as it undergoes its first complete restoration in more than five decades. The project, budgeted at nearly $60 million, will repair more than 1,000 cracks and deficiencies in the cast-iron dome, which is about 150 years old.

U.S. Capitol dome by the numbers

Some deterioration

288 Height, in feet (88 m), 108 Number of windows
in the dome

from the base line on the building’s east side to the top of the statue

19.5 Height, in feet
(6 m), of the dome-topping Statue of Freedom

8.9 million Weight, in pounds

(4 million kg), of the dome’s ironwork, built from 1855-66; Capitol’s first dome was built of wood covered in copper and was completed in 1824

Scaffolding rendering

Source: Architect of the Capitol, EPA

Graphic: Chicago Tribune

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