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MiSCA 2013 marketing sheet

MiSCA 2013 marketing sheet

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Published by Steve Kinley
one page MiSCA marketing sheet
one page MiSCA marketing sheet

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Published by: Steve Kinley on Oct 29, 2013
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MiSCA is THE Mountain Bike race series for Michigan’s youth!

Promote your organization to key demographics through a unique program targeted toward children, parents, and the cycling community.

Race Series Title Sponsor You’ll provide the most impact to our youth as well as maximum exposure for your brand as a Series Sponsor. Race Title Sponsor You can geographically target select races that work best for your organization to leave a lasting memory. Race Vendor or Support Setup shop at one or all of our races scheduled in the Fall. You’ll provide a unique face-to-face interaction with your brand to sell, recruit, or build awareness.

The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association is a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization and relies 100% on donations and sponsorships. All persons involved are volunteers and all monies received are returned to the organization and are used for promotional material and club organization. Tax ID 46-0750923

For more information on MiSCA or how to donate or sponsor us visit: www.miscabike.org

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