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Cox Charity Challenge

Submitted by Devon Chestnut

CoxCharityChallengeResults CoxCharityChallengeCampaignRunDate: CoxFlorida/Georgiapage: Asof7/19/12:9,920pageLikes Priorto6/20/12:9,626pageLikes +294Likes

CoxFlorida/GeorgiaCharityChallengePost(seeabove): 11.96%Virality 13,390Reach[the#ofuniquepeoplewhohaveseenthepost] o 11,722Viral o 1,833Organic o 0Paid[nopaidadvertisingwasused] 1,897Engagement[the#ofuniquepeoplewhohaveclickedonthepost] o 5,179PhotoViews[#oftimesanyphotosinthealbumwereviewedinitsfullsize] o 2,973StoriesGenerated 1,601TalkingAboutThis[the#ofuniquepeoplewhohavecreatedastoryfromyourPagepost. i.e.likes,comments,shares.Figureisforthefirst28daysafterapostspublicationonly. o 1,896Likes TotalPhotoAlbumLikes=1,539 o 1,485Likesbetweentheninecharitylogos o 54Likesforthephotoalbumasawhole TotalPhotoAlbumShares=378 o 376Sharesofacharityslogo o 2Sharesofthephotoalbumpostasawhole

CommentsassociatedwithCoxCharityChallengepost/photoalbum=135 o 109commentscombined,onacharityslogo o 26commentsontheCoxCharityChallengephotoalbumasawhole

9CoxFloridaGeorgiaCharitiesparticipated. 3fromCentralFlorida,2fromMiddleGeorgiaand4fromGulfCoast. Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty(CF) GirlsPlace,Inc.(CF) UnitedWayofMarionCounty(CF) GrandOperaHouse(MGA) NewTownMacon(MGA) BigBrothers/BigSistersofNorthwestFlorida(GC) Boys&GirlsCluboftheEmeraldCoast(GC) UnitedWayofEscambiaCounty(GC) RonaldMcDonaldHouseCharitiesofNorthwestFlorida(GC)


CentralFloridaCharities(3) 1,079Likes 350Shares 91comments 14Likes 0shares 0comments 361Likes 158Shares 62Comments 704Likes 192Shares 29Comments

GulfCoastCharities(4) 148Likes 4Shares 10Comments 73Likes 4shares 0comments 16Likes 0shares 4comments 32Likes 0shares 4comments 27Likes 0shares 2comments

MiddleGeorgiaCharities(2) 258Likes 22Shares 8Comments Viewthepromotionaltacticseachcharityinitiatedonnextpage>>> 68Likes 7shares 5comments 190Likes 15shares 3comments

ReelingforKids(pageofBoys&GirlsClubspecialevent) GalaforKidsBenefiting theBoys&GirlsClub (specialeventpage) KeithBlanchard,CEO&Presidentof Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty



4ofthe9charitiesusedtheCoxCharityChallengeCoverPhoto o NewTownMacon o GrandOperaHouse o UnitedWayofEscambiaCounty o GirlsPlace o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty B&GClubCEOalsousedtheCoverPhoto 2ofthe9charitiesusedtheCoxCharityChallengeProfilePhoto o GrandOperaHouse o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty(CEOusedprofilephoto) 8ofthe9charitiesusedatleastoneelementoftheCoxCharityChallengepromotionaltools 1charitymentiononsitemarqueesign o GirlsPlace,Inc. 1charitycreatedaYouTubevideoonhowtovote o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty 2charitiessentoutatleastoneemailblast o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty(3) o NewTownMacon(1) 1charityheldacontestbetweentheirsitedirectors o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty Atleast1charitysentoutemailstoBoardMembers o Boys&GirlsClubofAlachuaCounty


CAMPAIGN Cox Charity Challenge

CHALLENGE A photo album will be created on the Cox Florida/Georgia page on Facebook. Logos of select charities throughout the Florida/Georgia market will be featured in the photo album. The charity logo receiving the most Likes will win a $500 grant from Cox Florida/Georgia. CHALLENGE TIMEFRAME June 21st July 19th, 2012 SUPPORTING ELEMENTS Cox will provide the charities with tools to help promote the event on their Facebook page. Tools can be retrieved at: Cover photo image Profile photo image Post image



POST IMAGE (to be included with a post)

SUGGESTED MESSAGING Facebook Help us win $500! Vote for [organizations name] in the Cox Charity Challenge. Like the Cox Florida/Georgia {tag page} page, then Like our logo in the Cox Charity Challenge photo album. Have you voted for us yet? Visit the Cox Florida/Georgia {tag page} page and Like our logo in the Cox Charity Challenge photo album. Help us win $500 - Vote Today! Buy a new computer, fund membership scholarships for 5 kids, purchase new paint for the building,[examples, but you can put whatever it means to your organization] what we could do with $500. Help us win the Cox Charity Challenge. Like the Cox Florida/Georgia {tag page} page, then Like our logo in the Cox Charity Challenge photo album. Note: To tag the Cox Florida/Georgia page, make sure your organization Likes our page. When creating the post, tag our page by typing in @CoxFloridaGeorgia (once you start typing this, it should pop-up for you).

Twitter (if applicable) Help us win! Visit Cox Florida/Georgia on Facebook and like our logo in the Cox Charity Challenge photo album! #CoxCharityChallenge Vote for us in the #CoxCharityChallenge! Visit the Cox Florida/Georgia page on Facebook and like our logo! Note: If you want to tag our twitter handle in any of your twitter post, please use the twitter handle of your local market. Cox Gulf Coast area: @coxgulfcoast Cox Central Florida area: @CoxCentralFL Cox Middle Georgia area: @coxmiddlega