“AEthereal”Group Show

"Osun's offerings" A Performance by Yewande Okuleye

©Yewande Okuleye, Osun’s offering, 2013.Digital Photography 35x35cm.

Osun’s offering is a blend of story- telling, conversation, ritual and artist talk as Yewande leads you through her reimagining of Santería Altars encountered in Havana, Cuba.
Franklins Restaurant 157 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich London SE22 8HX Thursday 31st October, 2013.6:30 – 10:30pm http://yewandeokuleye.com/

Artist Statement
Yewande Okuleye
My work is situated within the framework of investigating and visually challenging the knowledge systems of language, history, and science. The conceptual underpinning of my visual language aims to highlight the paradox of the simplicity and complexity of these knowledge systems. Within this context, my artwork seeks to excavate tensions, conflicts and contradictions, as I am interested in raising questions and points of discussion. My intention is to plant the seed of a visual idea - a playful tease with the real, the constructed, and the imaginary. What happens when these boundaries intersect and blur? What does this new knowledge suggest? How does it challenge the prevalent constructions? What happens to the messy bits? Performance art and live events create an ideal forum to explore preconceptions, misconceptions and gaps in our knowledge. Scientific and medical imagery, digital photography, drawing, and text, are the preferred investigative tools of my image making strategy. A mixed media approach enables a dialogue to ensue, as I am looking for a spontaneous fusion between the visible and invisible aspects of the materiality of different modalities. This process allows the work to embed the cognitive, kinaesthetic, and temporal qualities of image making.


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