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Montreal,   October   29,   2013   –   Robert   L.   Zambito,   candidate   for   the   borough   of   Saint-­‐Leonard,   submitted  his  resignation  from   Équipe  Denis  Coderre  pour  Montréal  today  to  Denis  Coderre,  who   accepted  the  resignation.         Mr.   Zambito   informed   Mr.   Coderre   that   he   is   the   subject   of   allegations   of   wrongdoing   in   connection   with   the   sale   of   land   in   2010.   “I   have   stated   repeatedly   that   there   is  zero   tolerance   for   misconduct,   whether   or   not   there   are   charges   involved.   So   I   asked   Mr.   Zambito   to   withdraw   his   candidacy  immediately,  and  to  stop  campaigning  for   Équipe  Denis  Coderre  pour  Montréal.  When   he   was   recruited,   Robert   L.   Zambito   completed   a   comprehensive   sworn   questionnaire,   as   did   all   our  candidates,  and  there  was  nothing  irregular  in  it.”     "Mr.  Robert  L.  Zambito  maintains  that  he  is  innocent,  but  we  cannot  tolerate  even  the  slightest   hint  of  questionable  behaviour  when  it  comes  to  integrity,"  said  Denis  Coderre.      


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