Volunteers almost finished remodeling home of Navy commander left paralyzed after motorcycle crash

Healing Our Heroes Homes stepped in to help
Posted: 10/30/2013

Bob Lawrence

SANTEE, Calif. - A special anniversary is coming up for Navy Cmdr. Brian Delaney, but it is not one e ever !anted. "#n #ct. $%, &%'&, ( !as paraly)ed after ( cras ed my motorcycle," e said. (n t e year since, Delaney, ! ile still on active duty, is no longer t e commanding officer of a Navy !ars ip. *e is no! in a motori)ed ! eelc air but even so, e said e is counting is blessings. "( cannot believe t ey came in and did t is," e said. Embrace *ealing #ur *eroes *omes came in and remodeled Delaney+s ome, creating a ne! entry!ay, a level floor and a ! ole ne! ,itc en designed to be functional to t ose in a c air. "T e sin, as been lo!ered, t e oven too, micro!ave, and ( can reac t e cabinets ! ic no! pull do!n," e said. T e !or, is done by volunteer craftsmen as !ell as volunteer laborers from San Diego State -niversity and t e Navy. Delaney, ! o ad to live in a otel ! ile t e construction !as under!ay, plans to move bac, in on t e anniversary of t e cras .

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